A Dungeon Tested

by Athlane

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Its a hard life balancing all the things a successful dungeon should be doing. Will our newest addition to the dungeon race even survive let alone make it to the top where dungeons such as the megafauna roam? Or will our main character suffer in the dust till some inauspicious and ignoble death at the end of some F-rankers sword?

Note this is me having some fun while I wait for new releases of dungeon stories. Feel free to comment on that basis. I will be keeping the first few chapters slow so as to give me plenty to build upon later. I have tentatively given this the gore tag for now. With that in mind "Let the games begin".

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If you're familiar with dungeon stories you would quite easily come to understand what the last 3 chapters have been about. If not this may have been a weird but still interesting read so far.

You mentioned that the first few chapters were going to be slow but i realy don't think they have been slow so far. Just really vague (wich i quite like). It kind off gives the impression af a story in an egg.

You managed to make an cool start for your story so i hope that when your egg hatches a bird we've never seen before is gonna come out.

I will be making a better review in the future.


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there are two chapters out right now and I have no idea what I just read, that said it is a good read so far. looking forwards to more chapters and this hopefully making sense