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For millennia, The Elders gifted pre-technological civilizations with a piece of technology that allows them to transcend the bounds of what is normally possible: The Implant.

Altering reality on a quantum level, creatures with an Implant can gain extraordinary physical and mental abilities. In return, the Elders require wearers of the implant to pass through the Gauntlets - Entire worlds that have been hollowed out and turned into a training and testing ground for the wearers. Once their trial is complete, the wearers then are used by the Elders as their foot soldiers as they expand across the galaxy.

What happens when a human accidentally receives an implant instead?

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An amazing start and good all-around

This story is filled with so much pure survivor grit and character development that you will by chapter 9 really feel for the mc. well, you will atleast feel the pain of living in a tunnel everyday and how difficult it is to survive in a alien world where even a rat is better fit than you. It makes you wish Bear Grylls would decend from the heavens to teach you his ways. 

Almost everything that does happen around the mc have such proper reason & logic that anyone would nod at the mc's actions. Futhermore, the world it self that the mc inhabit (a massive cave system) is well established by around chapter 7-8 and everything that fills this horrible - but awesome - place is amazingly built. You will have no problems imagine the world or its odd/horrible creatures, which leads us to the fight scenes. 

The "fight" scenes have been so far  70% running and 30% fighting, but this is understandable since he starts with nothing but a rock and slowly builds up to primitive bone/stone weapons. After he creates his first proper weapon the running aspect of the fights disappears rather quickly or atleast lessens, and is replaces with a kilt wearing club-wielding survivor that really feels like a true and proper struggle for survival. The fight scenes are simple, straight forward and quite easy to imagine it taking place in your head. The wording in these scenes are one of the best things about this fiction. 

My only regret is that only around 10 chapters at time of this review.




A more human side in litrpg

To start I've already read a few of the litrpgs here in RR that has the same beginnings as this one , but none had captured, or should I say demonstrated the vulnerability of humans as well as this one. This a definitely a good take on the vulnerable side of humanity in a litrpg fantasy .

This is a slow building series, and I do hope the author won't abandon the series halfway which is the prevalent option for most of the well written and rather decent stories in this site. Pacing is good and I have not been bored with the chapters that do not have adrenaline pumping scenes. 

Has a rather ingenious plot that branches away from the norm of litrpgs. Anyway its a good start it I highly recommend this to my fellow plebs who wants a realistic, if not more realistic take on litrpg.


Honestly, despite still being on the shorter side this story is already one of my favorites. The beginning especially shines at accurately depicting human emotions and how a real person would react to the situation that the protagonist finds himself in. The parts that especially stood out to me were the death scenes, which were written extremely well and vividly. The brutality involved and the sheer terror that the protagonist feels help set the atmosphere for the rest of the story.


different take on litrpg

no OP archmage gaining rpg powers here, no hero starting off with some ridiculous starting ability


just a dude, in a cave, going all survivalist with the rpg system

first two chapters are excellent and all you need to read to realise this is some really good stuff, really sets the tone of the following chapters as well


paul is my kind of main character, the actual regular ass guy with regular ass thoughts reacting like a regular ass person


no brooding emo angst fest here who somehow is a super genius for no reason, maybe im just sick of the regular quality on this site and seeing someone break the mediocre mold with a really enjoyable character reminds me of that


Phenomenal. The character is real. Stress has an impact. He has flaws. I see real character growth throughout the story. Prose is great. World-building is strong; narrow but deep and descriptive. People often conflate scope with good world-building, when this is not the case.


I suspect this isn't in the top 5 because it isn't blatant wish-fulfilment.


Well, it's wish-fulfilment for me: a GOOD STORY.


Beautiful story that anyone should give a chance to. As of writing this review the latest chapter was uploaded 21 days ago and it saddens me to even imagine the author giving up a story this good. The potential for the story is in my opinion, huge.

The story is about a man named Paul who finds himself in an unknown place after his death and the terrifying adventures that follow. The story portrays a more human side to the whole incident with paul experiencing crippling fear and nearly going insane from pain. Highly recommended for anyone who likes litRPG


Great character with some good development. interesting story idea, a well used vocabulary in the writing and the grammer is absolutely delightfull after some of the other stories on here.

all around a great read hope it continues onwards because my interest is peaked


Good, High Quality Writing

Actual characters with actual emotions!!!!!


A must follow up until chapter 24. Will review again later

Reviewed at: Twenty Four - A Time to Fight, a Time to Run

Interesting take on the reason of the Fermi paradox.
Homicidal aliens don't just send some kind of AI to wipe out less advanced races with superior tech that looks like magic, thus keeping themselves unchallenged.They actually use less advanced aliens that are provided with "implants" that give access to said tech that looks like magic.

Why the need to create techno-savages when just bombarding all human planets from orbit would do the trick? It's too early to tell. The techno-savages revere that race like gods so there might be an element of douchery about superior races etc.

The MC is well fleshed out and his actions so far are consistent both emotionally and intellectually.
There is no plot armor or deus ex deevelopments to save the MC.
He is also not OP by default. You witness his sweat and tears to survive with every single breath. Loving the MC.


I just wanna say thank you to the author. Hope he starts updating again.


As of this review the author has only posted 12 chapters.

This is what I consider to be a great start to an interesting and unique litRPG story! I recommend you give it a try!