Chapter 20

Snake Report:


I was right. The source of this strange noise is not a living thing.


Well, I feel in some way I was also wrong. Because it's not exactly "inanimate" either. It's not that it's not "living," really.

Hissssss... This is a tough one.

It's a giant.

A Giant Skeleton.

Like: head to the ceiling, dark looking runic messages covering a disturbingly flat and polished stone floor, might be wearing some ancient royal crown of stained and blackened gold, Giant Skeleton.


I'm surprised in a really horrified sort of way. This thing is perfectly fitting for a dungeon. Spooky, evil, occupied with some immortal and never-ceasing task. The Heavy iron shackles on each of its wrists seem all too perfect. If this were a video game, I'd expect it to suddenly stare at me, with dark and haunting flames in its eye sockets.

It doesn't though.

Instead, it simple smashes its massive arms against a large metal door.

No tiring, no wearing down. It just lays down one heavy-handed blow after another with a lumbering pace.

Crazy. Scary. A bit fascinating in the morbid sense, but there's something much more important. It's above all this, way- way up there.


If I look up, I see what I've waited for. Faintly visible, almost completely cut off along the twisting formations of jagged stone: I see sunlight.

Hundreds of feet out of reach, but it's there.


Operation [Escape the dungeon] is now entering phrase two.




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