Chapter 9: The Bounty Hunter
(Atup POV)


A drink after hours sitting in this scorching sun is one of the best feelings.

"Wooo... It's hotter than usual."

It's just me this time since the others have their own things to attend to. As for Anget... I let her go out for an errand. She said it's something very important.

Let's see here... Maybe I could sneak to Atab's house for a take-out meal.

As I was standing up...

"You! Halt!"

Oh boy.

"What is it that you want?"

"Hahaha! Just surrender your life to me and I'll make your death quick and painless!"

"Why would you even want that? What's in it for you?"

"Ha! Targets these days... You don't even know you have a bounty on your head? It's quite large.

"Is that so... Your a bounty hunter, I assume?"

"Indeed I am! Roz the undefeated!"

"Undefeated huh?"

It looks like we are quite similar to each other huh?

"Then let's get this fight started. I'm getting hungry you know."

"That's what I like to hear!"

He rushes towards me. Throwing poisoned daggers in quick intervals.

Clink. Clink. Clink.

I didn't bother to block since they didn't even pierce my armor. I thought he would aim at my neck but he didn't.

Is he trying to look weak so that I'll be complacent?


He took out his battle axe and made a downwards swing.

A frontal attack?

I decided to grab the axe when it hits me and then make a counter attack but...

<Battle Arts: Quick Spin!>

He spun in mid air, changing the direction where the axe was coming from. Now the axe was going to hit my side, I won't be able to block it.

"Hrmm... Gah!... Huh?"

It hit me and then it fell.

"Aww.... Ouch..."

"What is this?"

There was force from the axe but I didn't feel any pain. It even it my undefended body.

Was the axe dull?

"Aww.... I think I broke my arm..."


I think I know what happened here.

"Get up, Roz."


"Undefeated my face, why do want to throw your life like that? I almost took you seriously."

"It's true! Aw.... Ouch... I am undefeated! This is my very first battle!"

"Ah... please no. You can't mean..."

"I just become a bounty hunter! I needed money badly so I chose one of the biggest targets!"

"You could have paid with your life you know?"

I shook my head.

"Anyways, go home now."

"Really? You'll spare me?"

"Yeah, go go. You actually have some potential in you. That Battle Art that you used on me... It's unique."

Even I can't make a spin that fast. Especially in mid-air.

"You like that? Hehehe... I trained really hard to get that skill."

"Wait a minute..."

Maybe I do need a bounty hunter. Maybe just a hunter.

"Roz, won't you work for me? As a hunter?"

"Hunter? Like animals?"

"Yeah. I can pay you for the animals you take back."

"That sounds good... Actually I wasn't really sure if I could kill a person and bring back his head... Maybe being a hunter is best... I'll accept your offer!"

"Good. And you have to teach me that skill."

"Hahaha! Sure."

We trained near the bridge for a whole day. It wasn't easy but I was able to learn how to use <Battle Art: Quick Spin>.

"How do you do it in mid-air?"

"When you use it mid-air, you will be able to step on air once and then make a spin. It's the most amazing part of the skill. You can even spin while lying down."

"Great. This is enough for your payment. Actually, I already made arrangements for you in your new house."

"What? A house already!? That's one of my dreams!"

"Yeah, go ahead. Nai please guide him there."

"Sure thing, Sir Atup."

After introducing ourselves to each other, Nai guided him to the residential area. Once I made up my mind to recruit him, I sent a shout to Nai and he already knew what to do.

Another one added to the kingdom. I need to get more. I have this feeling that something big will happen. or come.

Kingdom's Recruits!

Nai - Master Carpenter
Atab - Child Cook
Anget - Female Ninja
Milu - Chibi Alchemist
Tap Sa - Samurai who can't use his sword all the time
Tero - Demon Lord's kid or the Demon Prince
Gnak Gnok - Sheperd Druid
Meee Ro - Anget's pet sheep
Lon - The Gardener
Nila - Wife of Lon
The escaped villagers

Short stories inside the Kingdom!
(Milu POV)

I'm still looking for that pervert.

Ohh... I knew he saw my perfect body! I can't let him get away with that!

I've been asking everyone who they think would be the culprit and now I have my list.

1. Atab
2. Nai
3. Tero

I'm going to ask them one by one!


"Yes, Milu-san?"

"You... pervert-desu! You were the one who peeked on me bathing right?"

"Wah!? No! I won't do that. I was just cooking all day. I mean... I do that everyday. Sometimes I look for ingredients.

"Grr... Fine. I'll let you go but if I find out that you were lying, I'll turn you into a potion you hear me!?"


He bowed again and again before running away.

Maybe I did it wrong... Telling the pervert that he's a pervent will definitely force him to lie.

Ohh..!!! (Sigh) I'll do it right next time. I'll go to Nai next.


"Yes, Ms. Milu?"

"I just wanted to ask a question."

"Sure, is this about your house or your shop?"

"No, no... I just wanted to ask if you ever went to the bath 2 days ago?"

"2 days ago..."

"You can't remember?"

"Wait... Oh yeah! I haven't taken a bath for a week! Thanks for reminding me!"

And off he goes.


"I'm sure it's not him. He can't even remember when to take a bath. All he cares about is his houses."

It's got to be Tero!


(Tero POV)

There is a lot of amusing things here in this kingdom.

I saw humans planting trees and vegetables to support themselves.

They also grow animals and eat them when they get big. Wicked!

I spent my time going around asking for stories, sometimes reading books.

I was about to check out Gnak's sheep farm when suddenly I was blocked by a small woman.


"What do you want woman?"

"You peeked on me! I'm sure of it."

Ah... She finally found out. I just have to be honest so that she will know that I didn't mean it.

"Yes, I did saw you accidentally but don't worry, I'm not into humans. Especially the small ones."


She's quiet... I think she's embarassed, maybe she thought I like her?


<Dark Lightning>! <Lightning Storm>!


I used my short-range blink multiple times to avoid annihilation.

"I'm sorry!!!"

"Come back here!"

From that point going forward, I never told small girls that they were small. And decided that one of the scariest things in this world is Milu.

A note from Idmon

One day... Ill be able to write multiple chapters for this book xD

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