Dante's Immortality

by Idlefiber

Original HIATUS Fantasy Romance Tragedy Grimdark Harem LitRPG Magic Male Lead School Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Dante doesnt know where he came from and is ostracized as a demon because of his appearance.  However he has hope, a gift from the Goddess could be his key to freedom.  Every year any boy or girl who reaches the age of 14 can receive the blessing of the Goddess and the Status.  The Status allows them to freely manipulate the world essence around them and be strengthened through it (yeah, its a status screen). 

Pretty much the rest of the synopsis is the prologue, please read it and tell me what you think.  I tagged some of the elements i plan to implement in the story, so check there.  Also i left gore, profanity, and traumatising content in because i plan on going a little dark at times in the story let me know what you guys think on that.

Im a big reader but this is the first thing that ive written (may suck) go easy on me and give me all the critique you can.

cover is some fanart for devil may cry.  I couldnt track down original creator (just a bunch of repost) but if the author is out there, message me if you want me to take it down or give credit

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Nice LITRPG but too much fanservice

Honestly when I started reading this story I was positively surprised. A well written LITRPG with interesting worldbuilding. Stats apparently a blessing from the goddess. The protagonist a loner effectively driven out of his village to seek a better life. I should have known better, I should have read the tags. Though the skill selection could have been warning enough.

4 classes that basically spell one thing. Edgelord. The protagonist also gets a blood drinking battleglove... which becomes more relevant later on.

Anyway, basically the further this story continues three things become pretty obvious. First, the LITRPG system is very well done. Second, the author is using grim-darkness to cover shallow world building. Third, he's doing too much RR fanservice. Aka needless gore and "hard" decisions.

To eleborate. The LITRPG system doesn't allow instant empowerement. You get only one skill per class and stats boost are somewhat moderate. The MC is a major cheater in that regard by having four classes instead of the usual one, but compared to the usual LITRPG protagonists he doesn't easily outclass everyone. He actually needs to munchkin his skills instead of getting a new one for each possible problem.

As for the grim darkness, we've got a nobility with chronic backstabbing syndrome and young master disorder. We've got an ominious force of evil called Wraith that will probably come up later, but have a convenient enslavement device.

As for the fanservice, less wanton slaughter would be better imho. While it seems a bit of a trend on RR to cry for spilled guts it sometimes feels like he's a character in a hack-and-slash RPG instead of something remotely realistic. The plot armour is strong with this one. Sometimes non-violent solutions can also be interesting and make the protagonist feel like more than a murder-blender-bot.

To cut it short, if you're here to see a protagonist murder their way through endless hordes of mooks and some bosses while actually taking their time to level up this will be your thing. If you get hard from protagonists making "hard" (aka easy) choices I can recommend this. If you like protagonists executing people even more evil than they are this is for you. If you want to see how to set up a LITPRG without it immediately suffering Dragon Ball Z syndrome, I'd also recommend having a look at this.

Overall not a horrible story, decently written but imho too focussed on serving the RR readers bloodthirsty desires.

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Ok i started reading with an hopeful outlook and i trought the story had some potential, the MC lived an hard life and was hungry to be something more, the system looked unusual and somewhat interesting and i wash hopeful the worldbuilding would prove itself to be gripping and detailed.

Sadly i was disappointed:

1)The MC lack a background story and a coherent personality,his personality doesn't match his life experiences. But if you look to some of his decision and rections he may be just that dumb.

Dante often make decision without thinking , the author bend reality in ridicoulous ways to make sense of it,thus hurting the flow of the story.

es: It wasn't my fault the meanie battleglove make me do it Waah Waa Waah Waa.

2) The system had a fuckton of potential; Sadly the author chose four bland and unnimaginative powers for Dante, wasting an amazing opportunity to upgrade the power system from kinda interesting to extraordinary.

3) Honestly the world buildin its meh, another wasted opportunity!

4) The plot...

The academy arc was useless and unrealistic, no one would ever enroll in that draconic place,it would makes no sense. I wanted to bitch and rant regarding the academy but reading some reviews i found the best way to descibe that place: "MEAT GRINDER".

I loved the predatory dungeon,that mini arc was the only part  of the plot i loved. 

The dungeons concept in this story are on point!

I will keep reading it, i honestly couldn't tell you why but i know i will!

