when an otaku gets infinite wish and get thrown to another world

by arata

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

STATUS: Hiatus

warning: I do not own anything that is related to the system novel, manga, and anime.

Yi Ke age 19 died on 21 October 2020. He is an otaku who died of overstress. he watched all of his favorite anime for 3 days straight, Then afterward he read all of his favorite novel and manga for 5 days straight. and after he accomplished all of that he almost instantly died. The afterward he suddenly found a man claiming to be God saying he will give him 15 wish.

Sorry for my grammar my native language is not English, also inconsistent update I am making this all just because I'm bored after all.

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 Awesome topic and great story just some simple mistakes that can improve it greatly.

1) Increase the lengths of the chapters- this will allow others to enjoy the story more.

2) Increase the amount of dialogue and descriptive content- this will allow people to get more into the story line.


Good Potential, however it's way fast paced

The novel has an amazing potential.

Though Arata a small suggestion, Your story would be pretty good, if you can make conversations a bit lengthy and more readable, here you are trying to portray him is completely arrogant and egoistic bastard. The conversations look like everybody should listen to him, he is not respecting anybody or anything and everyone follows what he says. Take Loki, for example, he is a GOD for the god's sake, will he allows such disrespect from his familia??. Don't you think he will get angry if someone talks like that? 

And You are saying he is a successor to xiao family, but the question is what does his family do?? and do you think even if he is the son of xiao family head he would allow his son to talk back to him like that.

Think about those psychological things once and try to improve your style. and even though you are saying he has powers from all the super anime characters, you are not showing them enough. If he has Creation cheat why does he even need to make a weapon or anything manually?? he can just make one using his mana right??.

Even though you may know all the characters, please don't expect all your readers know them too, try to describe what is what. What does each ability do??

If you do that your chapters length will increase as well as the content you can fit into the chapters.

If you are fast forwarding 7 years, give a brief description of what he did in the past 7 years, what skills he mastered? what he learned in those 7 years.

Do you understand? you are taking your story too fast-paced. Go a bit slow make it more readable and try to describe some things such as battles, characters like how his family is like, how his father looks like, how does Demon lord look like. these things will create a nice imagination in the readers. these are simple things yet plays a major role in the story.


I know writing a story is pretty difficult and I'm not criticizing you for how you are writing, please take this as a suggestion if you don't like it, You can just ignore it.

I like the concept you took that's why I'm even writing suggestions for you


Author is not a native english user but knows how to spell most words corectly.

The reason why I'm giving it 1 star is because there is no character development,the chapters are short,and the story is read like a script you can barely understand whatis going on.

P.s.  i only like mc that are op when there is decent world building and character development.


is this novel or is this just rant??

the mc way to op, but never use his power!

the grammar was bad!


The chapters are small. The MC is overpowered, he literally has no objective. There are no descriptions, the grammar is horrible. Also, the Mc's horrible.