Harukaze 春風



Chapter Fifteen: 日付


Kazuo looked out through the glass doors towards the gate as he closed his locker. The knot in his chest had not eased its grip one bit.

*- Ugh, I just wanna go home, really… * Kazuo stopped for a sigh but looked up and figured he should just power through. Once outside the entrance hall he looked over towards the gate again to see if he could spot Kayano, he still couldn’t see her.

*- Wonder where she’s gonna take me… * Kazuo continued towards the gate.

*- She called it a date as well… Does she like me? *

*- Either that or she wants to take advantage by seducing or something… Won’t fall for that… * There was still no one to be seen when Kazuo reached the gate. Kazuo looked around but to no avail.

*- What the hell… * Kazuo started to feel a little irritated.

*- Can’t be bothered to be flung around like this… * He kicked a pebble by the sidewalk.

The pebble bounced around for a couple of meters and Kazuo decided to follow it, aiming to kick it again. Once he had kicked it six times he stopped up.

*- What the hell am I doing…? I should just go home… * Kazuo turned around and started walking.

*- What if she really does like me? What should I say? How should I act? *

*- Mabuchi is probably right though… I shouldn’t jump the gun on anything. *

*- I guess I’ll make it clear for her. * The wind suddenly picked up and tossed around a cloud of dust. Kazuo tried to cover his eyes but he still got some stuck.

*- Ugh, just my luck. * Kazuo rubbed his eyes.

“- Uwa! Kazuo, is that you? “ Kazuo turned around and managed to squint his eyes and saw Kayano stumbling, also rubbing her eyes.

“- Oh? Yeah, it’s me. “

*- So she did turn up… * Kazuo had managed to get some dust out of his eyes.

“- I’m very sorry! Umm, excuse my tardiness, rather. “ Kayano was still trying to get the dust clear of her eyes.

“- The reason is that someone, already tried to confess so I got a lil’ late… Oh, no, wait, I mean I was due later than expected because of a confession. “ Kayano seemed to be a little off and embarrassed, Kazuo felt somewhat confused.

*- What, she’s like a mix now…? * Kazuo scratched his head.

“- It’s fine, what is up with your different personalities is what I’m more bothered over. “ Kazuo put it bluntly.

“- Oh, so you noticed… “ Kayano looked embarrassed.

*- Ehh? Of Course I noticed… *

“- Um, t-the reason is that I feel uncomfortable talking with someone, e-especially you one on one so I resort to talking politely… “ Kayano even looked a little shaky.

*- Especially me, huh… *

“- So what you did in the classroom to charm me was not uncomfortable? A person shorter than you would’ve been able to see your underwear easily… “ Kazuo felt surprisingly calm and talked with his regular monotone voice.

“- Ahh! Don’t say it like that now! The thing is, I have no problem doing that stuff around many people but being alone with someone is very difficult… “ It seemed like Kayano talked more like herself, at least Kazuo thought so.

“- Hmm, I understand. You do realize that it’s painfully obvious what you’re trying to do, right? “

“- What? What am I trying to do?! “ Kayano seemed to panic a little.

“- You’re interested in me, aren’t you? “ Kazuo continued being blunt.

“- Ah, phew, of course I realize that! “ Kayano smiled.

*- Huh? So she is aware of that? * The synapses in Kazuo brain started to get distorted.

“- Oh, right, well then I’d like to say that I already like someone. “

“- Aww, how unfortunate for me! But, you’re still on a date with me right now though, right? “ Kayano struck a pose and smiled brightly, seemed like she managed to work up some courage.

*- Damn, she’s right actually… * Kazuo took a step back.

“- You’re right actually… I should go home. “ Kazuos tone turned more serious.

*- I wanna see Haruka right now… * Kayano was still smiling however.

“- Hmm, I see… I guess we’ll have to see this date through some other time. “ Kayano smiled again.

“- Sure, whatever… “ Kazuo scratched his chin. Kayano gave up a little giggle and walked the other way as Kazuo stood still in place for a moment.

*- I wanna see Haruka… I wanna talk to her again… * The wind picked up again but this time there was no dust. As the wind swirled around, Kazuo noticed dispersed sakura leafs fluttering around. He looked up towards the blue sky and watched as the petals saturated his surroundings.

*- Haru… *

A note from Taiga

multipersonality disorder?

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majesticnigga @majesticnigga ago

Wait what the fuck happened. This shits fucking fake as fuck. She just left like that? Or did she hear mabuchi and haruka and was lying about the confession?


    Taiga @Taiga ago

    Assuming you're talking about Kayano leaving Kazuo at the gate... The Idea is that Kayano is going for the long run. She knew she probably wouldn't get the win at once but she still comes out positive since Kazuo doesn't completely reject her witch gives her an oportunity to slowly get closer even if Kazuo likes someone else. In her book it was a win and she isn't going to give up any time soon. Sorry if I wasn't able to convey this properly Sad I'll see what I can do to make it more clear.

Artusar @Artusar ago

Hmmm.... there goes the nice impression I had of Kayano

Akai Sora @Akai Sora ago

she has a split personality oh my..