by Kokan

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk Female Lead GameLit Grimdark Harem LitRPG Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content



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Why delete the story? i'm sad ............................

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Intense action and amazing fights

The fiction is great and I would highly recommend it. The dialogue is written well and I enjoy the character interactions with each other, it is even funny at times. All of the characters, even side characters, are written well and I like all of them; including the 'baddies'. Most importantly, minor side characters feel like different people with their own personality and this is a great attribute to the story; everyone gives a different feeling and does not feel like the same character but with a different name.

Another good thing is that the main protagonist is competent and decisive. This is the strongest point in this fiction. It is everything you would want in a protagonist, he is an alpha and totally different from a whipped hero we often get. I like him a lot.

The relations between demons and humans are interesting too, there is a lot of mysteries to be uncovered and explored together with Cain. The insect race is fascinating too. My biggest like is the variety in alien's body types and a difference in their abilities, like the insect general.

My only bone to pick with this story is that it often leaves me confused, just like Cain. Also, it is unclear where he gets that competence from, but again Cain himself questions it in his own reflections "I had no idea where this confidence or newborn prowess came from" and "where was this overconfidence originating from(?)".  So I guess it is alright as long as it will be eventually explained as the story progresses.

Once again, fiction is good as it is. But if I could suggest an improvement it would be more descriptive writing of how each of the characters looks like. I know it is there but I would like more of it. What are each of them wearing, what sort of hair, eyes, body type they have? What kind of feeling their appearance project? What kind of impression the ant race leave on others?

Shy Giggling
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I'm not good at doing reviews, and as I'm writing this, I don't have the time, so I'll make it quick.


I like it.

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Quick review as this novel is still pretty new, but I'm enjoying it a lot so far, his update schedule is nice, and the fights are pretty darn well written, no glaring spelling issues or run on sentences (heh irony).