Cursed Era

by Pimelea

Original HIATUS Drama Fantasy Magic Male Lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Tilvrade is born into a family of country nobility.

A baby with vague memories of another world, he begins his life trying to come to grips with the world he is in now, while fitting into his household's lifestyle and maid's loving attentions.

Soon, shadows of intrigue, creep out from the capital of the kingdom and disrupt his day to day. Revelations of odd vestiges of a civilisation spark memories of who he was.

Cover is a work by a great artist called madimb. You can find the full image here.

Read if you enjoy reincarnation plots, medieval fantasy and a slow developing negative protagonist.

Don't read if you like fast developments and action. This story is overly detailed and not for everyone (The MC is still not a teenager as of chapter 40, if that gives you a hint of the pacing...)

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3rd Anniversary
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: a dream ago
Chapter 2: Ivian ago
Chapter 3: ghosts ago
Chapter 4: the shaman ago
Chapter 5: mother's curse ago
Chapter 6: my first friend ago
Chapter 7: winter in the warmth ago
Chapter 8: the stablehands ago
Chapter 9: the ipocond's arrival ago
Chapter 10: a boy and his shadow ago
Chapter 11: the rain and the cold ago
Chapter 12: shrieker among men ago
Chapter 13: a hero ago
Chapter 14: demon eye ago
Chapter 15: velikans ago
Chapter 16: a long voyage ago
Chapter 17: the eccentric lord ago
Chapter 18: procession through the woods ago
Chapter 19: Sam Ivers ago
Chapter 20: the sijon ago
Chapter 21: father's visitor ago
Chapter 22: Cinder ago
Chapter 23: homecoming ago
Chapter 24: mana ago
Chapter 25: a simple magic ago
Chapter 26: Brendal ago
Chapter 27: an appeal ago
Chapter 28: fief dues ago
Chapter 29: Olwick girls ago
Chapter 30: the tax collector ago
Chapter 31: Nayen ago
Chapter 32: magic lessons ago
(Arc 2) Chapter 33: an early morning ago
Chapter 34: training with father ago
Chapter 35: another birthday ago
Chapter 36: familiar names ago
Chapter 37: the Klisimian ago
Chapter 38: a taste of amber ago
Chapter 39: the end of an evening ago
Chapter 40: a note ago
Chapter 41: The Rookery ago
Chapter 42: Black Rat ago
Chapter 43: Sir Jom Barker ago
Chapter 44: grandfather's summons ago
Chapter 45: a gift ago
Note and Feles family tree ago
Chapter 46: an old promise ago
Update ago
Chapter 47: the cursewright's workshop ago
Chapter 48: departure's eve ago
Chapter 49: Bridgewater ago
Chapter 50: merchant to lord ago
Chapter 51: mourning ago
Chapter 52: Sir Barker's funeral ago

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Everything the fantasy genre should aspire to be.

I will talk vaguely since I don't wish to spoil your reading experience. And what an experience it is. The story is slow paced, a great change to the more frequent over-the-top fictions with their absurd imagery with no real depth which has come to plague our website. It stays true to it as well, doing few, necessary, time skips and not being afraid to tell some 'mundane' occurrences, bringing actual character development.

Speaking of which, this aspect is in my opinion one of its strongest points, together with the choice of first person narration, showcasing the mental growth of our character, both due to natural ocurrences, and magical ones.

The tone is an interesting one, because while I find it gritty, occasionally playful, other people may think differently. It's weird, maybe its the author's style, but the tone, or should I say 'feel', of this fiction, while very consistent, will probably vary depending on who's reading. Not that's a bad thing, it's like it adapts to your preference. I think this percection of mine comes from the way the story is told.

The narrator is the main character and he doesn't know much. He learns things step by step, while we can sometimes infer things he doesn't realize. I really like how the author stays consistent with this and doesn't throw in random knowledge so as to facilitate our understanding, and instead let's the story play itself out.

My closing thoughts are these: if you are mostly interested in conflicts/fights/action, I'd suggest you bookmark this fiction and let it mature a bit before reading, because for all its strengths, it is still young, and our protagonist isn't yet at a time when he can act, but don't worry, everything in its due time, enemies are currently being unveiled, and allies are being made, all while our dear protagonist is still in his first steps in figuring out what he wants to do, and how. All that said, if you like seeing a character develop, and like a accurate representation of what a fictional lifestyle would be like, I strongly recommend you start reading right now! There will be a bit of everything, and you will see with your own eyes the potential this story has, and the directions it could go.

Whenever I write a review I try to embody the mindset of a salesman as to play to its strengths and gloss over its weaknesses. This time though there is no need for such since this story has been impeccable so far.


