The Warrior on the Bridge



Chapter 4: Chibi Alchemist and the Long-haired Man


Chapter 4: Chibi Alchemist and Long-haired Man

"Halo, halo.... I'm an Alchemist-desu! Naisu to meetchu!"

It was... a small girl... wearing green robes. with black short bob hair... and "- -" as her eyes.

"Hi... Ah... I am Sir Atup. How may I help you, Alchemist miss?"

Its a chibi right? Its small, fat and kinda cute.... Definitely chibi...

"Are those two circles...?"

"They're boobs-desu! Alright! They're not anything else!"

What??? Those two small things... Wahhh.....

"Anyways... How may I help you again?"

"I want to establish a store here-desu! My very first one-desu! I want to work on my own-desu! Please-desu."

Desu? Okay... fine.... another weirdo...

"Hmm... You're not planning anything bad right?"

"Me? No-desuu!!!! I'm a good person-desu!"

This bridge is very special but it also has a very useful ability. It can distinguish from black-hearted people to kind-hearted ones. It looks like its made of diamonds in its normal state but it turns to stone once an enemy comes near.

"This bridge is cool-desu!!! It's pretty like me!"

"Ah... Yes, yes."

"Help me carry my bags-desu!"

Oh.. Bags. It must be just a few if she's the one carrying it-


There was quite a lot of baggage. How did she pull this up here? It was on a cart but still...

"I don't look like it since I'm a girl but I am pretty strong-desu!"

It's 4 times taller than her... Okay then... Let's not mess with her.

"Right this way please, Ma'am."

"Who is that girl chained to you? Is that your fetish-desu?"

"Wha? No! She's a prisoner! Proving her loyalty to us before we can hire her!"

Anget bowed down to greet her.

"Oh noes.... Are you going to do the same to me-desu!? Ohmooooo..... I am too young to be chained!"

"Calm down, Ma'am uhh..."

"My name is Milu! And I'm against this chains!"

"Again... Just go please... you can set up anywhere you want. Ask Mr.Nai inside to build you a house."

"Oh! I like that thanks! (Humming)"

What a headache... I need to get permission from Mr.Rick..

"Oh, Sir Atup. I saw a little girl walk inside. Is she a new tenant?"


"I thought you must be asking around for help outside our kingdom since you... You've been doing it all by yourself."

"It's not like that, Mr. Rick! I can do it on my own but... They seem like they don't have anywhere to go... I wanted to ask permission from you again..."

"Don't worry, Sir Atup. Starting now, You can decide if someone is okay or not okay to live in our kingdom. You're our guardian anyways."

"Thank you very much, Mr. Rick! I'll do my best to keep protecting this kingdom!"

At least that's a load off my mind. If it's okay with them, it's okay with me.


I went to the "Residential Area" to check things out and bring Milu's things.

"Oh! Sir Atup, good timing! Can you carry those logs over here?"

"Yes, sir. Of course sir."

It feels like I became a slave overnight...(Sigh)...

Heave.... Ho!!! Agnet helped out a lot too.

"Good job! Now go here..."

And... In the end, instead of just delivering Milu's things, I had built her house in the process.

"Ms. Milu, here are your things."

"Oh! Thanks very much-desu!"

"It's no problem Ma'am but... Can I ask a personal quesstion before we all get comfy around here?"

"Of course-desu!"

"Where did you come from? and if its not too long, can you tell me your story?"

"Oh.... Are you coming on to me? Sir!?"

"Definitely not!"

"Okay... First, I was just a cute baby..."

"Not that far in the beginning... At least what were you doing this past month?"

"Hmm,,,, There was a legend in this forest... in this mountain... It said that all the Evil lords and monsters came into this forest and disappeared! When I heard of this castle in the area, I thought that I could get some news around here!"

"What... That story is lame... and by the way.. You came just for that?"

"Yes-desu! I'm kind of a fan of whoever was vanquishing those evil beings! He's a true hero in disguise-desu!"

"Hero, huh? Well, I'll tell you first if I saw a glimpse of this hero."


She set up her shop in the evening. We did a very good job building her house in one day though. It looks like it will be a very good shop for the castle.

We don't have any doctors around here or alchemists. She can help us with that. Mr. Rick can take more rest since he was the acting doctor for these past few years.

Hmm... Evil beings being vanquished in this mountain? That sounds really familiar... or rather feels familiar... Oh well, I don't know him and I don't intend to get to know him. Back to work!
Oh.... I just woke up... What's this on my chest?


"Hmm... Hmmmmm..."

She looks really comfortable there but she's showing some sensitive parts again with her pajamas.

"Hey... Hey... wake up. Oi!"


She's blinking her eyes really hard. It took her a few seconds to get what was happening.

"Kyahh!!!! What are you going to do to me, Sir Atup!?"

"You idiot."

I hit her softly on the head.

"You were on top of me when you woke up. I'm the one who's supposed to be asking questions here."

"Oh... I'm sorry... Sir Atup... I messed up again..."

"It's okay. Come on get dressed."

We went out to check the residential area first before I go to the bridge. The traps were intact so nobody came last night.

Hmmm? What if someone innocent comes by at night? Well, nobody innocent comes late at night you know... Not around here at the least.

"How are you guys doing?"

"We're doing pretty good here! Here's your breakfast, Sir Atup and Anget!"

"Thanks, Atab."

"Mr. Nai?"

"Oh, don't mind me. I'm just measuring the area for the housing of future tenants."

