Chapter 10: The Wandering Monk
(Atup POV)

I was eating Atab's new dish, sheep steak when something weird was on the bridge again.

It was a bald old man. He was wearing the clothes of a priest.

What religion was that again... I forgot what it was but I read it in one of the Princess' books.

"Good day to you, good sir."

"Good day. How may I help you? Are lost by any chance?"

"No, I am not lost young one. I actually came here to guide people who have lost their path."

"It looks to me that you are the one that is lost because you are wandering."

"Ah... The body is wandering but my mind is at peace. That is what I mean."

"I see. I think I get what you mean but... I don't think we need this kind of thing."

"You are looking for fighters, yes?"

"I am."

"I will show you how one fights with a peaceful mind."

"If you really want to... we can fight."

I never felt comfortable fighting old men. Especially if its a blow for blow fight. I don't think this old man is a wizard.

"I am ready."

"You have no weapon, my friend. Would you like me to lend you one."

"My body is the weapon. Would you not like to test it now?"

"I undestand. Then I will fight with my fists as well."

"I admire your kind heart. Now, let us go!"

He must've sensed that I was hesitant in fight him, that is why he moved first.

A punch was coming straight to my body. I moved my hands to block it.


It was heavy! The force went through my arms and the thick armor. It was like the blow was not blocked by anything at all.


What was that... It's my turn.

<Accelaration> <Greater Speed>!

I attacked him with 3 consecutive punches from different directions.

He calmly blocked all of them.

"You are strong. But your mind is not at ease."


He then made a gesture of pushing. A wave of force pushed me back a few steps.

After I blinked from that, I could not see the old man anymore.


An uppercut.


It was another heavy strike. I was higher than him, he must've jumped to make that attack.

How could it be that strong? I can't lose.

<Moment> <Time Stop>

The <Moment> skill allows me to land one hit while the time is stopped by <Time Stop>. It usually last for 5 seconds but once I landed a hit, time goes back to normal.

I made a full strength swing with both of my hands.


When my arms hit his body, he curved it in the opposite way. Then he climbed on top of the arm.

He was able to skillfully evade huge damage from my strike right after a <Time Stop>. I am pretty sure that I am the only that can think while I used <Time Stop>.

"Your spells are not that complicated. They do not affect me much. My mind is the most reliable against spells."

So his thinking was not hindered at all.

"Well then..."

We went back to hitting each other and countering. It would end up with him the only one landing good hits while my attacks always get blocked or evaded.

I made an attack to hit him with my palm. He tried to evade by stepping back.

"Got you now!"

<Arc Lightning>!

From my palm, raging lightning came out.

Zzzttt!!!! Bzzzttt!!! Crackleee!!!

He blocked with both of his arms... It was slightly burnt but he did not look he was hurt a lot.

"How were you able to block that?"

"I know how to use the Spirit to block hostile magics."

What does that even mean?

"It's time I get serious too."

<Seven-fold Strike>!


He disappeared suddenly. I cannot track him anymore. His smell and his prescence are gone.

I could feel a hit from the right side of my body.


Then another one from the left.


What is this? It feels like he was teleporting from different sides.

He hit me with this suprising attacks 7 times.

"Gah.... gah..."

"And to finish it.."

<Heavenly Fist>!

His punch entered a powerful strike inside my body which made me kneel from the pain.

You could see the shape of the force that went out of my body. It was like a wave of air.

"Please accept your defeat young sir."

"No way. Hehehe... I am sorry but you are too strong. I cannot hold back anymore."


<Hold of Nature>!

Magical roots suddenly popped up beneath him and restricted his movement.

He tried to break free right away but could not.


Those roots came from the Tree of Life itself. You cannot break it unless you use ancient magic.


It's getting tighter and tighter.

"Grr... ahhh!"

I think his composure is taking damage now.

"This should end it."

He was trying his best to proctect his body using Spirit but he cannot last against this one.

<Lightning God's Spear>!


<Holy Mountain>!

His body glowing. Golden light was coming from him. I only intend to knock him out with this spell but I think it won't work if I held back.

I need to use it's full power.


I threw the <Lightning God's Spear>. Lightning was randomly hitting the area around us.

It hit him dead center.



A small lightning storm covered him. Dark clouds covered his entire body and was shocking him non-stop. He could die from this.

