Several hours of pure misery passed, with Elissa unable to do much more than just groan and whimper. She’d always assumed herself to be a strong woman, able to deal with any ache as much as any other person out there – male or female – but she honestly couldn’t make her legs work no matter how hard she tried. ‘I think he shattered my pelvic bone,’ she lamented to herself pitifully. ‘The gods gave me to a half-ogre brute and now I’m going to die because I might’ve hurt some stinking fish. I’ll never walk again, which means I’ll never be able to get out of this place, which means I’m just going to die right here with my battered ass up and my face buried in the dirt for eternity.’

Looking back on her life, Elissa couldn’t fathom what she’d did to deserve the gods giving her such an end. She’d tried not to let her family’s wealth or authority influence her into becoming a bad person. She’d tried to take care of her guards and protectors when they got hurt – that was what got her into this mess to start with! She really wasn’t a bad person; there wasn’t any reason for her to leave this world like this!

Wrapped up in her own pain and misery, lost in her own internal feelings of dark despair, Elissa never even noticed when Stone came back from wherever it’d been that he’d left and went to on his own. It wasn’t until he started pulling up the back of the sheer dress to expose her raw bottom to the cool night air that she pulled herself together enough to try and glance back and see what he was doing.

‘Brute bastard is going to rape me now,’ she thought bitterly. ‘Already broke my ass and now he’s going to break my purity. I doubt I’ll live through this.’ Sighing pitifully, Elissa closed her eyes and gritted her teeth, determined that she wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of hearing her scream and beg for mercy. If she was going to die, Elissa was determined to leave the world with as much dignity as she could possibly hold on to.

Waves of fresh pain rippled up her hips, causing her stomach to roll, and her eyes to blur as the world swam around her, as Stone caressed first one bare buttocks and then the other. After what felt like an eternity, she felt something warm, wet, and sticky splat across one side of her ass and then the other. ‘Oh great,’ Elissa groaned from the agony, ‘he’s doing that to himself while playing with my ass.’

Feeling utterly dejected and humiliated, Elissa closed her eyes and whimpered slightly. ‘I belong to him,’ she reminded herself pitifully. ‘This is the will of the gods. This is the will of Chaos. There’s nothing I can do, except bear it. This is the will of the gods,’ she reminded herself once again.

‘Power, Courage, Honesty, Loyalty, Generosity, Faith, and Courtesy,’ Elissa repeated to herself time after time, hoping that the mantra would help give her strength to endure. Broken and molested by a pervert who was staining her pure white flesh with his sticky wet goop – she needed something to help give her strength! ‘‘Power, Courage, Honesty, Loyalty, Generosity, Faith, and Courtesy. Power, Courage, Honesty, Loyalty, Generosity, Faith, and Courtesy. Power, Courage, Honesty, Loyalty, Generosity, Faith, and Courtesy.’

Time after time, Elissa repeated the mantra to herself, and after several moments, it appeared to be working. The pain in her hips had settled down to a manageable throb, and she no longer felt nauseous to her stomach, and the world no longer swam drunkenly around her each time Stone caressed his hands across her rear. Lifting her head and glancing back, Elissa let out a started scream, “HIIIIYYYAAAAAA”, and quickly scurried several feet forward and away.

Eyes wide, Elissa at first thought that Stone had went completely insane. His lower jaw drooped gaping open, and drool dribbled freely down his chin as he slobbered all around. “Ibb pbbbttbt albuuurpt,” he slurred widely, spraying spittle everywhere.

“What… What the hell’s wrong with you?” Scooting back away from him even more, Elissa never took her eyes off Stone – not even when looking for a stick or large stone which she might be able to use as a weapon to protect herself, in case her magic was ineffective.

“Ittbbbeee ppttbtbtt mibbbllllllleesppt,” Stone assured her, holding out both his hands to palm up, showing some chewed up purple gloop which he slowly moved towards her. “Ibbbbppptt smmittppa,” he repeated, non-sensibly.

Feeling a stick with her left hand, Elissa firmly gripped her hands around it and quickly planted it unwaveringly between her and Stone. “What the hell is that supposed to be? What’s wrong with you,” she asked, no longer even noticing the dull throb in her rear any more.

“Tbbbpppt nippbblee,” Stone assured her, as his jaw flapped loosely and hung wide up with spittle spraying everywhere with each attempt to form a word. “Fliibbbb,” Stone sighed, taking a deep breath and drooling down his own chin. Using his left hand, he pulled his middle finger back to his thumb, leaned it over against the chewed up purple gloop in his right hand, and flicked the wad of slimy cud, where it arced gracefully and splatted itself against Elissa’s cheek.

“AAAHHHHHH!” Screaming, she dropped the stick and quickly swatted at her cheek several times to brush the stinky purple mass away. “Whab be helb!” Grabbing back up the stick, she waved it between herself and Stone once again, defensively. “Whabbuzz zatt?”

Blinking a few times in confusion, Elissa slowly tried to ask again, “Whab ba helb ib biss jubt?” Reaching up to poke at her jaw, where the purple mass had splattered her, she felt nothing. Her fingers could feel the pressure of the skin at her cheeks, but her cheeks were completely numb and couldn’t feel anything, no matter how hard she poked at her own jaw.

“Bibs sub sorbba nubbin mebbicine,” she suddenly reasoned, blinking a few times as her mind finally began to put all the pieces together. Stone hadn’t been doing that while rubbing her butt cheeks earlier – he’d apparently been chewing up some sort of natural herb which caused numbness. The warm glop that she assumed was from something nasty that he was doing, was the chewed up plant fibers which he was spreading across her bottom. It wasn’t her chanting any family mantra which helped her cope with the soreness and pain from where he’d spanked her – it was whatever mysterious substance Stone had rubbed over her wounds.

Elissa had no idea what the strange purple substance was, but it was also the same thing that apparently made Stone resemble some sort of oversized rabid idiot. Chewing the herb must’ve completely numbed all the nerves and muscles in his jaws, and now the oversized brute was stuck with his jaw hanging and flopping widely open, letting drool leak freely from either side of his face and drip down his massive chin.

Finally dropping the stick she was holding, Elissa pointed her finger at Stone and laughed freely, now that she understood the situation fully. “Hubb bubub bubb bubb!” Even hearing her own distorted laughter, from where he own jaw and cheekbone was completely numb, was now hilarious to her. “Hubba bubba hibba hoppa,” she spittled, before finally breaking down into complete hysterical laughter.

Worried about her guards, she’d had to go to town, where she’d been chosen for the festival. Uncertain who might win her or what her fate might be for the next week, only caused her worries and stress to increase even further. Finally seeing who won her, did nothing to put her mind at ease, and when she finally tried to talk to the guy, all he could do is grunt in response. She’d convinced herself that Stone was an oversized brute of a bastard, and that she was going to have to endure pure torment and hell for the next week, (and maybe even for the rest of her days, depending on what the priest’s words meant), and when he’d finally bent her over and beat her, she’d affirmed her suspicions and simply gave up and waited for the end to come…

‘…But,’ Elissa finally admitted to herself, ‘he can’t be completely bad. Not if he’s willing to do that to himself just to ease the pain in my backside. I’d thought he was doing disgusting, perverted things to me, when he was simply doing his best to try and help ease my suffering.’

“I’b sobby,” she finally offered, hanging her head slightly in shame. “I’b won’bt hurb ba fibbies anybore,” Elissa promised solemnly, before slowly lifting her head to chuckle again at the drooling, droopy-jawed giant who sat unmoving several feet in front of her, beautiful chestnut eyes reflecting the moonlight and glittering brightly back at her.


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