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Chapter 6: He Tastes Good

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"WHAT?!" The other beings beside Griggz reacted too abruptly, that it made him regret ever saying that.

Rite, his now suppressed flame suddenly flared up, burning the area around him to ashes. Even the ashes itself was burned, 'till nothing left from it.

On the othe hand, Gror's smiling face seems to distort into something scary. Some of his floating stones that entirely composed his existence, are now pulsing similar to that of a human's nerve. The guy's very angry right now.

Noticing these two's changing body, caused the already edging Griggz to became more.... edgy. 

Similarly, the two Goddesses beside him are also changing to something much more scary. Their silky hairs stand up, and got longer and longer,  that it covered the whole dimension in seconds.

When they noticed the Goddesses of Wind and Water combo activating, the three stopped and instead shuddered uncontrollably.

After some time, the two female judges stopped their movements, cancelling activation of their ultimate combo. Their hairs got shorter in the process.

Silence lingered in the air, the dimension's back to its peacful state. However, the three male God-Title Holders are still shuddering uncontrollably. They almost forgotten something important!

It is known and common knowldege to the whole realm that when these two lady in-disguise combined, with their flawless teamwork, the power they summon have no rival in the current realm.

Want some evidence? These two fought the God of Life/Death, albeit later, when the guy killed the God of War. At that time, the God of Life/Death thinks he had no rival in the current realm that he then caused some havoc. He even tried taking these two as his wives. Since, the situation only worsen as time went by, the two goddesses had no choice but to confront him.

They won the fight, but it doesn't seem to be one as it only looks like a one-sided bullying. The being, with two God Titles, was like a punching bag before these two. The guy was left bruised, haggard and on the brink of death after the... fight. The bastard only survives after ascending, no, running to the higher realm.

He he he. Now its all clear why the guy left, ascending so fast after killing the God of War.


"Griggz, what's your reason on saying so?"

Asked Zyl to the now kneeling Griggz.

"Yes, ma'am!" "I.. I only felt that the current tests we're doing, on selecting the new era's God Title Holders, is a bit..... boring."

After hesitating slightly halfway through, he finally said it while quivering intensely. The guy's very resolute on saying such thing, because it's true. Even if he will face the wrath of the two... before him. Okay, the guy really felt his intestines turning green. Still, at least he's true to his self. 

"I object!" Rite shouted after hearing the lightning bastard's reason.

"You do know it's breaking the Law as Judges! Before we come to be, there are already judges! The ancient beings, our ancestors and they too, followed this law!"

Rite's flames were becoming brighter and brighter while he's speaking. The guy's flame represented his temper, it changed its color whenever the guy's experiencing different emotions. His flames would dim down if he's afraid. Sometimes, it would gave warmth to its surroundings when he's happy and right now, the guys flame was burning its surroundings, which means, he's angry.

"Yes, I also agree! As a current Judges, we have the responsibility in following this law! Found in Area 52, Class B: It stated here that we must never. Never ever. Try combining worlds as it would cause unimaginable damage. It will cause the balance of this cosmic plane to tilt in one side if we ever do it. Not just this, but it will also caused huge damage to the life forms living within them! Some will not even adapt to the changes!"

Gror assisted his best buddy's side. His face right now, accurately speaking, floating stones, are colliding with each other causing sparks and lava flying everywhere. The guy's in total distress after hearing the lightning bastards' suggestion.

"But...!" Griggz rebutted the two.

A battle between Gods are currently happening inside this dimension. With a 1vs2, it is clear for everyone to see who have the upperhand and who's side would win in this.... battle. Their argument continued on and on, wasting their godly saliva while doing so.

They didn't notice that the supposed to be judges of these three, Myl and Zyl, are also busy. They have no time to even listen to those three's argument, as they're also having their meeting on their own, mentally.

On the outside, you can see that they seem to be looking at the three kids arguing who gets the chocolate from their mummy. What a cute little imagination these two have.

"Hey sis, I think Griggz right on saying that, 'our judging' in choosing the right one, on the beings below, a bit... boring. No, veeeeeeeeery booooooring!"

