The Tale of G.O.D.

by Andur

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This is the Tale of G.O.D.   (And how Humanity never reached the Stars)

Antioch is a sheltered being and knows little about the world. Although he harbours his own secrets, he doesn't comprehend the scale of the adventure he is about to embark on. Being locked up in a research station, he is content with his fate, but when he starts receiving strange messages, he suspects that not everything is well in his little world.

When it's abruptly decided that the project has to be ended, Antioch is faced with the large world outside his prison.

He won't like what he finds... and there are powers at play who would love to put the escaped subject back into the box.

But as in so many tales, it's hard to close Pandora's Box once it was opened.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. ~Unique~ ago
2. ~Moral Lesson~ ago
3. ~Privateer~ ago
4. ~Space~ ago
5. ~Growth~ ago
6. ~People Skills~ ago
7. ~Handicraft Work~ ago
8. ~Valiant~ ago
9. ~One thing at a time~ ago
10. ~Directions~ ago
11. ~Connected~ ago
12. ~A Connection~ ago
13. ~Pirate Culture~ ago
14. ~Cultural Differences~ ago
15. ~Quick Retreat~ ago
16. ~Project~ ago
17. ~A Home~ ago
18. ~Joy and Foreboding~ ago
19. ~A truth with two faces~ ago
20. ~G.O.D.~ ago
21. ~G.O.D.^2~ ago
22. ~Two~ ago
23. ~Station~ ago
24. ~To the rescue!~ ago
25. ~Old friends and enemies~ ago
26. ~A repair job~ ago
27. ~One More~ ago
28. ~Catch~ ago
29. ~Weak Points~ ago
30. ~Present~ ago
31. ~Handout~ ago
32. ~Cell~ ago
33. ~True Nature~ ago
34. ~Trade~ ago
35. ~Classes~ ago
36. ~New~ ago
37. ~Dodge the arrow~ ago
38. ~Social Troubles~ ago
39. ~Interlude~ ago
40. ~Hunted~ ago
41. ~Thoughts over Matter~ ago
42. ~VC~ ago
43. ~Virtual~ ago
44. ~Exhausted~ ago
45. ~A cake of perspective~ ago
46. ~The other side~ ago
47. ~Go forth and multiply~ ago
48. ~A final nail~ ago
49. ~Afterschock~ ago
50. ~Hope~ ago
51. ~Change~ ago
52. ~Squirming and worming~ ago
53. ~Bloom~ ago
54. ~Shell~ ago
55. ~Fella~ ago
56. ~Doll~ ago
57. ~Core~ ago
58. ~Interlude~ ago
59. ~They grow up so fast!~ ago
60. ~Plans~ ago
61. ~Swarm~ ago
62. ~A way of life~ ago
63. ~Loop~ ago
64. ~Arrival~ ago
65. ~Observer~ ago
66. ~Family time~ ago
67. ~Demon-matters~ ago
68. ~Conquest~ ago
69. ~Exploration~ ago
70. ~Fine~ ago
71. ~Dinner~ ago
72. ~Jill’s Room~ ago
73. ~Colony~ ago
74. ~Potemkin~ ago
75. ~Loyalty~ ago
76. ~Guests~ ago
77. ~Assistant~ ago
78. ~Report~ ago
79. ~A rough day!~ ago
80. ~Landfall~ ago
81. ~Jungleworld~ ago
82. ~A Gift~ ago
83. ~Confession~ ago
84. ~A king's business~ ago
85. ~Cannons for sparrows~ ago
86. ~The Nice One~ ago
87. ~The Madness of Life~ ago
88. ~Intermediate~ ago
89. ~Mo~ ago
90. ~Moed~ ago
91. ~Fleeced~ ago
92. ~Negotiations~ ago
93. ~Reasons~ ago
94. ~When things come apart~ ago
95. ~Gut Instinct~ ago
96. ~Approach~ ago
97. ~Fleet Contact~ ago
98. ~Decision~ ago
99. ~World End~ ago
100. ~Infiltration~ ago
101. ~Demise~ ago
102. ~Blank~ ago
103. ~Assistant~ ago
104. ~Reawakening~ ago
~105. Haven~ ago
106. ~Empty Space Interlude~ ago
107. ~Sharing experiences~ ago
108. ~Importance of time~ ago
109. ~Grunt~ ago
~110. Returned~ ago
111. ~Thoughts~ ago
112. ~No take backs~ ago
113. ~Better not to watch~ ago
114. ~Ever Forward~ ago
115. ~The Great Dark~ ago
116. ~End of Book 1~ ago
Prequel started ago
1. ~Aliens like us?~ ago

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Review as of CH 8

It's good!

