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Dante’s Immortality – Chapter 36

Bridget had a look of disbelief on her face as she took in the two swords in his hand and the dead noble who lay bloodied on the ground behind him. “What do you think-”

Spencer!” The other noble with the greatsword had none of Bridget’s misgivings, he looked between his friend’s corpse and Dante. His face twisting in anger. “Bastard, I’ll kill you!” Without the slightest hesitation, he charged.

Dante began to fill the two swords he created with world essence, pumping as much as he could into the blades as the noble ran at him.

“Stop, you idiot. We can’t kill him.” Bridget’s words had no effect on the noble, and he was thankful for it, he ran to meet the noble’s charge head-on.

The first swing came in from overhead, slicing diagonally to his left shoulder.

He was ready for it. More than ready, he wanted to be attacked. Dante brought up the sword in his right hand, connecting to his opponent’s weapon with a shower of world essence sparks. The noble was strong, far stronger than anyone he had fought aside from sir Andres, and he was only able to marginally change the path of the greatsword’s swing as his sword was knocked away.

But it was enough. Dante ducked under the greatsword and pivoted on his right leg, twisting around and bringing the sword in his left hand down onto the back of the noble’s ankle.

The noble’s Constitution was shocking. He should have sliced straight through the ankle with his world essence filled blade, but it only cut about an inch deep. Still, the strike was crippling. Dante immediately rolled away, putting himself outside of the greatsword’s range, and in a position to watch both Bridget and the noble.

He was relieved to see that she hadn’t made a move yet, he had no delusions of being able to take on both of them at the same time without using Blink, which he was keeping hidden in case he needed to make an escape after the fight.

The noble’s face, which had been twisted in rage, was now contorted in pain. “I’ll fucking kill you.” He tried to limp forward but crumpled down to a kneeling position as soon as he put his weight on the bad ankle.

Dante ignored him, a crippled swordsman was no threat, just someone to be handled at his leisure. He only needed to make sure the noble didn’t surrender.

Dante sneered, then pointed to the noble’s kneeling form with one of his swords. “You don’t seem to be in a position to do so.” Then, to anger him further, Dante gave his full focus to Bridget, completely dismissing the downed noble.

That should keep him from surrendering long enough for me to kill Bridget…

Bridget seemed furious but forced a smile. “Don’t be a fool. We are on the same side, but if you make a mistake now it will cost you your life.”

She was trying to mollify him, but saying that they were on the same side only made him feel angrier.

Bridget didn’t even have a mana shield up, seemingly an easy target as a magic Classification. Dante began to walk toward her, swords at the ready, waiting to block any fireballs she might send at him.

Bridget saw him walking over, and her forced smile disappeared, turning into a sneer. “Don’t get too ahead of yourself.”

He ignored Bridget’s words. Using all of his Agility he dashed toward her until he was only inches away from cutting her with his sword.

Bridget wasn’t fazed in the slightest, she just lazily raised her hand, palm facing out toward him. “Arron, make yourself useful and knock him out. Don’t kill him, or I’ll have you executed.” As soon as she finished saying that a force slammed into him. At first, it just stopped his forward momentum, but then he was blasted through the air.


Dante was flying backward. Directly toward Arron, who he hoped would just knock him out instead of killing him like he had tried to do earlier.

He was out of options, there no way he could turn mid-air and immediately defend against Arron’s Strength. He had been saving Blink for an escape, but it wouldn’t matter if he was already captured.

Dante glanced back, Arron had gotten back to his feet and was holding his sword out in a ready position. He disappeared, then reappeared right in front of Arron.

Dante slashed at Arron’s neck, the momentum of Bridget’s attack still aiding him to increase the force of his swing. There was a sickening thunk as his sword cut almost two inches into Arron’s neck, it was like an axe embedding itself in wood.

Dante watched as Arron reached up to feel the sword that was stuck in his neck, relishing the nobles fear and confusion when his hand came away bloodied.

Dante, who was now standing a few feet away after being carried by his earlier momentum, completely ignored Arron. Unless he healed the wound immediately, it would be fatal. And even if he was treated, his chances of living were questionable.

His full attention was now on Bridget, who was watching him in horror.

He now knew two of her skills, and it was unlikely that she had a third, but underestimating her earlier had almost cost him dearly. He checked his mana reserves. Thankfully, he still had a little over 100 Mana left, more than enough to kill a magic Classification without a shield.

