Centifire: Deciphering Magic

by Rainli

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai School Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Lark Rune

Titles: [Survivor][Trickster]
Happiness Level: 70%
STR: 18
DEX: 20
INT: 18
MG: 0
SPT: 0
LUK: 15
Skills - None”

2099 marked the beginning and end of an era for humanity. For Lark Rune, it was just the start of a long journey to find an unfamiliar world with a completely different set of rules...And if he wishes to survive, he'll have to decipher the new system that comes along with an annoying guide.

Cover Art by Teoteku


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  • Overall Score

Not much to tell yet

So far the story hasn't really progressed much. It's quite accurate to say that up to chapter 10 everything was a prologue. 

Now you might ask yourself why i am giving a 3/5 rating despite having only read the prologue?

Well because the whole story is a bit too confusing for me. I just cannot get into the mindset to be hyped or fascinated about the story. My main issue with the novel so far is that i don't understand even the tiniest bit. The world our MC is living in isn't really clear to me ( is it near future, is it pure scifi, is it a different world altogether?, what does it mean for him to be the heir to the runetech company?, what kind of society is the MC living in ,etc etc )

Long story the 3/5 score is because of my lack of understanding the story.


To give you an idea what this story is about:


Our MC is the heir to a runetech company (what exactly runetech is, where it comes from and how it works is only explained vaguely as in it's somekinda alien tech ).

He is going to school and his social life consists of 2 Friends : Mishka and Sky and his butler/driver/caretaker? Wangshi. His caretaker is a trained killer/assassin/bodyguard/torturer? and saved him from some cultist at an earlier point in his life.

The MC found some alientech from his gramps in the lab and the alientech he found is "pure-alien" tech.

Back in school he attends some classes until shit hit's the fan and the cultists release slimes into his school.

After a fight, in which he learns magic is kinda real his friends are taken away by the cultists to another world.

That pretty much sums up all that happened up until chapter 10


To the Author keep at it, your story isn't bad.

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Centifire - Confusing but Full of Potential

[Accurate as of Chapter 15]

Among all of the fictions I've read on RRL, this is one which I feel doesn't have a singular theme but rather encompasses multiple aspects, ranging from science fiction, to LitRPG to fantasy and even interdimensional travel.

As a result, it's nearly impossible to define the genre of this story so explicitly, but definitions simply come from our arbitrary need to name and label things for the sake of clarity. Instead, I'd prefer to see this immense diversity of themes as room for plot growth in the future chapters.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 In terms of character development, as pointed out by another reviewer, the 1st 10 chapters essentially make for a very long prologue, which is more than sufficient to develop our main protagonist Lark Rune. The other characters have been given some depth as well, especially the people around Lark like his friends and his butler.

As for the antagonists, I believe that future chapters would provide greater analysis into their personalities and motivations for their actions, serving as yet another possible room for development.

There are few, if noticeable, grammar slips which are easily rectified by the occasional proofreading so I've no qualms with grammar.

However, no story is without flaws. The key flaw of this story, in my opinion, is its clarity of ideas.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 All in all, a story with many question marks as of now, which can be interpreted as possible room for plot development when these questions are finally answered. The future chapters are simpler to understand so I strongly urge perseverence to read through the initial chapters. I look forward to your future chapters.

Spoiler: Spoiler



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Glance Review! 


So I decided to skip the side stories for now and go straight to the story I was pleasantly surprised with this story. Right away I was immersed into the world. The world is well developed and with lots of fun tech. Sometimes I was a bit overwhelmed by the information, but mostly because everything was so new. I really enjoyed it. 

Right away we get a feel for Lark's personality. He's a bit snobby, but likable. He was a character that I enjoyed right from the start with a strong voice. As the story goes on we are introduced to some nice action mixed with worldbuilding and Lark's true character shines through. 

More and more of the world is shown and with it questions that definitely keep me going. Though I finished reading the story, I'm looking forward to continuing. 

Omi Nya
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Godlike wordwielding

Writing quality is superb, marvelous, beyond words. The style is astronomically good. The way the authors uses words and build them up in sentences is terrific. The same goes for grammar.

The story itself is promising. A lot to build from, and definitely many ways to lead the story. Maybe a little bit too much? But we'll see how it goes.

The one thing I'm unsure of is the amount of character development. Some people really like when authors spend a considerable amount of time building MC and his/her gang. I'd probably like a bit more actions and events. Although, the characters turned out really well, I won't lie.

All in all, this work is WAY above average book you'd find here. Give it some recognition it deserves.

Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score


Decent read 

This book feels like the author looked at a basket full of fantasy/fiction genre themes and just dumped them in a pot but even though it's not clear at times it's not terrible 

It will be interesting to see how it develops