Have you ever had one of those days where things just kept getting weirder and weirder? No. Well I have and let me tell you I will never look back. My name is Varick Pruden son of a single mother named after a father who disappeared. My mother Malinda Pierce had it rough raising me alone. She worked two jobs and never seemed to have time off, but she was always there for me. Now I am 19 years old and out of Highschool. I finished school with pretty good grades considering that I never did homework or studied. I had a GPA of 3.4 while I was no genius that honor went to Amy Ross, and boy did she hate my guts. I don’t even know why. Well we are getting sidetracked now, this all started August 5th 2017.

I open my eyes and find myself surrounded by stone and light. Disoriented I walk forward unsure of what is ahead. I then start to hear a voice, “Young one come this way”. Walking towards the voice I see the path breaking up and start floating away. I start running and jumping along the floating path commenting, “I am just glad that I like parkour”. Upon reaching the end of the path was two doors, on decorated heavenly the other decorated demonically and each with a face. Their eyes open and both call out. “One door leads to death the other to the king. You may ask one guard which door leads to the king, but beware one tells the truth the other only lies!”. I sigh at this cliché and ask the demonic door “Would the other door tell me that this is the door to the king?”. “No”, it responds. I nod and walk through the door.

In side is a lavishly decorated palace. Gold everywhere, silk tapestries hanging down from the ceiling, and a man chained to a golden throne. I smirk and say, “What a prisoner to your work?”. He gives a dry laugh, “Yea, sure something like that”. I walk up to him and he places his hand on my head. “Young one you have a destiny and you must fulfill it.” He says as he pulls out a small amulet that is decorated with pentagrams and a small glowing green gem. “Varick you must—” He was cut off as an overbearing presence descended upon the room. “you must uni----”

I bolt awake and scared shitless. “Holy fuck!”, I yell out. Breathing deep I try and calm down. Walking down the hall I look at the clock, six forty-two. Reaching the bathroom, I take a quick shower to get rid of the night sweats. By now I would have normally forgotten my dream but this one just but this one is just haunting me. I put on clothes and a jacket not noticing my new accessory, and go downstairs for breakfast. My mother asks me “Honey have you looked at those college brochures I put on your desk?” “Yes mom” I lie, I honestly have no interest in college. What could it teach me that I could find out online. “Mom I am going out for a run” I tell her. She tells me, “Ok be safe”. I run out of the house and take the bus downtown, which only take me around 30 minutes.

When I feel as though it is a good point to get off I get off the bus and try to find a nice place to run. I eventually find a building I have never saw before. Then I saw the entire campus behind that. “I never knew there was a school over on this part of the city”, I comment to myself. Finding a path that runs around the campus quite easily, I just start jogging trying to clear me head of that dream. After about 20 minutes I hear a jogger next to me. A blond-haired girl and a pale doll like complexion, who looked like she was around my age. “You shouldn’t be here”, she says to me. I catch a glimpse of her eyes and they are purple, must be contacts I think to myself and say, “I am just jogging it’s not like I am hurting anyone”. She sighs and looks at me and says, “Nice necklace”. At this point I am confused I am not wearing a necklace and I look down and see the amulet bouncing around as I run.

Freaked out I try and stop running but my legs catch on something and I fall, hard. The girl just looked at me like she was hungry. I look at her and ask, “Will you please help me up”. But she looks to be contemplating something, then quicker than I could see she is at my side. I look at her and see sharp white teeth and then feel pain in my next. Blacking out I think what a weird fucking day.


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