Bridget saw him staring at her. Saw the killing intent in his eyes. “Stop!” She held her hands up in surrender. “I-”

He wasn’t sure what she was going to say, because as soon as her hands went up in surrender, he Blinked three times, putting himself directly behind her.

There would be no surrender.

Without hesitating, he brought his sword down and cleaved Bridget’s head from her body.

Dante watched as it tumbled to the ground. He turned to check on Arron, who was now dead from the wound in his neck. He even glanced over to check the perforated noble they had called Spencer.

He didn’t enjoy it like he thought he would, and It didn’t satisfy him like killing Greggory had. Killing Arron, Spencer, and Bridget seemed so… empty. Like there was no purpose. 

Dante glanced over at Jaseni and Haden’s corpses. Bridget’s death didn’t mean anything, they were still dead. For a moment he told himself that she wouldn’t be able to treat others like that, but Bridget wasn’t the source of the problem, others would only take her place.

Everything he had just done was meaningless. It was strange though, his desire to fight wasn’t stopped, if anything it was still growing.

“The winner of the platinum rank tournament is team Hope.”

Hearing the moderators voice only worsened his mood. ‘Team’ Hope was just him now.

It may have been meaningless, but I don’t regret anything.

Dante walked to the entrance of the fighting pit, where the same flustered attendant from earlier tried to stop him. “My lord, you must not lea-” Without waiting for the attendant to finish he shoved him to the side.

It was time to leave this Goddess forsaken academy.



Layla Calman

What? How long ago?”

Her spymaster waited no time in answering. “Only a few moments ago, I came immediately to relay the news.”

“Damn it!” Layla bashed the desk with her fist. “Are you sure? He just vanished and reappeared in the middle of the fight?”

A completely unknown Classification, and a creation Classification that makes weapons…

Layla was having a hard time controlling her breathing. She thought he might have a second Classification, but three?

The spymaster quickly nodded. “Yes, multiple witnesses confirmed it. We need to act now.

“Goddess damn it.” Layla rubbed her forehead. “It will be a waste, but we need to act before House Ailloss or Ramotar can make a move for him.” Layla took a deep breath. “Have him captured, alive. I want him collared within the hour.”


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Accridian ago

Thanks for the chapter!

Dreamheart_Dragon ago

Man these people are totally despicable.

Roadreader03 ago

Damn, that was a good one. Thanks for the chapter.

zeel steel ago

Your rate of release is perfectly fine and so are the cliffhangers. Just don't abuse the cliffs because it gets old.

It'd be cool if he learns to make hisconjured weapons explode instead of simply dissipate. So when he runs one through someone, the explosion causes added damage. 

LylaLyla and the house she comes from truly sicken me, which is incredibly rare for me. It means that you're doing something right. I think it's because the story is relatively light, but has dark undertones. The light just makes the darkness deeper. 

xion03 ago

Cliff's are a normal part of novels.

Don'tinteract with upset teenagers, you can only lose in that exchange

Thanks for the chapter

    TheRaven ago

    Cliffs happen, but they shouldn't happen every single release.

    Also, just because you disagree with someone's opinion does not mean you should insult the other person in order to validate your own views. Convince with reason, not insult.


      michaelhenson ago

      I hate to semi-invalidate TheRaven's argument by agreeing this way... But, its just too good to pass up.

      ^^What he said.^^

      xion03 ago

      so, arguing with angry teenager is a productive effort in your opinion?

      you're either one yourself or never actually tried that. it is an effort in futility.

      TheRaven ago

      Your argument is: Arguing with an angry teenager is inproductive. You then insinuate that (some of) the people here criticizing certain parts of the story are angry teenagers. Thus arguing with those people is unproductive.

      It is not the first, but the second part that is faulty. It is a typical case of an ad hominem: "an argumentative strategy whereby an argument is rebutted by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, or persons associated with the argument, rather than attacking the substance of the argument itself."

      It is also known as name-calling...

      xion03 ago

      no, it's not an ad hominem attack.

      It would be an ad hominem if I were to discredit a solid argument because of a character flaw of the person making the argument.
      I'm the one making a statement: "don't interact with upset teenagers, you can only lose in that exchange".

      This is not an argument, this is a simple claim without any kind of proof.
      as I did not discredit any arguments within my post (there hadn't been any arguments to begin with), I couldn't have done an ad hominem attack either.