Future tenants? Haha..

"Sir Atup!!!!! I need your help-desu!!!"

Milu was running towards me and fell down on her face... She's covered in dirt now.

"Oh nooooo... I need to take a bath again... By the way-desu! I need you to get something for me!"


"Wahhh!!!! Why-desu!?"

"If it's on the other side of the bridge, I can't."

"Nooooo...... How can I get it-desuuuu.... Pleaseeeee... Purisuuu-desuuuu...."


She's climbing all over me now and kept purring like a cat.

"Hey! Stop that..."


"Okay, okay! Fine! If its not too far, I'll go!"

"Yipeee!!! It's just some meters away from the bridge. I saw a Healberry bush! I could use it to create lots and lots of potions-desu!"

"Okay... (Sigh)"

I need to make this quick then,,, I think... I remember where that bush was... I also put a trap there before just in case...

We went to the Healberry bush after our breakfast.


"Help.... Hah........ Helppppp...."

"What is this?"

Above the Healberry bush... There was a long-haired man caught in a trap. It was my trap... He was inside a net hanging on a tree.

"What are you doing there?"

"I'm a.... I'm lost! I wanted to eat... I saw this bush and I got caught... Help me out here would ya?"

Hmm... I looked around first. This guy looked like a bandit so it can also be a trap.

"Anget, can you sense anyone in the area?"

"No, Sir Atup."


It's not a trap?

"Are you telling me you can't get out of that trap? You can even bite the net off. And that sword..."

He had a long sword with him... It was a katana.

"I can't use this, man... It's my father's and the lock can't be removed without him."

"Lock, huh."

"Let's get the berries quickly, Anget."


"W-wait! Believe me! Here! Check it!"

He dropped the sword from where he was and it landed on the ground. I picked it up. I tried taking out the sword from the sheath.


"Hmm... It's tough."


Cluck! I took the sword out.


"Lock, huh? Let's hurry it up, Anget."

"Wh-who are you? That sword was sealed ever since I was a baby and you took it out like it was nothing."

"It was a tiny seal anyways. I think it was meant for you to break but they did not expect you to be weak until now, I guess."

"Is... that true?"

"Most likely."

"That means... I've failed... Father."

"What is your name, mister?"

"It's Tap Sa."

"Take your sword. Redeem yourself or else you've really failed your father."

"But... How?"

"I don't know."

"Please, teach me!"

He kneeled down and begged. I threw his sword at his feet.

"Tap Sa."


"If you really want my help... Go kill a wild bear and bring it back to me. They roam around these parts and it makes the area dangerous."

"I... I will do it!"

"I'll wait for you at the beatiful bridge south of here. On the top of the mountain."

"Yes. Please wait for me there!"

He ran.

"Don't you think it's too much for him, Sir Atup?"

"If it is... It means his resolve wasn't that great anyways. Let's go."


I know she feels sorry for the man but he needs to help himself first before I can help him.

(Tap Sa POV)

Bear... Bear... Where are you...

I'm breathing hard right now while searching for the wild bear. I've never fought one before... I don't know how to fight it but... If I don't... I won't move forward anymore. He told me... To redeem myself, so I will.


A huge bear suddenly popped out of a bush! I'm frozen from fear. My hands gripping the sword was shaking so you could hear the steel clattering.

It attacked first. Swinging its large claws at me.


I dodge frantically. My sideroll saved me from certain death. My breathing is getting heavier... I can't... breathe...!


Huh? Who's that? It was... a voice that calmed me down. Is it you, Father?

"Take your stance, hold your sword properly."



The bear was opening its mouth wide, looking to end it with a huge bite.

"Aim right and your strike shall be true."


Just before its jaws close to bite me, I made a front slash. The bear was cut in half. Blood was all over me.

"I did it! Father-"

I turned around but he wasn't there... Is it... his spirit? I'm not sure but I dragged the dead bear with difficulty to the bridge south of here.


(Atup POV)

Oh... He did it. I can see from a distance, Tap Sa was dragging a bear that was cut in half.

"Oi, Atab! We're having bear meat today!"

"Okay, bring it to my place and I'll cook it up for everyone!"

I approached Tap Sa to help him.

"You did it."

"I did... Thanks for giving me a chance."

"It was your choice anyways, so give yourself more credit."

"Ya.... (crying) Father....! I'm finally moving forward! I'm not your failure son anymore."

I'm sure he's proud... I looked at the graves of my previous battles. His father's grave was there... He was a strong warrior, who was looking for someone to beat him until I did.

I won't say anything but if he asked me, I will tell him all about it.


"Oi!!! Milu! We got your Healberries!"

"Oooohhh!!! Thank you-desuu!!!!!!!"

"Plant some so that we won't have to search the forests anymore."

"Yep, yep! Actually-desu... We have planted various things in the field!"

I looked at the field. There was wheat and rice plants now. Is that Atab's? There was also different herbs and materials for alchemy planted in the fields.

"Oh! Sir Atup, you're here. You saw our plants? Hehe! I want my ingredients to be fresh as it can be so that the food will be more delicious!"

"It's a good thing. Thanks, Atab."

"No problem, hehehe."

The place is slowly turning into a lively one. I don't show it much but I'm very happy that these guys are part of the kingdom now.

"All we need now is livestocks! The castle had some but its not enough if we're going to have more people!"

"I'll leave that to you then, Atab."

"Yes, yes!"


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