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If you haven't noticed yet, he is always fighting.

*** Spoiler alert

World Building is fine but a bit vague, I don't know why we havent got a world Infodump for MC so he actually has a motivation to do something. Characters are okay except for the fact that our MC is a void, just a pile of op but not really b/c no mana and he gets dragged around everywhere by the higher powers b/c "potential". MC is more like a slave rather than someone doing things on his own.

Spoiler: Spoiler


Also, theres fighting, he is always fighting, the only good writing here is in the fighting. Basically, every character(and society) in the novel is dragged around by the power system. Due to that, the writing feels hamfisted.

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Early stage of a possible great story.

Edited and now at chapter 34.

Still giving an half-star as encouragement.

The story is good. Nothing as a whole new but not bad either. We've seen the usual cliché trope but the author still have some unique elements that are pretty cool.

What I have difficulty is the characters, especially the Mc. We know next to nothing about him. It's like poof, here you go a 14 years old mc. And I'm not just talking about background here but mentality, personality, views and others. Was he orphan from the beginning? Did he have to steal? Any friends? Did he worked for food? Did he have to kill? What about relationships? We start with a mc that we can't just put ourself in it's shoes. From all we know a mc that lived ostracized for all his life would probably not turned out how it is pictured. Way too sane, too confident, too.. good. I think what I wanna say is that without knowing where he came from I just can't see how he got there. And it bothers me. Like a lot.

Also, I couldn't give a crap about 95% of side characters. I don't know if the author wants to do an Mc VS the world type of feeling but it just seems like he is surrounded my enemies. On one hand it makes sense and it is realistic in a harsh world like that, but on the other hand it is just lacking something. A sidekick, a confident, an ally hell even a fucking pet would be good. The only characters that I actually like are Mia and Archie. And one of them disappear after a few chapter.

On a more positive note, I really like the world building. A lot of unique stuff and you feel the strongs eat the weaks vibe. Can't get all flower and unicorns in a world like this which is generally the case with op mc. The author also made a map which, albeit of poor quality, is nice to have.

Also, many things are not covered and explained. Either left for the audience to guess or just that it would be explain later. Can't decide if it is a good point or not. On one hand it add mystery but on the other hand I feel like i lack variable to make assumptions.

The grammar is also pretty good and the story as a whole is well written. A few plot hole(which most  were fixed) but it doesn't really affect the story. Grammar wise I would consider it at the higher tiers of RRL.

All in all I would recommend this story. Nice story and I expect it would only get better.

On a more personal note I saw the Harem tag. Please be careful and don't fuck up your story for a shitty romance with side characters bitches that only acts as cheerleaders and are only there to want his D. Harem is an art and a bad one would just destroyed everything that you built. **(Did this comment for first review at chapter 12 and I have to say that even if I don't like characters at least they are not shallow.)

SPOILER ALERT: Read at your own risk. In a poll of harem girl possible you put Layla and kayla. Just so you know that I hate both of them with passion. I don't understand why Kayla is even there. Oh I'm sure there's a reason and it's more of a personal rant and you should take it with a grain of salt but.. damn I don't like their characters. It's not even that Layla is a control freak bitch or kayla is a manipulative slut but more that they don't make sense. There's a million better ways for Layla to get what she wants but she used these dumb ways. Sure she is young but aaaaarg... whatever.

Keep up the good job Idlefiber, you're doing great!

King out!

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Solid LitRPG and strong world building

This review is as of chapter 8.

I put off reading this story hoping for a few more chapters before digging in. I'm actually glad I changed my mind and started it.  A long chapter a day is a brutal pace for any author, and it would be understandable if there were lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. So far that hasn't been an issue.  The regular updates and the glimpses of what may be coming have me anticipating each new release.

This story is litRPG, so there are things like charater classes, class upgrades, experience (called world essence), gear, dungeons, etc.  In this case all these things seem to have a bit of a twist on the standard that keep it interesting.

There's also the standard orphan, ostracized kid who's destined for greatness trope.  Yes, it's been done before, but so what, stories like this are escapism.  The kid starts out as green and wet behind the ears but learns fast and is boosting his wisdom rapidly, so we'll get to see how that turns out.

All in all, I'm enjoying the story and hoping it continues for a complete story.

