Red Twilight Vallume 4: The Weaver

by dfeyder

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Female Lead Magic Non-Human lead Strong Lead

The award-winning author returns for the fourth story in the Red Twilight saga. The king of Tamriel outstretches his arm; the cosmos crumble in his wake. A mouse-folk spiritualist stands to protect her home—Jessica the Weaver.


But even as the rapture dawns on the people of Graywall, sickness spreads and death hangs heavy in the air. Selfish kings harden their hearts and stand in opposition to this emissary of mercy. With Mother Corn by her side, two mothers must take up arms to protect their homes from the rampaging of hungry gods.


“I can be as kind or a cruel as you would like me to be. But why should the master of creation be anything shy of desirable? I look as I do because I want to be loved and therefore must be something worthy of a dream, whatever the dream of the day happens to be your next question of me would be ‘and what function does the creator serve to the created?’ to that one must ask themselves what would one wish of their betters? When we look to ourselves, do we find that it is more desirable to serve a malevolent king or a neglectful one? For a cruel king is a predictable one, anger lures hate, hate lures judgment, love inspires mercy, but to be neglected leads only to empty promises with or without prayer. But even uncaring is worthwhile over absences. A vengeful king may still reword one that brings him plusher, and that is just what I am. I find you amusing.” -Cravixs

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