      As you seem to need it let me give you an example of another statement:

      you're uninformed and try to look smarter insinuating I'm arguing with a fallacy.

      and now I'm making arguments for this statement:

      because you've actually misidentified the problem with my post.
      because you don't know what an ad hominem argument actually is, despite insinuating so

      Are you able to grasp the connection?

      I actually did, knowingly, use several fallacies in my original post. ad hominem just wasn't one of them.

      why? because it doesn't matter

      I think I've sufficiently pointed out in the beginning of this post that name-calling and ad hominem attacks are not even remotely similar, but just to address your final claim as well: 'name-calling' only applies if I'm insulting somebody. where exactly did I insult somebody in my original post?
      Let me give you an example of actual 'name-calling':

      TheRaven doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed. He seems to be pretty dumb.

      I bolded the exact sentence for your understanding, as my previous interactions with you created doubt within me wherever you'd be able to specify the exact location of my example.

      TheRaven ago

      You didn't call anybody anything, true. You just made the comment, in the middle of people discussing parts of this story, that it is futile to have a discussion with upset teenagers. So either this statement has no reflection upon the situation whatsoever, and there would be just as much point in saying that as saying that the sky is blue. Or it does have meaning within the context, which means you insinuate that at least some people here are upset teenagers and therefore you shouldn't have a discussion with them, despite the fact that you don't know whether the people here are upset teenagers.

      So your comment was an attempt to invalidate what other people say, not by replying to the content of their message, but by attempting to discredit their person, which is an ad hominem. And while not every case of name-calling is an adhominem, it is if it is used in an argument. Your argument by the way being:

      Premise 1: Arguing with upset teenagers is futile.
      (Unstated premise 2: Some people here are upset teenargers).
      Conclusion 1: You shouldn't argue with them.

      Moreover, if you check back our comments you will notice that not once did I claim anything about your person or your capabilities, but only reacted to your words. Yet you have not only used an example in which you plainly call me dumb, where you could have easily taken a neutral example. You have also cast in to doubt my ability to read or comprehend. This convinces me that you have no intention of having any productive conversation, so I will leave it at that.

Okurin ago

Man layla is a bitch

riles656 ago

RAMPAGE!!!!!!! Thanks for the chapter. Shit is about to get really bloody.

Wilsteir ago

The chapters are good the way they are imo, and personally I need my daily dose, so I'd prefer the "note of cliffhanger" at the beginning and we're good.

/insert obligatory thanks here/

Mahesvera ago

I really hope that Dante will chop this stupid bitch Layla's head off in the future.

He feels empty but he did right, some people don't deserve to stay alive.

I would rather have cliffhangers and daily chapters than less chapters and no cliffhangers :D Even though they are frustrating xD

ant_t ago

Slowing down the number of release for better quality releases that are longer would be a good thing. The chapter from yesterday and today should have been one.

If you can write a chapter a day, good. Right now the quality is going down from the start of the series because these seem rushed.

    zeel steel ago

    I agree that yestarday's and today's chapters could have been one, but I don't agree that they feel rushed. Everything seems to be progressing at a good rate.

    Vampwalker ago

    Really how is the quality going down in fact i think he has been getting better get that shit out of here more chapters the more people find ut about this magnificent story and the more enjoment i get on a daily bases.Your point may have been valid if you wrote the truth but you plainly lied his writing has been improving and the story is consistent which is hard to say about a lot of other stories.evrything that dante does is reasonable and he doesn't act like a retard so the plot can progress instead he acts natural like there is no 'plot' and we are watching his life none of it feels forced is what i am trying to say it flows and that to me is a blaring sign tat you lied and that his story is just as good if not better.

    Ramussaysok ago

    What the hell are you talking about...

    This arc has been mostly worldbuilding and layering of the plot. There was VERY little progression, to the point that the author had to justify taking his time. And now you come out of the woods to say that it is "rushed"?

    Can you tell us? What parts do you exactly think have been rushed?

    See, THIS is the problem with this website: any random is suddenly a professional reviewer, rehashing the same words they have read somewhere. They don't even know what they are talking about, in their warped mind they just feel like being negative make them seem "good". Which is why there are so many one stars and two stars given to fictions for slight annoyances.

    EDIT: In retrospect, I might not have been gentle enough myself. But we all know of the many fictions that were put on "hiatus" because of the uncalled for (in my opinion) negative pressure some readers put on the writers.

      ant_t ago

      >Can you tell us? What parts do you exactly think have been rushed?

