The Egg Guardian

by BigLands

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

First and foremost, I must apologize as this story is currently on an indefinite hiatus. School, my main project, and writer's block have gotten in the way. I was rather unprepared when I began posting this and kind of just did it on a whim. Thus, I shall ensure I am thoroughly prepared before posting anything else, but I plan to return to this someday to conitnue it.

What better retirement plan for a scumbag than to become a demon? Whether he likes it or not, that's Berrick's only choice. Heaven thinks hell is getting a little lukewarm and Berrick is just the guy to heat things up again. Follow Berrick as he works for home and hell as one of the few Egg Guardians.

Author's note:

Are you looking for bad writing, terrible dialogue, short chapters, and slow releases? Then you've come to the right place! This is honestly just something I'm writing for fun and figured I'd publish while I'm working on my main project, but I always appreciate constructive criticism so I can improve.

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