Chapter 5: Training Day

"Anget, let's spar today."


"Yes, will go one on one without magic. I just want to gauge everyone's strength."


We take our positions in a field near the bridge.

"I'm ready anytime, come at-"

Anget was already charging before I could finish my sentence. She was still chained to me so I still got a heads up.

Is hit an attack from above... or below? She was faking an attack.


She kicked me from the side hitting my mid-body. It was a nice move.

I held her legs and was about to throw her away when she suddenly let out a scream.



She blushed and quickly break away from grasp.

"I'm sorry.. Sir Atup."

"Hmmm...? It's fine anyways, let's stop. I got a general idea of your strengths and weaknesses already."

"Ah... okay."

"Watch from the sidelines for a while okay?"

"Got it..."

"Tap Sa! It's your turn!"

"Finally! My first spar with Master!"

"Hey it's not Master okay? I'm just a knight so call me Sir or just Atup."

"Okay, Sir Atup!"

"Try to take me down with your strongest attack."

"Here I go..... Hmm...."

He was focusing? It's the same pattern as before... He steadied himself and was adjusting his stance to counter my attack.

Let's try it.

I send a jab towards him.


Before my fast jab lands on his face my arm was push away by a strong slash.

"Wah?? You used your bare hands!?"


The slash would've cut my arm if I didn't strengthen it with a buff. <Iron Body> and <Iron Fists> combine made it tougher than usual.

"I've got enough. Good job, Tap Sa."

"It's an honor to spar with you."

You really couldn't call it a spar you know... Anyways.. the current power rankings of the newcomers are..


"What is it, Milu?"

"You forgot about me-desu! I want to spar too!"

Then I remembered her luggage.... Yeah, she can fight too.

"I'm ready, let's do it!"

"I'm coming-desu!!!"

She's attacking me barehanded. Her fists is lightning quick. I use my shoulders and huge arms to block multiple attacks. She really knows how to fight!

I tried to counter attack with a huge swing of my fist... which she dodged. She sent a huge punch to my face as a counter.

<Full Guard>.

I knew I had to use that skill.


Her punch pushed me a few steps away from where I was standing... Even with my skill!

"Wow... Let's stop here for now."

"Hehee! You surrender-desu?"

"Yeah, yeah. I surrender."

So the power rankings have changed...

1 - Milu
2 - Tap Sa
3 - Anget

I could rely on them to some extent to help me out with guard duty. It's a welcome change of pace... Maybe I don't have to do everything myself anymore.



I was hit by an attack from Mythril Golem Lord that I summoned.

Was I getting rusty or has it always been that strong? I wanted to know how I fare against strong opponents these days since its been a long time I fought one.


The next punch of the Golem was blocked by my most basic defensive spell. It indeed was one of my first-ever skills. Even though its weak, years of using it made it more powerful. I once used it to block an ancient magic and I survived, barely.

Its fist was forced backwards from the force returned by my defense. Now... for the attack.

<Leap of the Warlord>!

I was wielding a dual-greatsword that I got from a Warlord. He had a favorite skill for this sword and I kind of picked it of from him since he kept using it against me.

But... Just before my attack landed, it launch a counter by using a spell.

<Mythril Sword Graveyard>.

A huge number of mythril swords suddenly appeared from magic circles that formed below me.

It was trying to take me down with him. Cheeky bastard. Even though he's just a summon.

"Can't have you embarassing me like that."

<All Boost> <Quicken>.

I used two stat-boosting buffs. My speed increased mid-air and I was able to land my attack before the graveyard of swords reached me.

It's head cracked and it fell down. All its limbs fell down at the same time, turning into mythril debris.

Even though it could have been a huge mythril material cheat, materials made from summoning disappear after some time.

Now... How about my magic?

<Summon: Agnat, Lord of Golems>

This spell was on the "Book" that I got from a great summoner. Of course, I had to kill him first.

Unfortunately, I can't turn the high-level summons against me. So, I just have to get satisfied in making them participate in target practice.

They're the targets.

This golem is strong because of its high-resistance to all kinds of damage except Soul and Mana damage because it's running on mana and being controlled by a soul.

"Stand. Go on full defensive."

The golem raised its arms to assume defensive position. <Golem Guard>. Their specialty, a defensive spell which lets a golem reach its peak defensive capability. It also returns damage if possible.


<Great Lightning>!

A quick high-level spell came out my hand. The lightning was so fast that you couldn't see it travel. It made contact with Agnat in second.

The spell was reflected.


I needed to dodge it because it would be a real pain if that hit me. My magic seems to be on the same level as before and my summons are still strong. Why do I feel like that I'll get weak suddenly? Or maybe my strength won't be enough one day.

Well... how about this one.

<Lightning God's Breath>

One of the strongest lightning spells I possess. This should break its guard.

The lightning came from a spell circle that suddenly appeared above of Agnat. It needed to look up to guard the attack.

Four lightning bolts... Those large bolts hit the defense of Agnat, breaking its fists to pieces. Lightning is the worst element to use against golems but beating the Lord of Golems with lightning means I'm still in a good condition.

It was kneeling now. It can't return an attack to me since I was its master but I could feel its anger leaking from its emotionless face.


I don't have a use for you yet so back to the collection you go.

My books of spells are responsible for keeping this high-level summons. You can't just summon them with mana alone. You need their existence sealed in a scroll or a book to call them and put them under you control. This means you need to hunt strong monsters if you want them to be your summon.


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