Seeing the system notice, Thomas let out a deep sigh and looked at the completed formation plate. He was very tempted to give it a try right away, but his aching muscles and budding headache discouraged him from experimenting with it tonight. It was also a little later than he normally went to sleep so he was feeling extra tired from all his exertions. He cleaned up the mess he'd made, tossing the scraps and leftovers into his inventory to dispose of later. The last thing he stored was the completed formation plate, tomorrow after class he would experiment with it and hopefully learn a new way to use his 'Transmutation' innate ability.

He contemplated trying to train his 'All Seeing Eyes' as well, but he honestly had no idea where to begin with that. How do you 'force' your vision to change? The only uses he'd discovered for the ability had been rather basic and discovered on accident. He was also concerned with the rank of the ability. Something as powerful sounding as 'All Seeing Eyes' likely required a fairly high rank to do anything impressive. For now, he was just going to grind its rank up and try to find more uses for it as he went along. He didn't see the point in potentially wasting hours staring at things for nothing to happen just because his rank in the ability was too low.

After he climbed into his bed he used 'Serenity' to drift off to sleep. He skipped using 'All Seeing Eyes' as he'd been using it for hours straight now and he was exhausted. 

The following morning he used the basin for his shower spell and got dressed in one of his new outfits. The clothing was nice quality and once he wore it, it automatically resized to fit his body comfortably. He stretched his body around a bit getting used to the somewhat loose pants and shirt. Feeling comfortable he slipped on his boots and made his way to the cafeteria for breakfast.

True to his words he asked what the food was actually made of for his meal and was surprised to find that it was pork sausages, pork bacon, and wheat porridge. It was surprising because those things should have been far tastier than he found them to be. Especially the bacon! It was salty with a nice pork flavor, but for whatever reason, it was nowhere near as tasty as orc bacon. Thomas couldn't help contemplating what would make monster meat tastier than regular animal meat. His only speculation was that it might have something to do with mana. Monsters have it, animals don't. Or something like that?

After finishing his breakfast he made his way to the classroom and picked a seat near the front. He was the first to arrive so he had the privilege of watching everyone else come to the classroom one after another. Treena was the first to arrive so he made an effort to get friendlier with her and waved while saying, "Hi!"

Treena pushed some of her curly brown hair out of her eyes and gave Thomas a sweet smile, "Good morning."

Thomas smiled back and immediately ran out of ideas to start a conversation. He'd never been suave and generally found himself to be rather awkward in social situations. If there was a party he would be the awkward guy standing off to the side with a drink. The atmosphere in the room immediately became weird as Thomas struggled to think of something to say. Seeing him struggle, Treena laughed playfully and said, "I'm Treena, I'm sure you know that by now, but we could consider this our first official introduction."

Thomas laughed lightly and nodded, "Nice to officially meet you Treena. I'm Thomas the otherworlder."

Treena giggled and nodded, "So I've heard." She looked thoughtful for a minute then said, "The rumors about you keep getting bigger. Especially after the first two days of class and your attempt to electrocute yourself."

Thomas sighed and shook his head, "Make one little mistake and it haunts you forever."

Treena giggled again and made her way towards her usual seat. Before she sat down Fuller and Essa arrived in the classroom together. Thomas couldn't resist giving the two of them a 'knowing' smile as they stepped into the classroom. Surprisingly, Fuller was the one to blush while Essa seemed clueless about the implications behind Thomas's smile. Seeing the scene made him laugh and give the two of them a genuine smile.

Fuller walked over to where Thomas was sitting and sat down next to him. He leaned close and whispered in his deep voice, "It's not what you think. We just met in the cafeteria and had breakfast together."

Thomas couldn't resist and turned to give Fuller the same knowing smile again, "If you say so Fuller. You could do a lot worse than Essa."

Thomas didn't actually know any of them that well, but he had good impressions of everyone but Brao so he didn't mind saying as much just to tease Fuller. He was honestly surprised at how 'innocently' Fuller had reacted to his teasing. Fuller immediately turned away from Thomas and glanced over at Essa for a moment. He immediately blushed and looked away from her too to stare at the wall in front of him.

Thomas smirked as he watched Fuller and his reactions. He'd just found someone fun to tease and would have to take advantage of it in the future. It wasn't much longer before Selena and then Brao joined the rest of the students in the classroom. Thomas chatted with Fuller until Fulin stepped into the classroom to look over his students. He smiled and little crookedly and said, "Today we'll practice the last of the four primary elements of life, Wind."

Thomas quickly raised his hand, "Before that, I had a question I meant to ask and forgot about."

Fulin sighed and then nodded, "Ask."

Thomas smiled as he asked, "I tried casting two spells at the same time in a previous practice session, but when I did I got a splitting headache for a moment. Is dual spellcasting not possible?"

