Everlasting Struggle

by A-Imad

Original COMPLETED Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy Female Lead Harem Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead Supernatural Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Life is an endless battle. 
A battle for a better life.
A battle for maintaining happiness.
A battle for peace.

Shin's a 12-year old youth, fighting since the moment he was born for a better life. Dreaming and wishing for a happy life, but he can't see himself in that kind of position. 
Shin's looking at the empty dark sky, breathing his last breaths, still dreaming and wishing for a better life. 


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Glossary - Contains spoilers of chapters I have published ago
Prologue - Last breath ago
Chapter 1 - Desire of a warm feeling (Edited) ago
Chapter 2 - A meal filled with tears ago
Chapter 3 - A painful memory ago
Chapter 4 - Let the banquet start... ago
Chapter 5 - Witch?... Or is it a fairy?... ago
Chapter 6 - Divinity ago
Chapter 7 - Divine energy ago
Chapter 8 - A frightful night ago
chapter 9 - Wake-up call ago
Chapter 10 - Clash of emotions ago
chapter 11 - Guardian ago
Chapter 12 - Darkness and Light ago
Chapter 13 - Black flames and Guardians ago
Chapter 14 - A short and confusing battle ago
Chapter 15 - A spreading vermin ago
Chapter 16 - Eyes of remorse ago
Chapter 17 - Let everything begin! ago
Chapter 18 - Leo Lenan's revenge! ago
Chapter 19 - Over my dead body! ago
Chapter 20 - The Valkyries of the Ancient Era ago
Chapter 21 - Real or false? ago
Chapter 22 - Grabbing fate by your own hands ago
Chapter 23 - No return ago
Chapter 24 - The fallen legends ago
Chapter 25 - A new day ago
Chapter 26 - I choose... ago
Chapter 27 - Moving like planned ago
Chapter 28 - Heading out ago
Chapter 29 - A bonding between souls ago
Chapter 30 - How cool... ago
Chapter 31 - Isn't stealing the same as borrowing??? ago
Chapter 32 - Why should I flee? ago
Chapter 33 - To be hunted or to hunt ago
Chapter 34 - A dark vortex ago
Chapter 35 - The truth ago
Chapter 36 - Warmonger ago
Chapter 37 - The truth ago
Chapter 38 - City of Jormun ago
Chapter 39 - Time is limited... ago
Chapter 40 - Prophecy ago
Chapter 41 - Hero ago
Chapter 42 - The Elder Tree ago
Chapter 43 - Separation ago
Chapter 44 - The miserable Kira ago
Chapter 45 - Elves ago
Chapter 46 - No deal ago
Chapter 47 - Let me stretch my body a little ago
Chapter 48 - Seer of the Void ago
Chapter 49 - Reunion ago
Chapter 50 - The weakness of strength ago
Chapter 51 - Alliance ago
Chapter 52 - Hurricane ago
Chapter 53 - A Hero. A Saviour... ago
Chapter 54 - A mighty return ago
Chapter 55 - War ago
Chapter 56 - A long awaited fight ago
Chapter 57 - A change was needed ago
Chapter 58 - The madness inside of Shin ago
Chapter 59 - Death ago
Chapter 60 - Disbelief ago
Chapter 61 - Shaking the Earth and Heaven ago
Chapter 62 - Domain; Skyward Bound! ago
Chapter 63 - Gift from the Void ago
Chapter 64 - The sensation of warmness ago
Chapter 65 - Can't I pick everyone...? ago
Chapter 66 - A taste ago
Chapter 67 - The fairy said; yes ago
Chapter 68 - The proposals ago
Chapter 69 - Grand Wedding ago

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Everlasting Struggle is a novel which I truly like reading.
It has a story plot where the novel is focused on the main character, Shin and everything that surrounds him, even if he likes it or not.

There aren't that many characters in the novel so far, but that's good as of yet as most characters which are presented are important for the plot.

Grammar score - 4,5/5
The writing is good, just an error here and there, nothing important.
The structure of the chapters are well made and easy to read.

Story score - 5/5
Now, Everlasting Struggle is something I have never read or thought of before. The baseline of the MC being sent into another world, or in this case, his homeworld is seen before but still interesting.

I love the fact that you (the author) is adding on the story a little with a steady flow, you haven't rushed any scenes or actions, which many other novels are having problems with.


Most of the characters have their own personalties and you can easily guess who they are when they are just speaking. Either by their laughter, how they speak or by which words they tend to use than others. For example; I found out that Peutoa always talk short and says every single word, one example is she says "do not" than "don't".

The most interesting character in this novel, is of course, Shin.
As of yet, we have found out that Shin has been alone for a decade, he has showcased signs of innocence and also signs of madness in times.
I love how Shin can be two-faced depending on the circumstance. 

Overall score - 5/5

I have read a lot of novels here and there, and honestly there are many good novels out there too.
But, Everlasting Struggle is a special case for me, this novel is mainly based on feelings and how humans interact with each other, there are action and battles here and there, but I feel like that the important parts are when we get to know more about each character.

All I can say is that, Everlasting Struggle is worth reading.

  • Overall Score

Mc keeps reacting not acting (dropped @ch26)

Biggest problem with this novel is that the mc reacts never acts. Things happen mc goes "oh no gotta do something! " never what do i do next. The fiction relies heavily on the side characters moving the plot along while the mc spends most of the story in bed. The novel seems to have been inspired by Light novel called Sevens. The pacing seems to speed up too much in the middle. Few side character seem hollow and unbelievable.

Overall starts strong but fizzels out as chapters move on.