Taodin, being in rush, for his only heir is in danger,looked for some Paper and his Quill to write a Letter to the City of

Lothern, he needed many Lothern Seaguard for this upcoming fight as these Vampires are sure to bring many

abominations to battle, and where to get Lothern Seaguard than in Lothern itself, he thought. As the Sun began to sleep

and the Night took over, he equipped his Armor and weapon,as he liked to be overcareful in these times, walked to the

stables and rode with Malanir, his trusty steed towards Elessaeli,hope shimmering in his eyes

Near his mansion were Villages, with some of them having a garrison of

Archers and Spearmen, High Elven Villages arent puny and feeble like their human counterparts, these Villages could

defend and sustain themselves. He hoped he could bribe them to join his cause to free Elessaeli from the Vampires,

maybe they would join him as there arent many attackers in this local area and there was much honor to be won in this upcoming fight.

In the Horizon, the sun rose from its sleep and he could see a Village in the distance, but as he came closer he saw

something that wasn't possible, "They weren't meant to be here already, damn it damn it damn it!", Taodin cursed, he

saw how children were chased by zombies, dead women and Spearmen being overwhelmed by ghouls. Taodin prayed

to Khaine, the Blood-Handed God, for strength and pulled his sword out of the scabbard. Malanir was so fast that

bystanders thought a blur just came out of the woods, as the Zombies closed the gap between the children, they were

decapitated. He pulled the children on his horse and shouted in the thick of battle: "Hold on tight and dont let go, I ask

you, children where is your Family?!", one of the children spoke up even though it was terrified beyond repair and said

they were near the gates fighting them off. Taodin nodded and gave the command to Malanir to stride out, He made

quick work of the ghouls,aiding the Spearmen in their struggle, his strikes were precise and swift furthermore Malanir

trampled the ghouls living after the first blow of Taodin, it truly seemed like Khaine himself landed on the Battlefield to

aid them! As the numbers slowly favored the High elves, Taodin gave the children to the Spearmen to care, so he rode

to the gates and descended from Malanir,as these narrow roads were unfavorable on his horse. The gates were

damaged from what looked like spells, so the culprit must be a Necromancer!

He saw some fellow High elves struggling against the endless hordes of Undead, they must be the family

of the children!, Taodin thought. Two High elves, male and fenale were fighting side by side, despair in their eyes. Taodin

tried to rush towards the two and aid them, but it was too late, the ghouls attacked ferociously and without mercy, and

they began to waver and tire. The women fell first, as she let a ghoul attack her and not soon after many others

followed, ripping her innards out of her feeble body. Taodin viewed this scene before his eyes, disgusted and full of rage

he helped the male High elf who was trying his best not to cry and just give up after seeing his love killed like that.

Taodin slaughtered the ghouls, one by one, the strikes becoming more swift and hitting the vital spots, but even Taodin

himself couldnt hold this sheer number of ghouls alone, it was a slaughter. As all hope seemed lost and the two were

fighting back to back, bloodied and battered, they saw something in the sky, something very very relieving.Arrows!

Arrows as many as to blot out the sky with them! Taodin didnt fear one of those would hit him, as elven Archers were

very accurate. The moment of impact was victory, the ghouls fell as quick as the blink of an eye. The Necromancer

already ran away but not before Taodin gave him a glance. He was old,wrinkled and full of hatred in his eyes,speaking

of which he seemed to have Heterochromia, that means he had a blue eye and a brown eye. He had very worn out

clothes, that you could even smell with all this blood in the air. The Archers and Spearmen were rushing towards Taodin

and the one fighting beside him! Victory! Taodin asked the male: "What is your name soldier?" , "Im Gilgamesh, my

Prince." , he answered, albeit with a sad tone. Taodin knew this feeling, helplesness and grief, he knew this far too well.

His family was slaughtered in a Dark elven raid and all he could do was watch and hide. Taodin saw something in this

young Gilgamesh so he asked to join him in his army to end this Invasion. Gilgamesh, with revenge in his eyes,

accepted but he needed to bury his wife and give the children to his brother to care. Taodin accepted this, as he will try

to recruit as many in here as possible for his cause.

A note from kalkonso

SORRY im bad at writing but i think im getting kind of better? chapter is probably longer than the first one and im proud of that! anyways i wont bring out the chapters consistently BUT if theres enough people wanting to read this, i may or may not bring out more chapters >-<

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