The Warrior on the Bridge

Once again.

I am here.

Everyday of my life was and is going to be spent here.

Guarding the bridge to the castle of the Princess.


"Hoi!!! Hurry up! They say mountains of treasures are hidden there!"

"Right away boss!"

A group of bandits was climbing up a mountain path. At the end of this path, is a bridge and once they've
crossed that, legends has promised them unimaginable riches.

"To think it was just right here boss!"

"Hehehe... Now, time to get rich!"

Mountains have surrounded this area and there was no other paths aside from the one the bandits have taken.

Once they came out of the mountain path filled with trees, they could see a huge castle beyond a bridge.

And at the end of the bridge. There was a guard.

He was just one. He was huge. He was like 10-ft tall,

"Go back now. You'll lives will be spared."

"Are you kidding me, big guy?"


"Check this guy out! He thinks he can take all of us out by himself!"

The bandit group was made up of 20 men. They were all veteran bandits. They defeated rare monsters and
legions of soldiers before.

"You think you're so tough, huh!? Charge!!!!"

They charge all at once. 5 men were ahead.

"As always, you people give me no choice."

The guard took out his weapon. It was a greatsword. He had no shield but he was wearing an armor that
covered his entire body.

A full helm that covered his face.

He readied his sword and once the enemies got in range.

"Hah! You think we're stupid!"

The bandit leader threw something at the guard. It was a grenade.

It exploded near the guard's face. Smoke covered his vision.

But... He already swung his greatsword even while he took the explosion.


The sword hit the group of five and 1 swing. Throwning the enemies over the bridge and into the fast moving

Whether they died or not didn't matter. They won't rise from a river that brutal. It was a river going straight
down to a waterfalls. The current was really strong.

"This bastard!"

"Use ranged attacks on him!"

<Power shot>! <Poison arrow>!

They aimed at the space on the helm for the eyes but the guard won't let them have their way.

He moved his gauntlet to block the arrows that was about to hit his face. His armor was so tough
that this kind of attacks aren't going to do any damage.


The 15 bandits left was now standing still, keeping distance from the guard.

"Use spells!"

<Lightning bolt>! <Firebolt>!

The spells was like rain on rock. It had no effect on the guard.

"Feel like surrendering now?"

"Grrr!!! Let's do it the old fashion way boys! Smash this guy to pieces!"

The bandit group now continued their charge, not thinking about their safety anymore. They knew not all
of them were going to come back alive but at least they helped defeat the guards.

1 guy was intentionally put in front to lure the attack of the guard. He makes strong attacks but it was


Once the guy in front gets in range. The swing from the greatsword came. The bandit in front tried to
block it with a magic shield of his but he was blown away.

"Now! Move!"

Now that the guard was supposed to get ready for his next attack, the bandits tried to rush their way
to him.

"Once we cross the bridge, let's surround him and kill him!"


"Who told you I only make slow attacks?"

The next second after the first bandit was taken out, the guard drew back his greatsword so quick that
it looked like it disappeared. He was already making his second swing.

The following group which consisted of 4 men was hit altogether. 4 of them was cut down and thrown away
into the river.


But the 10 bandits had close the distance after the second attack. They jumped at the guard to try and
take him out.

They slashed and smash at the armor but they were not making any damage.

"You see... This armor, can't be damaged by your weak attacks."

The guard roared while he took out every one of the bandits near him.

The bandit leader could not do anything but watch the rest of his group get dsetroyed.

"Boss! Let's get out of here!"

After one of the bandits said that, the guard suddenly appeareed in front of the two.

"You two are the last one left. Any last words or letters to give to your love ones? I can send them for you."

"This bastard!"

The leader lost all his fear and nervousness. He was just filled with anger.

He leapt at the guard and tried to bury his enchanted daggers into the neck of the guard.

This daggers were called the Poisoner's Teeth. It has high peneteration and once it hits the skin of
the victim, deadly poison will spread over the body almost instanteously.


Clink! The daggers broke.