And it's something new! It feels like Coeus? with elements of the other ones - a space era with augmented humans, a slightly awkward and a bit crazy male lead and tough female lead. Especially similar are the technology-based abilities of Antioch, and the drones which are basically the IM's from Coeus?

Haha, I wonder if it will follow the usual flipped atchetype of Andur's characters, with the man being a ranged-magic(technology here)-support-crafter, while the woman is a close-combat figher with some auxiliary abilities, maybe around biology or something in the theme.

But it's kinda fresh that the male MC is kinda soft at the beginning, and has somewhat of an aversion to killing, unlike all the incarnations of Ascathon.

Can't wait to see how the story unfolds, and how it concludes.

Is Antioch another incarnation of Ascathon? Is it a very early life, or maybe it's after Dedessia? Or is it another soul altogether? Can't wait to find out


I've read through all of Andur's fictions since I was recommended him about three months ago. While it's always nice to read something that is completed, the most impressive aspect of his stories, in general, is the vastly different settings he comes up with. This one is no exception.

Review as of chapter 40. While there is a lot we as readers don't know about the setting, I also know more than enough to be fascinated by this original (at least to me) sci-fi setting. Revealing too much about it in this review would be spoiling it for anyone interested in checking it out. 

Puting aside the setting for a moment, I find the story itself very satisfying to read. Having read all of Andur's earlier fictions, I have an inkling where the story will lead, but that's not a mark against the story. Quite the opposite: I like where (I think) the story is heading. There is still plenty of room to surprise me, though. 

As always, the interaction between the characters is one of the highlights in Andur's story. The characters themselves are interesting, but its the way they interact with each other that really make them shine. This is not just limited to dialogue. The sexual interactions deserve a special mention here: they are quite enjoyable to read. 

As much as I'd like to give this top score, I think some of Andur's earlier works is ever so slightly better. If I gave this one a five, what would I give them? Though we're comparing some of the very best novels on this site against each other here. This is not bad by any definition of the word. And the story is still not done: it could very well climb up to a full five stars by the time it is done. 

Lastly, I'd like to point out something I've noticed across several stories. Andur seems to have quite the fascination with devils/demons, especially when it comes to sexy succubus-like female bodies. I'm not disagreeing, though, quite the opposite. 


Andur = instant bookmark/save

Wonder how can this author pump out chapters like nothing.

Andur = instant bookmark/save

Andur = instant bookmark/save

Andur = instant bookmark/save


As I said, same as always, it's getting boring, at least the AI is interesting this time so there's one interesting new character...


Can't wait to see where this new chapter takes us. Seriously wish I could get all your work in audiable. Anyway thanks and seriously food for thought I'd buy ........................ The rest of for the word count you can ignore from here on out.


So What if It's The Same?

Another great story by Andur. Don't mind all the reviews and people that complain and give scores based on the author. Reviews are meant to review the story, not the author. 


OMG OMG OMG Andur is back at it again

Guys. Ive been reading all of Andurs works before i even found Royal road. I have never been dissapointed and once again my standards have been met. Please never stop writing senpai.

More of the same, all thats diffrent is the setting. Same plot, same story, same decent writing. If you enjoyed past works from this author you'll probably enjoy this book. If your looking for something new, this isn't it. 


Love the new plot line great way to branch out

8 Chapters in and I have to say I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for more keep up the good work man, you have my vote for top author of the year on RR



More Andur goodness!

 Another exciting adventure begins!

Seriously though, the first chapter is pretty dang hooking.

Can't wait for this to make the front page of favorites again so I can find it easier.