  • Overall Score

Really enjoyable reincarnation story so far (as of chaper 10).  I don't normally leave reviews, but wanted to give this one a boost so others could give a chance and enjoy it too.  It is one of the few stories on here that I look forwarding to reading on a daily basis.

SJ Reaver
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One of my favorite stories on RRL.

Interesting characters, slow and thoughtful pacing, and a world that feels fleshed out and real. The writing and grammar is top notch, and it's obvious that the writer has worked hard to give the reader something unique and worthwhile to read.

Sit down and spend time reading the entire thing; you won't regret it.

  • Overall Score

Every now and then I get frustrated with Royalroadl.  I like stories of heroes collecting powers and getting stronger, I like magic and battles, I like Litrpgs.  But many of the stories use the action and magic to hide the poor character building and a lack of personality. 

Pimelea, your story is a breath of fresh air to me.  It is well done, with well made characters, and a story i find truly compelling.  It does not take shortcuts to create another villain around every corner, it is fun characters in a compelling world that that I love reading.

What I'm really tryiing to say, is Thank You.

  • Overall Score

Interesting reincarnation

a reincarnation story that didn't become a male power / wish fulfillment. This makes it unique on Royal road and quiet enjoyable to read

  • Overall Score

Really Well Written Unique Reincarnation Story

So this novel was a pleasant surprise. I was just clicking through when I saw a few positive reviews but I was blown away. The grammar was impeccable, the characters were well realised and the worldbuilding was unique and solid. The only gripe I have is that the story isn’t in an interesting place. Don’t get me wrong I greatly enjoy the pace of the story. I really like the half serious half slice of life feel to it, but I dont like reading about a 1year old or even an 8 year old. I kinda wish the story would speed up till he gets into his mid teens then slow down so we can enjoy more of the authors chill style. Though I do want to say that I understand the author wanting to Flesh out the characters and story. So it’s really a trade off I guess.
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Absolutely amazing slow-paced reincarnation story

Minor spoilers ahead


This story is a terrific slow-paced fantasy story. It avoids all of the traps that many slow-paced works fall into, keeping you immersed and entertained even during the most mundane of events, which contrasts very well with the more action-filled parts. The protagonist isn't born as a fully developed adult in a baby's body, but rather sees the memories of his past in infrequent visual hallucinations, keeping an air of mystery around his origins and past, and granting the story a sense of higher stakes and realism that normally isn't present in RRL stories. The world, unlike many anime inspired fantasy worlds on this site where everything is clean and everyone is beautiful, is similar to that of The Witcher, with a realistic medieval setting, complete with filth, rotting teeth and superstitious cruelty, and magic is a relative rarity due to its inherently toxic nature. Do NOT expect an OP protagonist, as this isn't your average RRL wish fullfillment light novel rip off, but a solid fantasy tale that wouldnt seem out of place beside professional fantasy books on the fantasy isle in a bookstore.


In short, it is one of the best fictions on RRL, and certainly one of the highest quality ones.

a MUST READ for any avid fantasy reader that has grown beyond the trappings of wish fullfillment and self insertion.

  • Overall Score
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Fantastic piece of work

Wow im loving you story. Its enaging the story just sucks me in. Its a bit slow but that works well with the plot. Im at chapter 13 and i honesty just can't stop reading. Keep doing what your doing cause your boss.

Its got mysterious theme about it. Its funny and serious and the world building is solid.  Characters are well thought out and not just a prop in the background.

Some of the titles are hard to understand but i believe it is like this so when the mc grows up he learns more stuff thus us the readers learn more as well.


Keep up the good work 👊

  • Overall Score

Intelligent reincarnator story, that doesn't have MC originally from Earth

Enjoyable story, that thankfully goes by "the journey is more important than the destination." I haven't so far found any problems with the story.

Don't read if you like "MC is intelligent like Einstein at birth." I fear what kind of heads do the babies on other reincarnator stories have.

  • Overall Score

This is a great read.

This is a reincarnation story done right. When reading many reincarnation fictions I wonder why even have reincarnation? Often it just serves as a tool for lazy writing or just so the reader can self insert and just has the MC being far more mature then their age (this is fine to a degree but many stories go too far with a 2 year old that acts like they are 30) and them magically becoming op as fuck by the time they are 10.

This story has a unique setting that manages to give a realistic depiction of a child growing up and has the MC's previous life actually serve a purpose.

The writing of this story is 10 out of 10 and manages to convey a mysterious world that is grounded in reality while also capturing the wonder of a magic system that actually has had some thought put into it (unlike many stories where it's just some generic elements shit.) And has interesting characters that are just fun to read about.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, it is for stories like this that i browse royal road and i will be waiting for the next chapter.