The guard grabbed to two of them in the necks.

"You greedy men have been warned but refused to flee. This is the reward for your transgressions!"

He smashed the two remaining bandits to the ground. There was a strong shockwave and the bodies were

There was no cracks in the bridge since the materials used were ancient magical items. There was no known
weapon or spell existed in this time to destroy these materials.

"Once again... Lives have been lost because of greed."

It was just not greed though. Countless people lost their lives here while they were chasing fame, power, treasures and...

The princess that resides in the castle.

For five years... I have guarded this bridge. And all of those years, different warriors from different
countries try to defeat me.

I don't know how or why but rumors of treasures and hidden powers were being spread around everywhere about this

The only thing here was just the Princess. I haven't met her before. She was thirteen when I started guarding
this bridge.

That was the time when the King decided to take all of his soldiers out for a campaign.

None of them came back.

We weren't a huge country in the first place. Nearly all the villagers was part of that campaign and because
none of them came back, only a few servants of the princess remained.

Still, there's no assurance that they were dead. As long as I live, I will guard this bridge because
that is the order of my king!

He said to me...

"Atup. You shall guard this bridge with your life. You will guard it until we return."

"Yes, Your Majesty!"

I could still see his red cape dancing in the air while he rode on his horse and leading the army through
this bridge. That was 5 years ago.

Chapter 1: Guard

"Die, you villain! I will take the Princess and be a hero!"

A gallant knight charges at me and stab me with a lance.

"You have imprisoned the Princess for too long, you monster! Time to die!"

While I was impaled he was preparing a spell in his shield arm. It was going to be the spell that will
kill me.



"Hahhh.... hah..."

I woke up from my nightmare.

That knight... How long has it been since I fought him?

He was the one who put me on the verge of death. He had this terrifying fervor that prevented him from
feeling pain and feeling fear.

No matter how strong the hits I made back then, it was not a problem for him.

What was his name? Ah... He never gave it to me.

He thought I was some kind of monster incapable of human speech.

I look around.

I'm still sitting in front of the bridge. To my right side, on the riverbank, countless swords and helmets
was planted on the ground. It was the same on the left side.

These equipment belonged to the intruders that I have defeated.

I tried to look for the gallant knight's spot. You could see it quickly. There was a shining helm hanging on
a pure white lance.

His armor was not there because it's the one I'm wearing right now. It gives you 25 % resistance to all elements except
for dark element which was the counter for this armor.

I looked at another spot there was a huge helm planted on the ground. There was no weapon in that spot because
I wielded it right now.

He was a giant with a greatsword. He was a stupid opponent but he packed a lot of power. I used the strength
of his own attacks against him and killed him with a spear counterattack which impaled him.

As for my helm... This was my own. I liked it because it covers my whole face. Its a helmet which has small holes
for me to breathe out and a small space for my eyes to see.

There was really no one to see it but I don't want to keep my face exposed. It was ugly. Filled with battle wounds and
burns from hundreds of battles.

Sometimes enemies would use fire spells and the heat would go through my armor and burn my skin.

Basically, my face was that of a monster.

"It's a good thing that the Princess doesn't come anywhere near here."


I was surprised. A girl's voice suddenly answered me. I quickly grabbed my greatsword and got ready for battle.

Once I turned around, there was nothing.


Then I looked down.


The Princess was there.

"That's rude! Getting all surprised."

"I-i'm sorry, Princess."

This is bad. I haven't talk to anyone in years! I mean, how do you even talk to someone? All I do for talking is
repeating a threat to intruders which I memorized. How would I not memorize something I've said for hundreds of times.

"So... What's so bad around here that I'm not allowed to go here?"

"Umm... You see, there's ummm... ah... Monsters and bandits that might attack... You might get caught in the battle."

"I see but wouldn't be okay if there's no battle?"

"Hmm... You wouldn't really know when a battle is going to happen. Sometimes they come in the morning and sometimes at night using
the cover of darkness."