After a few minutes. It ended.

"Hahh.... hah...."

He fell down.

"Old man!"

I went to his side quickly and casted <Heal> to mend some of his wounds.

"Ahh.... hah..."

Luckily, he's still alive.

"I'm sorry to go that far."

"Hahaha. You are powerful! Still, you could have beaten me without using that powerful spell."

"Which one? I don't think I could beat you with just fists."

"You need none of them. You have enough strength. You just need to learn how to channel and use your Spirit."

"I don't understand what you mean..."

"Hahaha! I will then stay here to teach you!"


So, that's how I added a Wandering Monk to our Kingdom's odd collection of people.
(Nai POV)

"Mr. Monk, what is your name?"

"You can call me Gnip. My full name is Tam Gnip Gnop Amam."

"Oh, I see. What kind of house would you like me to build for you?"

"Can you make a small temple for me?"

"W-what? I can but... that might take 3 days for me to build..."

"It's okay... I trust in your great talent. You are well experienced in this kind of work I could see."

"Yes I am... I must have been building things for 60 years now."

"So, that's why. The reason why I am asking you to build a temple for my home is because I do not see one around. Do you not serve any god in this kingdom?"

"Oh, I am not familliar with the kingdom's god. I believe everyone is just fine with serving the Princess."

"I see... I think I'll have a talk with Sir Atup again and I'll also try if I can get a chance to talk with the Princess."

"Oh. That might be for the best."

This guy is really weird. I mean most of the people here are. Hmm... I have not built a temple in a long time.

"Can you please guide me with the design of the temple, Mr. Gnip.?"

"Of course. Also, Gnip is fine."

"Okay, Gnip. Let us start right away!"


The old man was enslaved by the determined Master Carpenter for 3 days.
(Short stories inside the Kingdom!)

(Anget POV)

Anget was trying to teach Mee Ro some tricks.




"Mee... Mee..."

"Awwww... no! All you do is make that sound..."

I've been trying to teach him for the whole day already...

"What are you doing, Anget?"



I was surprised when I turned around in a hurry. I was going to bump her but I tried to avoid her and ended up sitting on the ground.

"Hahaha. You look silly."

"Sorry, Princess! I didn't expect you to visit me."

"It's a good thing you are not chained anymore. Hehehe."

"Yeah! I feel free now! I also like to play with Mee Ro everyday so I can't always help Sir Atup with the guard duty."

"Oh... hmmm. I am sorry if he was mean to you when you came here. He was just trying to do his job, that's all."

"I do not feel bad. I know he meant well and I never had any right to stay here before. He gave it to me and for that I am very grateful."

"Yeah... he is a kind person you know... and also powerful and reliable."



"You looked like you were daydreaming."

"Ah! Sorry, sorry. I might be getting sleepy. I'll take my leave now! Bye!"

She left in a hurry.

"What was that about?"

... Sir Atup?

"Powerful and reliable. I guess he is..."

I felt a little bump in my chest.

"What is this..."

It's like when he asked for my name before... I really thought he was asking to marry me...

"Oiiiii!!! Come back here!!! <Lightning Storm>!"

"Stop it already!"

While Anget was daydreaming. Milu and Tero were still playing tag.


(Mr. Rick POV)

Mr. Rick is walking the hallways of the Castle and inspecting everything. As always.

It's another easy day at the castle. As a butler in this castle, I don't have much to do except for taking care of the Princess and cleaning the castle.

Before we have always wondered when would the king come back. A lot of the servants left and there are a handful left now but they are enough to maintain the castle.

That was a chaotic time in the kingdom but I think the worse has already passed. Sir Atup never left us and never failed to protect has even against the most terrifying opponents and pretenders.

Now, I'm just glad I'm not seeing Apocalypse-level battles or Ancient Magic being used every other day.

"Mr. Rick? We have already finished cleaning the library."

"Good job. Take a rest."

I planned to go to Atab for a quick meal but I saw the Princess in the hallway.

"Where do you plan to go again Princess Gibail?"

"There's a new guy in town! I want to ask Sir Atup about how it happened, the stories are really exciting!"

"I see.Then let me escort you."

"Sure! Let's go!"

Oh well, I guess that quick meal will have to wait.


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