Children of the Singularity (S4)

by Mage of mess

Original COMPLETED Action Psychological Grimdark Multiple Lead Characters Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Even the end of the world had its beginnings. Most reminisce over comforts that seemed so common yesterday even though yesterday was so far away. A select few reminisced over the original pocket that now enveloped the world.

It began with the Chernobyl disaster releasing an otherworldly being preying on humanity's very soul. It grew stronger with every scream, it’s corruption instilling absolute bedlam and madness.

With the required elements all being present in that fateful year of 2012 the predator found it’s escape in those who became known as the Children of the Singularity.


Artwork by AlexAlexandrov (deviantart)
Metro 2033. (2011). [image] Online at: [Accessed 2 Jan. 2018].

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Mage of mess

Mage of mess

2nd Anniversary
Word Smith (V)
Group Leader (II)
I Am Ascending (IV)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Joshua: Origins ago
2. Strider: Day 0 ago
3. Hazard: Event horizon ago
4. Bishop: Fresh meat ago
5. Collette: Tailored studies ago
6. Flux: Ilovniza village ago
7. Noah: Learn you a zone ago
8. Valentine: Blood harvest ago
9. Strider: Tensions ago
10. Flux: Darkness and desperation ago
11. Hazard: Scars ago
12. Artur: Expeditionary force ago
13. Bishop: Plan B ago
14. Marcus: An unexpected visit ago
15. Line: Favor for a friend in need ago
16. Flux: Recovery ago
17. Sparrow: Contingency ago
18. Baron: Search and rescue ago
19. Benedict: Encroaching forward ago
20. Lewis: Scientific community ago
21. Tarasov: Heart of darkness ago
22. Flux: Influence ago
23. Noah: Reunion ago
24. Artur: Regrouped ago
25. Collette: Unholy communion ago
26. Sparrow: Sitrep ago
27. Yeti: Wet work ago
28. Bishop: Tubular assault ago
29. Robinc: The old war ago
30. Karte: Reinforcement ago
31. Fusion: Fragment ago
32. Marcus: Diminished ago
33. Strider: Gladiator ago
34. Hazard: Converging ago
35. Flux : Desolation ago
36. Strider: Misdirection ago
37. Artur : Burden ago
38. Fusion : Reunited ago
39. Robinc : Resolution ago
40. Pie : Revelation ago
41. Valentine : Labyrinth ago
42. Baron : Into the light ago
43. Benedict : Terminal ago
44. Duke : The red forest ago
45. Pie : Emergence ago
46. Baron : Lenina avenue ago
47. Benedict : Extraction ago
48. Collette : Sanctuary ago
49. Chairman : Debrief ago
50. Joshua : Conclusion ago
Bio: Flux ago
Bio: Strider ago
Bio: Bishop ago
Bio: Hazard ago
Bio: Noah ago
Bio: Artur ago
Bio: Tarasov ago
Bio: Lewis ago
Bio: Benedict ago
Bio: Valentine ago
Bio: Collette ago
Bio: Sparrow ago
Bio: Bisso ago
Bio: Terra ago
Bio: Karte ago
Bio: Fusion ago
Bio: Bronci ago
Bio: Marcus ago
Bio: Line ago
Bio: Havoc ago
Bio: Sandworm ago
Bio: Baron ago
Bio: Dragonfly ago
Bio: Skippy ago
Bio: Yeti ago
Bio: Fledger ago
Bio: Duke ago

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There aren't many stories like this on here and the playlist is certainly a good touch.  The niche is kind of specific to a smaller segment of readers on here but a really interesting story none the less.  Well done!