      Jaseni and Haden for one. They show up and get killed in under 5000 words. Building the characters up between the first match and second could have taken quite a few more chapters. We could have been much more invested in them for their death. Why are they in the academy? Why were they in the arena? What is so bad about being bought out by a noble? What happened to the rest of the team? How do the rest of the people in the academy live?

      >See, THIS is the problem with this website: any random is suddenly a professional reviewer

      Given that I've worked as one ...


      Idlefiber ago

      can confirm that part was rushed Sad i thought the same when writing it tbh... i caved to the "this academy shit is getting boring" comments. That said, i tried to give them a buildup lol dont think ill be caving like that in the future though... not worth it

      Vampwalker ago

      ah goddamit right after i just went through all that *sob* you are to damn nice let your rabid fans destroy your haters and never admit fault.God and you stop being so reasonable.Here let us try somehing before you reply think what ewould trump write and go with that.That motherfucker talks shit real good.


      Idlefiber ago

      We need to build a wall to stop all of the nobles from the outer region from coming in and stealing our jobs killing our commoners

      ant_t ago

      To quote Bertrand Russell at you:

      All great books contain boring portions, and all great lives have contained uninteresting stretches. Imagine a modern American publisher confronted with the Old Testament as a new manuscript submitted to him for the first time. It is not difficult to think what his comments would be, for example, on the genealogies.
      'My dear sir,' he would say, 'this chapter lacks pep; you can't expect your reader to be interested in a mere string of proper names of persons about whom you tell him so little. You have begun your story, I will admit, in fine style, and at first I was very favourably impressed, but you have altogether too much wish to tell it all. Pick out the highlights, take out the superfluous matter, and bring me back your manuscript when you have reduced it to a reasonable length.'
      So the modern publisher would speak, knowing the modern reader's fear of boredom. He would say the same sort of thing about the Confucian classics, the Koran, Marx's Capital, and all the other sacred books which have proved to be bestsellers. Nor does this apply only to sacred books. All the best novels contain boring passages. A novel which sparkles from the first page to the last is pretty sure not to be a great book.

      Alternatively use the one chapter a day as a rough draft and get it up on Amazon as a finished novel. You have a very compelling story outline that needs to be fleshed out.

      Bushpigg ago

      You are 100% right. People like Ant_T are what ruin this site. The author has been doing great with his story. I cringe everytime I read the comments section on this story. 3/4 of the negative feedback he gets is completely unwarranted and just ridiculous. Too many inflated ego commentors here that should really stop wasting everyones time with their garbage opinions.

      Vampwalker ago

      lol There you go now you got it and we need to stop these fake comments #stopfakecomments#makedantesimmortalitygreatagain.

      Ramussaysok ago

      Ah, you are too nice Idle, but I guess that in your position you just have to be.

      They were minor characters that were going to die anyway, and it adds to Dante feeling hollow in this chapter even though he just avenged them.

      But if the author himself thinks that part was rushed, then I won't argue. Just write it the way you enjoy it.


      Idlefiber ago

      ive got a long list of edit notes for a lot of stuff (not just haden and jaseni) Very Happy

      eventually im going to be going back through and edit everything so it reads smoother.

      for instance, on this im going to break the tournament semifinal and final up so they are on different days. It will give Dante a tad bit more time to learn why Daynards wanted Haden to join them, stuff like that.

      Ramussaysok ago


      I do not believe that we should have been more invested in their death; at the end of the day they were just supposed to be the straw to break the camel's back and push Dante over the edge. It's HIS reaction that matters here, and investing more time on sacrificial lambs would have been a waste.


      I honestly think you are reaching for the rest of your questions though.

      Why they are in the academy and why they are in the arena can already be surmised from the past chapters: in the academy because they are commoners looking to better their status and in the arena to escape whatever Brigitte's brother wanted to do with them (which I believe is going to be revealed later).

      What is so bad about being bought by a noble?

      Really? You are asking us what is so bad about being a slave to people with no morals and inflated egos? Come on now. In any case, if what you want is concrete examples, you will probably be given some soon.

      What happened to the rest of the team?


      See, this is the kind of stuff that makes me doubt your good faith. They were killed. Did you want to know HOW they were killed? Did you want flashbacks to the fights they died in, even though we clearly know how it probably went down? For characters, we do not care about and that we are NOT supposed to care about?

      That is the kind of stuff that would actually ruin this story.

      I agree that it could have been interesting to see how the rest of the academy lives, so I won't argue that point.

