The Editor Said No Clichés

The Editor Said No Clichés

by 0nLin3

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

People that create stories have a great power they could never have imagined. And with great power comes great responsibility. But not everyone follows the same motto with our red suited friend, which is how shitty stories are born.

To save his world from shitty stories full of clich├ęs, Thomas decided to become an editor in a publishing company. Sadly, he was killed by an angry author. After his death, he learned that he can still continue his job. This time, he will take a more direct approach.


Our character will visit different worlds and try to steer the story to a better direction. At least, to a direction he thinks better.

My sources of inspiration for this story are Re:Creators,  Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke, Deadpool Killustrated, How to Kill Reincarnators from Earth and Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil. 

This is my first story. There is no schedule for releases, and I might take breaks during mid-terms and finals.

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This is just an early look as there are only 3 chapters, but it does have the feel of a good story. Because of the premise this story has the ability to visit all the overdone stories and spice them up, giving you the things you're familiar with from a different perspective with (hopefully) a good comedic twist. The grammar is good, although not flawless the errors that are there are minor and detract much from the story.(the grammar is better than in this review) 

It has some real potential to be a fun and interesting story if the author's imagination can keep up. So I hope to see more and I would recommend it to others.