Reborn into the RWBY World with a Small Cheat

by EffectedNote312

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Warning This fiction contains:
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This is my first story so please don't be mean (I don't mind critisism but some people are mean just to be mean). Also I want to make this interactive with readers (so I know people are reading) so please give me some feedback.

The mc, a guy named Finn Pherb, just died geting run over by a truck (like nearly every other reincarnator). He thought his life was over, but it was just beginning. He gets reborn into the world of RWBY that's the same but different (in other words I'm ignoring the show so I can write a story that isn't to depressing) and with a little cheat.

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Dude you really need to get your shit together... I understand that you want to inform us of things, but for the love of god put the author NOTES(note not story) In the grey boxes at the bottom of a chapter, seriously!, this is advice but most people want to read chapters of a story when they click next chapter, not polls and schedules and things like that, before you do polls or anything of the sort FIRST establish a fan base.


with regards to your chapters they are good, but the interruptions make reading your work tedious.

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This is not a [profanity deleted] blog website. I don't need to know about your daily life if you need to post that crap go to FaceBook or something.

On the other hand the few chapters you have posted are good and I must say the idea is cool and can't wait for more. But still you have more "updates" them actual story and it is a turnoff.