Fulin looked surprised for a moment then nodded, "It is possible to cast two spells simultaneously, however, it is extremely taxing on not just your mind but your spirit as well. Most people do not begin to practice casting dual spells until their Magic attribute reaches 150. Even then, you only want to dual cast spells that are extremely low tier. Most people can only dual cast spells when their Magic attribute is at least four times what's needed to cast the spell."

Thomas nodded, "Thanks."

Fulin looked over the class, "Anyone else?"

When no one had any more questions, Fulin gestured to the classroom door, "Alright. Today we will practice the wind element. After this, you will have a week off to raise the four primary elements to rank twenty-five. I still suggest heading into the cities dungeon to get some experience to increase your Magic and Power attributes as well as to gain more experience by using the four elements in combat."

Everyone filed out of the classroom and made their way to the practice field. Once again the field was pristine and there were new target dummies for them to attack. Fulin turned to address the students, "The wind element isn't really very strong with offensive abilities. However, it's support abilities are rather exemplary. Like the earth element, it excels at making defensive fortifications. For example, creating powerful walls of wind to deflect arrows. It's also great for support spells, the most exceptional of which is the flight spell. Before we get to that though we'll start with two simple spells. The first will be a wind blast that can deal some damage. The second will be a support spell referred to as featherweight that will allow you to jump much higher than normal."

Fulin lifted his hand to begin his demonstration, "For the wind bolt spell you need to compress your mana as tightly as you can. Once it's compressed you need to get it spinning, the faster you get it to spin the better." He demonstrated by summoning his mana out and compressing it into a tight ball then got it spinning like a top.

"Once it's spinning, start to convert your mana into the wind element.", as he spoke the white mana above his palm started to turn into a light green color and continued to spin furiously, even gaining speed as it became wind, "Once this is done just fire it at the target."

Fulin turned and pointed his palm at the target to fire off the wind bolt. The green sphere of wind flew through the air and slammed into the target. There was a loud grinding sound as the bolt hit the dummy and continued to spin. The spinning winds ground into and, eventually, completely through the target leaving a gaping ragged hole in it. Fulin turned back to the students and smiled, "Like that."

Thomas was rather impressed at the sight of Fulins wind bolt spell. It had done some serious damage and would likely have a really violent and quite bloody reaction when it hit something living. The spinning wind of the bolt had literally ground through the dummy. It was far more impressive than anything he'd managed to do with wind magic and he was looking forward to giving it a try.

Fulin addressed the class, "Essa, Brao, Fuller, and Thomas. You four go ahead and get some practice with that spell while I work with Treena and Selena."

Thomas stepped off to the side to work on his own, he was interested in this spell and looking forward to getting it to work. He lifted his hand and summoned up his mana. He quickly formed it into the shape of a ball while a lot of it just seeped out into the air. He really needed to rank up his mana control, there was just so much he needed, and wanted, to do.

He looked closely at the mana floating above his palm, even activating his 'All Seeing Eyes' to look more closely at it. He was curious about what mana was. Was it a particle? Pure energy? Both a particle and a wave like light? Even looking closely at it with his 'All Seeing Eyes' he couldn't tell. All he could see what swirling white floating over his palm. He deactivated his ability and focused on practicing the spell instead. He started to use his will to compress the mana as tightly as he could.

The large ball of mana slowly shrank as he compressed it more and more. Eventually, he felt resistance from the mana and couldn't compress it any further. Still, he felt like the mana could be compressed tighter, he just didn't have the ability to do so yet. With the mana compressed he willed it to begin spinning on its axis, urging it to go faster and faster. It slowly began to build up speed so he started converting the mana into the wind element.

As the mana converted to wind it began to spin faster and more easily, the wind element seemed to want to spin. He focused on keeping it compressed and spinning until all of his mana had converted to wind. He smiled to himself and carefully aimed at the center mass of the target dummy. With a thought, he fired off the wind bolt and sent it at the target. His aim was slightly off, but he still managed to strike the target on the right side of its chest. 

The wind bolt let out a grinding sound as it spun and dug into the target. It ground it's way completely through the target before it dispersed into the air. Thomas grinned broadly, he really liked the feeling of this spell. He spent the next little while creating and firing off compressed balls of spinning air to grind multiple holes through his target. His aim was getting better, but even with his affinity for the wind element, it was taking him a good ten seconds to fire each bolt. In combat, ten seconds could easily be the difference between life and death. He was starting to understand why people stuck with their affinities.

That brought up the question though. Why was Fulin making them all learn the same elements at the same time? And why these specific four elements that made up the basics of 'life'? It didn't really seem like Fulin's style to make an extra effort to teach people so there had to be something behind what he was doing. Thomas thought about it a bit but decided he wouldn't really know Fulin's goal until he reached rank twenty-five in all four elements. He kept stressing that point so it had to mean something. Right?

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