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One of my absolute favorites

This story may have some confusing shifts in POVs and a few stupid character decisions all around, but it makes up for that by everything else(actually, the author or our Lord and Saviour Idlefiber may have fixed these by now, because he listens to the audience way more than any author I've ever seen until now, but I'm too lazy to reread everything again to check lol). The story is actually awesome- it has very few dragging points but the majority of the story is too awesome for me to care about that. The grammer is near perfect as well. If I stop being lazy and reread the first revised 80 or so chapters, I'll probably change this to a five star rating. 

Work towards the perfect rating, Lord and Saviour Idlefiber!(I'm not a heretic plz don't smite me)

  • Overall Score

While binge reading this, I chose to disregard the cringy content. Now that I'm up to date and reading them individually, I'm finding the individual character decisions impossible. Who would willingly choose to be INSIDE a meat grinder? If any individual had to choose between instant death and figuring it out on their own, they would figure it out on their own. This academy arc is bull, and should, by all rights, be a ghost town. No one would go to this academy. No one would be capable of surviving this academy. No one would invest in people just to kill them. Not even the Romans were this stupid. It's bad math. It could only exist as a microcosm being forcibly supported by much much larger organizations. Organizations significantly larger than the Roman Empire. Organizations of those sizes don't exist in this book, and they are too far apart if they do.

  • Overall Score

Honestly the main thing that put me off of picking up this story was the fact that the MC was named Dante and it used a DMC pic as it's cover.  It's good though, really good.

  • Overall Score

Ok so I had a couple of issues through this story and ended up having to drop the whole damn thing at about the end of the academy arc.

My first issue with the series is that at the start he is introduced to us as pretty much absolutly hated by everyone in starter village. However the issue that comes up with this scenerio is the fact that we never actually get an intro to the mc. Our mc when introduced to the reader pretty much pop's up out of no where without even a reason as to why he is currently living on the streets in a village surrounded by monster's. Another issue with this situation is the fact that everyone's actual issue with the mc isn't any family history (of which none exist), or even an issue with his personality instead everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) hates the mc because......... OF HIS HAIR AND EYES!!!!!! I kid you not the mc is forced to live on the streets and somehow makes money but when he does make money he is overcharged on everything he buys or is flat out refused as a customer. I gotta admit that when our mc's backstory is given it pretty much just flops.

Now my second issue with the series is the mc's ritual and chosen classes. How things work in this series is a person has a priest do a ritual and that ritual will unlock your class and determine your future prospects. When such a situation is presented to the mc rather than being given a class he is instead offered the option of choosing his own FOUR classes of his choosing from all classes. After the mc spends some time looking through his options the author gives the mc one of the most boring and over done setups out there. In the beginning our mc originally wanted to be a warlock but upon choosing he goes with 2 melee classes one based around aura's and another around just being a dual wielder then he decideds to get two magic classes................ and proceed's to get two magic classes who's only purpose is to prop up how utterly boring the two melee classes are and hopefully make the melee classes look better (they don't) so the author has the mc choose a space/time mage and proceed's to use the class for nothing other than using a blink spell while at the same time choosing a blade mage class who's ONLY real ability's is to........wait for it......... MAKE BLADES!!!!!!! and that is all that the class can do. Honestly the class blademage that the mc has as his fourth class has got to be one of the most utter waste of trash I have ever heard of and was chosen in place of say a class that can nullify other classes or even a battle mage (called a warlock). So to wrap up my rant of the class section the mc chooses a aura melee fighter with no real use, a dual blade fighter which is the main focuse of the four classes but also the most boring of them all, a space/time mage class which has been degraided into a short range taxi service for the mc, and finally our star class the blade mage class which was chosen on the bases that he would like to have a sword and was to cheap to go and by himself one or two swords and insteads wastes an entire slot on a class who's only skill is to make a sword.

My third issue is with the acadamy arc in which I ended up dropping this series. When I was reading through the academy arc I have to admit that it went from mildly interesting to an absolute flaming wreck. Originally this whole academy arc could of originally been used to teach the mc about important skills that he might need in order to survive, but instead of that it is apperantly used as a place to hold hostage surrounding major family's childeren which no one seems to have an issue with. While the children from all these major houses are all being held hostage they are then trained by top of the line teachers on how to best fight with the classes that they have thus providing the hostages with the ability to grow stronger. Finally is the fact of the arena, when you understand the fact that pretty much every single person at the acadamy is being used as a hostage for good behavor of their parent's then how is it that no one has any issue's AT ALL about the arena that function's on the understand that pretty much anyone that goes in will most likely die. In my opinion when it comes to hostages they are a great deal more important when their intestines are not spread all over an arena floor that is pretty much a free pass murder zone.

