Taodins Legend



Chapter 1: Taodins Call of Arms


It was a peaceful autmn, the harvest was bountiful and the citiziens were stocking up their food for the harsh winter to come and Ulthuan cherished its long lasting peace as the steadfast defender Tyrion fought back the Dark elves Invasion and Teclis brought prosperity with his wisdom and knowledge of the arcane winds of magic.

In these quiet days a noble Prince named Taodin was sitting in his mansion near Elessaeli, it was next to a forest so he heard the birds and crickets chirping. He was alone as his wife Ellaine was at the White tower of Hoeth to learn more about magic as she was only a novice and wanted to learn the more powerful and better spells to assist her Husband with his next crusade against the Pirates of Sartosa to the east that were intercepting their tradingships once in a while.

His daughter Rinda was at Elessaeli to sharpen her smithing skills which wasn't unusual in the High elven culture as women had the same privileges  as men and they were forced to join the millitary too. Taodin was enjoying the scenery of the forest until a eagle with a letter strapped on his talons landed on his balcony and it read as followed: "All noble princes of the proud High elves! The city of Elessaeli, as proud and shimmering it is, is being besieged by vile Vampires from the south! we need all the nobles to lead our armies against those who wronged us! heed our call and join us in this mighty counterattack against these undead!",

he was suprised and full of rage, as his only daughter, Rinda was there and if they would go as far as hurting her he swore he would sally out to their homelands and ravage and blight every last corrupted city of those who hurted the one he held most dear!


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