"Okay, I understand. Why don't you come in the castle?"

"There would be no one to guard the bridge then, Princess."


Then some distance away from us, I saw old man Ric running, out of breath.

"Your M-majesty,,,,! ,,,,Huff. Let's go back! It's dangerous around here."

"Yes, you should go back with Mr.Ric"

Ric was the butler of the Princess. He also takes care of me by giving me food from the castle every now and then. Some vegetables and bread.

I have my own plants here and some trees but I don't know how to make bread or any good stuff to eat. I roast beasts sometimes.

"Oh, Sir Atup. Thank you for taking care of the Princess. We'll take our leave now."

"Bye." the Princess waved her hand slightly. Her blue hair being dancing in the wind.

She really was the most beautiful thing in the castle. I mean in the whole area. There ain't no other pretty things here so I'm not sure
about my tastes.

"Take care."

Then they left.

"It's time to go back to work then..."

Once I looked behind, I could see a man pulling a cart. He was going to come here. He looked like an old
man carrying heavy stuffs.

It looked like it was some tools and materials. What is he? Some kind of new warrior? Hmm... We could never
be to careful.

I fought old men before. Some of them were very powerful wizards. I had a hard time fighting them, especially before I got this armor.

I ready my weapon and take my stance.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...


He was still having a hard time pulling the cart. Sure it was a long bridge but 10 minutes has already passed!

What's his deal?

I take a closer look at him... then he fell down. You could see him massaging his legs. He looks like his in

Is he a normal, old man? Oh...

I walked to him slowly because it might be a trap.

Then when I got close...

"Oh, hello there. Sir Knight, can you help me carry all this stuff? I'm a carpenter and I would like to work
for your kingdom."

A carpenter? I circled around him checking for any hidden weapons. There was none.

"Hmm... How would you know about this place? We're not even a kingdom. We won't even pass for a village. There's barely around 15 people here."

"That's better! I never wanted a place with a lot of people. Once I heard about this place from my acquaintances, I began my journey right away!"

I saw his body, It was full of scratches and bruises. He was lucky he did not encounter the bandits or any monsters in the area.

"It was a long, long... journey but now I'm here, it feels worth it already. This bridge was the most
beautiful structure I have ever seen in my life."

It sure was pretty. Strong too. It was actually the kingdom's most valuable treasure.

"Okay, old man. I'll let you in and help you but... You'll only work for me first. I have to ask the castle if they would need
a carpenter. For security purposes, I need you to stay in my sight for the next 3 days. Are we clear?"

"Clear as the summer sky."

"Good. Now get on your cart."


I put him on top of the cart and carried it to our side of the bridge. I took him to my house. It was a huge cave with a bed made of hay.

Ric could not find a house big enough for me so I just stay in this cave.

"This is where I live. You can place your belongings anywhere you want. You can begin your work anytime you want too."

"Hmm,,, This ain't a house! It's a cave!"

I know, old man.

"I'll make you a house! As payment for letting me in, let the great Nai create a masterpiece for you!"

"Eherm.. We haven't introduced ourselves yet."

"Oh yeah! Sorry about that Sir Knight. I'm Nai. I came from a craftsman village near the foot of this mountain."

"I am Sir Atup. I'll tell you our circumstances since you're already a part of us. I am the only knight here and everyone else asides from us
is the Princess and her attendants."

They have gardeners and cooks but no fighters.

"Oh... That's why there aren't any other guards. It's okay right? I mean you're still here."

"Of course, I'll guard this place until the king comes back."

I look at the sky. It really was clear. No clouds or anything. Just the blazing sun.

"First! For the house, I need huge trees! Sir Atup, can you do this for me?"

You just came here and now you're giving me orders? (Sigh)...
"Okay... If you really want to make one, I'll help you out."

A house huh? That would be good...


This is hard work!

Old man Nai taught me how to be a carpenter. He needed help to make a house big enough for me so.

I was like 9 or 10ft. So the house needs to be at least 15 o 20 ft to be comfortable.