Zyl messaged her sister mentally.

".... If we agree, what do you think will happen?"

Myl sent back.

"Oh, it would make us happy, of course! Though, doing it would cause..."

Before Zyl could finish her sentence. Myl already waved her hand at the three arguing kids. Signifying the end of their bickering. The three also stopped when they noticed it.

"Alright, we've already decided! The winner on this....battle is none other than..."

The three before her are feeling the pressure forming on the air. They seem to be nervous on who side would win, but Griggz was the one experiencing the heaviest pressure, as these whole damn thing started because of him.


"WHAT?!" "WHAT?!"

Rite and Gror is shock at this unexpected outcome. They were so sure that they would win this argument, but contrary to their expectation, they lost.

"But, it would...!" Gror's next words were stopped abruptly after seeing the look of Myl. The lady's face was a shade darker than normal. A murderous air was lingering around her as she looks directly at Gror.

"... As you wish." Gror can't help but submit or else, his face would be slapped out of existence.... literally. The guy only had his face left that composed his entire being and if ever this part of him would be wiped out, what would be left of him, then?! He'd be dead!


Seeing that no one's speaking, she finally said:

"Good, let's start, then!"

The five Gods then started their project: Combine The Shit


Hands in hands, someone using face, they started merging their worlds. These beings have enormous sizes that the circular worlds before them, can only cover a part of their knee caps. 

Rite's and Gror's worlds that were currently hovering before them, silently cracked.


The circular surface of the worlds was no more. The water, land and air of these worlds silently merged with one another. As the two world somehow had a great compatibility, due to their abundant mana, it had a smooth flow on merging that it only took a single minute. 

On the other hand, the other three worlds were also merging with one another. Same process, the circular surface of each of them was no longer there. Continents are now flying, waters are mixing and their air combining. The world of Zyl and Myl merged perfectly almost as fast as Rite and Gror. However, when it tried merging to the world of Griggz, the process became.... dangerous.

While using their elements in moving the very essence of these worlds, they should feel complete control on it. However, halfway through on combining, the world of now combined Zyl-Myl and the world of Griggz they lost control over it. They noticed it, too. So, they reacted fast. Pumping more divine energy, they're soon reconnected. 

None of them even noticed the slight ripple or mishaps that happened inside it.

The process then flowed smoothly. However, Myl noticed something peculiar inside Griggz world.

"Hey, Griggz, why is this one here have a different status? And why's it gray?"

Hearing the lady's question, Griggz followed what her finger's pointing. Only to see... some monster's dinner.

The guy had his head cracked open, brain and brain juice spewing, maybe due to some fall. The guys' torso was already divided into two, his intestines was being eaten by a monster above him.

Using his divine energy in reversing time in seeing the past of these two. He can't help but be speechless after watching it.


An hour ago, the monster found two dead bodies. One was a similar to it, a kin, maybe. The thing had its head cracked, destroyed by a brick that was sticking out of it and a yellow liquid spewing out on this wound. However, the guy beside it is not a kin. Even though the guys situations no worse that the first one, with head cracked, but this one doesn't have bulging muscles, contrary, his skin's so white that it can rival a babe's juiciness.

Then, the monster started eating its dead kin.

The monster was still full from eating the thing beside this guy but still continues on. Why? Because after tasting this.... person's blood, the monster's tastebuds concluded that this one tastes good! Picking itself up, it sliced the dead body's tummy wide open only to see the tissues hidden within.

What a beautiful sight! The intestines of this guy had a tinge of pinkness on it, that glitters on this morning light. If a normal person would saw such situation, he would surely barf his whole meal out. But the one doing the action isn't a person but a monster.


The monster would've said it if not for the fact that it already started devouring this being's insides after cutting its tummy wide open!

The monster stopped its movement after taking 10, no 11 bites.

As it feels.... heavenly!

He tastes Goooooood~!

Griggz, "..."

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First: LOL ENDING, Second: a few spelling mishaps: Wihen, Law and thise. Sorry for bugging just thought I should point it out. Ps Law is spelled correctly just missing bold on first letter

    Hot Pot

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