      But when you say "given that I've worked as one", it makes want to say that working as a reviewer or an editor doesn't make you a good one. Of course, I'm not saying that you are bad, I am saying that you might not always correct.

      Many of them are actually bad and give the worst advice to authors (Like in this pearl I was reading the other day), and one has to keep a cool head when listening to them. Even if you paid them.

      I'm just realizing I wrote a lot. Oh well.

      TL;DR: I disagree.

      SamHaine ago

      Ramussaysok: seconded. Mostly the idea that even if Haden and Jaseni's story didn't get a full explanation, why would we even want one? Personally, I believe that showing every single side character's story and reasoning in full would be forced and superfluous.

      Look at it from their perspective: desperate to find someone to jump in at the last moment for their fight, they try to present their case favorably - see Kayla having to explain that they didn't just loose the single member in the previous fights - to someone that they are on some level afraid/apprehensive of - see how hard it is to break them of their "my lord"s.

      Why would you expect that anyone in that situation would want to explain what an unfavorable third party would clearly call a simple sob story that emphasizes their lack of abilities compared to nobles? When their best argument is that they can carry Dante to the dungeon in just two rounds? For which to work they need to sound competent and not like five year olds that had their toys taken away by bullies?

      Yeah, it would have probably worked with Dante, but they don't know him. And it would never have worked even with Kayla, who, in her own words, is much more liberal in her handling of commoners than other nobles.

      And just like boring parts, a novel needs unexplained parts as well. Just like you don't see the detailed backstories of the people you meet, so shouldn't the MC of a story. I don't mean that said backstories shouldn't exist, but that they shouldn't be shown for the most part - in my personal opinion, such details, if fleshed out a little and given structure, would make for pretty good patreon rewards...

      Mal ago

      Rushed or not, this was a good chapter. Thanks for the chapter!

      Probably your best bet is to just write the story how you imagine it, along with small edits when you finish, then posting. Getting the words out there, getting it read, getting feed back, then editing and altering your story to where 'you' actually want it. This will help you grow as a writer and keep you from getting writer's block or just losing interest in writing.

      Personal Side note- who really cares about Jaseni and Haden, they were there for one purpose, and it was as an exmple to Dante on how commoners lives were worthless to nobles, and to see the vulgar portion of the academy. The academy seems like a place for Dante to just continually stumble around until he gets killed or collared. He's learned a little, but also learned how much he 'Is not learing' at this academy.


      michaelhenson ago

      I'm not so sure, it felt fast-paced, but by no means rushed. The fact that you had no problems skipping a couple of weeks (and even 2 months) early on and throughout the arc made it feel much better than most "Academy Arcs" in stories on RRL.

      It felt like you acknowledged that while this was an important learning experience for Dante, it wasn't the main focus of the story, and it's pacing kept me involved and reading through the chapters and not dreading the (insert number over 100 here) chapters remaining before we move on to the next chapter (see what I did there?) in Dante's missadventures.

      I also VERY much approve of the attitude he has, as you stated in an authors not once before, Dante started out as a very flat, borderline 2 dimensional character that has evolved a lot, in a natural seeming way, in only 36 shapters. That, my dear author is more than the vast majority of authors that I have read seem to be able to manage. His rage at the nobles treating everyone else like horseshit has been building up this whole arc, it's perfectly natural that he finally snapped when this happened to people he was on a team named (perfectly by the way) Hope.

      It's also not like you dropped this bloodlust on us out of the blue, there were a couple of moments when we saw it peek through, all the pent up rage and disgust from living a life of misery for so long finally broke loose in a natural, easy to empathise way.

      I'm probably over analyzing this, but your ability to seemingly unconsciously take events from earlier in the story and weave them together in a sensible way is really cool. Your authors notes make it seem like you don't have a lot of faith in yourself, but this is turning out fantastic!

      As a side note, I honestly do feel like the RPG elements limit this story more than that help it. I feel that way about many stories, but yours has so much potential as a cool, lighthearted, dark-fantasy setting that it really drives home how little those status things get used. The idea of a goddess marking people based on their capacities is awesome, but the game elements are not needed, and it's really cool to see them develop using actual knowledge and skill rather than simply saying "Mana Shield!" To make one, or chanting "Fireball!" (I would totally make a lightning spell with that chant... Confusion and misdirection for the win.)

      That's my jumbled collection of thought from someone who spent almost 3 hours binge-reading this story on a whim at first.

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