Finaly my last issue with this series would have to be the characters that we end up having to deal with. So through my time reading this series out of the entire group of people that where introduced the only one that is even close to being worth liking is also the only person who dies. Most the time I tend to like mc's or at the very least tolorate them in the name of a good series but the issue here is that the mc in this series has no personality in any way shap or form. Our mc pretty much goes from being a street urchine who was barely surviving into a total marine the INSTANT that the mc get's his boring classes while not having anything that the reader can actually even identify with. As for the situation with all of the other characters they can be divided into two catigories, our first catigory is for the characters that due to plot rather than attitude are bullies. Our second catigory of people introduced into the series are the manipulator's, from the time of the start of the series to the end of the academy arc the majority of the characters that the mc is introduced to are more often then not trying to manipulate everyone because they are such horrid villans rather than any real plot being woven in. I swear it's like the xianxia's that constatly introduce new villan's that are an endlessly copied past of each other.

So to sum things up for everyone the mc's backstory is nonexistant, his classes chosen function as both boring and useless, and finally almost all of the characters are either background boring, bullies, or manipulators


Now I do like to also leave a positive note as well since even with issues this is an author that actually has put in time and effort into making a world, and that is precisly what the author did here in inventing a whole new world set up rather than just a standered midieval slap job of monstars, kingdom's and etc. Also one thing I do love even if the classes are not to my liking is the whole class system idea that the author came up with since most litrpg type series either do one or two classes rather than four and some of the classes that the mc had either seen or heard about where pretty interesting ideas as well

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Entertaining with some weaknesses

Edited again at chapter 116: stars are for the author showing vast imrovement over the course of the story. Most of the negative parts in this review happen in the first 50 chapters.

Story: We follow Dante, an abandoned orphan, excluded by society. After recieving his blessings and thus his status/classification, he ventures out into the world.
The "cheat" is done nicely and should be balanced throughout the story, though he does get a bit OP around 102. Spoiler: The Cheat 

 Progression of the story can be a bit bumpy, but it's good to read and the author gets better as the story goes on. The edit that the author did, was good for the overall flow, but some weak plotpoints stayed.

About dropped storylines: There are several storylines that get "teased" and are not followed up on. Like the author didn't know if he wanted to move the story in that direction, but at some point it might come in handy. I was actually pleasantly surprised, that not all of these storylines are dropped, so there is hope. You just need a lot of patience and maybe a look at the "List of names, houses and places". 

Spoiler: Teased Storylines 

 About Dante: While still being a bit spongy and hard to grasp, he does make for an okay character and there has been some development already. I guess the first real impression about his inner life (for me) comes after the Wasteland chapters with Melisandre (ch 70+ somewhere I think?). Maybe the edit did some good here too, but I didn't reread the whole story.
One main weak point is motivation, I think. There are tons of things that could be used, from the story or just his circumstances, but it doesn't feel like he has a goal or a plan (except very short time plans, that are motivated by other people telling/asking him to do that now).

Spoiler: Possible but unused character motivation 

 Side characters are not done too badly, but tbh I didn't feel anything for the side characters, until after the Chaos Region ark started, mostly just disappointment at the lost potential. The author then gets better at writing them with a personality, more reasonable in their actions and more likable as well.
A weakness is definitely that Dante changes locations often and none of the side characters stay at his side for very long, thus losing the chance to build a relationship with the reader. That is also improved in the later story. 

Spoiler: Examples 

 It's not up to the point that it's very bothering, overall it does fit together. Does not make for a bad story, but certainly dampens the reading fun.

In a nutshell: This is a fun to read and it has potential, a new region can bring a whole lot of new adventure every time the MC advances. Also the author is clearly putting a lot of work in it, rewrites chapters where he feels are potential plotholes, changes things to make them more plausible and cares for the opinions of his readers. 
But there are some dropped storylines or storylines that don't add anything. Also don't expect too much from the characters.