I created a discord so i can give people announcements, like if im going to miss a daily release or if you just want to know when a new chapter is coming out. Will also keep add edit notes as they happen... and you can ask questions in there




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King Killer ago

Why wud u do this I just finished reading it.

I'm kidding is okay for the great story


Pixelblade ago

You sir, are a fiend

belkak210 ago

Mia's death is now much better, to bad i had already read it and the impact wasn't there anymore; but it was definitely better.

Dantevivi ago

Way to twist that dagger just a little more dude

Nolan ago

What do you mean conscious?

Nato ago

re-read, not bad adding that in. Like how your story isn't all lollipops and sunshine for the mc, there is no character development without pain - something too many stories on RRL lack or fail to convey adequately.

And as for killing Mia off - Sometimes building up a side character just to kill them off is worth it, must say I wasn't looking forward to a typical "op mc gains harem and rampages around while levelling up like crazy" theme which is where I thought you might be taking the story.

Mezhanos ago

You just had to make the death more painful for us readers huh ? Really enjoying the story and can't wait to see what happens next.

Blazingfrost ago

Nice so the calman are hiding her letting everyone think she is dead including the mc

wuamklan ago

really good story. but don't forget the exp from the archers he killed and the nobles in the arena

Rorschach ago

WOW, that was amazing, Kayla's scheme was really a great idea.

I'm a little sad for Mia but her death is totally in theme with the merciless world you are building.

I read some of the comments in the previous chapter and I want to say that people should stop crying and understand that if only the bad guys die then the story loses a lot of credibility.

Now, don't go full GoT and start a killing spree of side characters but if your story manages to make us think that nobody is always safe and that being the MC's girl/wife/best friend/little sister and whatnot is not enough to have immortality like in many other novels then that would be a great accomplishment.

Keep up the good work!

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