My strength was one of the things I'm proud of but this work wears me out.

"Oi! Your hands are getting slower!"

"Sorry Sir!"

Before I knew it, I was his apprentice. This was only a for a few hours because I still need to guard the

I glance at the bridge from time to time so that no one would get past unnoticed. My cave was not far from the bridge so I can still see it.

Hmmm... It seems clear... Oh! The usual trolls.

Trolls lived around here. Our kingdom was in the mountains so we expect a lot of monster neighbors.

"Old Man! I'll take a short break. Trolls are coming from the other side of the bridge."


Nai was still doing his work without any worries.

I took my greatsword that was resting near the tree and went to the bridge.

"Oi, you! Get away!"

Sometimes, if the trolls are still young they would run away. But these ones looked like they were old enough to fight.

"Aughhh! Grah!"

They would always try to talk first. I wished I knew how to talk to them. Even though I said that they fight
with me, I wouldn't kill them. They just come here from time to time to fight with me.

Once one of them gets defeated or all of them, they would run away.

"Let's start, shall we?"

There were 3 of them. One went in front. He was the first challenger.

It dropped his usual troll club and I dropped my greatsword behind me. We would do it as always.

With our fists.

The troll there a straight at me. I didn't even guard. I countered him.

Trolls have monstrous strength but its not enough for me! I took the hit but was also able to land mine.


It fell down.

"Ahhhhuuu!!! Agggg!"

They would sometimes look like they were laughing when one of the kind gets beaten like this. The other two went at me with
the same tactics but they were beaten too.


After a few minutes they would wake up and run. They got knocked out by my punches.

I get back to my cave to continue my carpenter work. But suddenly I could hear something from behind.

One of them was awake already. It was trying to say something. It was kneeling.

"Aguhububu. Arbu. Arhu!"

"Uhh.. Okay."


After that weird conversation, he carried his friends away from here. Probably back to their home.

I wonder what was that for.

When I got back, Old Man Nai was still working and he had a lot of work waiting for me.


"It's finished! Hooo!"

Master Nai was contented at the work he did. Even though most of the physical labor was me, the design and the way do make the house came from him.

"It looks brilliant. I never thought I'd see a house like this. Now I won't have to be cold in winter!"

"What? Really? You've stayed in that cave until now?"

"Yep 5 whole years."

Hmm... I never felt bad about it. No matter how cold it got or how much Mr. Rick ask me to stay in the castle, I chose this cave.

It's near the bridge and I still need to do my job. If even one got past the bridge, hunting him down would be a huge pain. There was a large field before the castle. Some small forests too.

"You're amazing!"

"What? No, sir. I merely guard this bridge. There's nothing special about that. It's something I must do."

Nai shake his head.

"No, Sir Atup! Any other knight would've given up after that!"

We'll never know because I'm the only knight here.

"Anyways, let's check the inside."

"Of course!"

I mostly did the work for the walls and foundations of the house. The roof too but Master Nai was the one who made the furnitures. He said those things need skills to build.

When we got inside. I was shocked. To others, it might seem a simple room with a chair, table and a bed made from wood and hay BUT! This was all the right size for me.

"Thanks, Master Nai!"

"You don't need to thank me! It's a payment! I'll be this kingdom's carpenter, okay?"

"We're still not sure about the castle people but you certainly got my approval!"


He stuck his thumb out and smiled wide.

I never realized it but... It's been a long time since I was happy.

Before... days... months would pass by with me sitting in front of the bridge.

It would rain, it would storm, sometimes blizzards come too. Others were even made by mages so it was much harsher. They would try to put me in a harsh environment thinking I would give up. I'd always prove them otherwise.

Yeah, maybe... this thing isn't so bad. Just Mr. Nai would be a good addition to the kingdom.

While I was thinking that... A person was on the bridge.

"OI!!! Can you help me out here!?"

There was a kid on the bridge, carrying cooking tools.

Oh... What!? Another one!?


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