The Snake Report

by wercwercwerc

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Tiny Snake God

All Hail the Tiny Snake God!

When life ends, many believe a soul is judged. Warriors might go to Valhalla, saints might go to heaven, and evil-doers go to hell... but what about someone who doesn't fall into any of those categories?

Well, some of them end up like... this.


From the online web-serial, comes a story of reincarnation, comedy, and the winding path towards existential redemption.

The Snake Report: All Hail the Tiny Snake God.


(The First book is now available on Amazon!)

(Art in this post created by u/GedMerrilin)

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A journey into the depths of insanity (as of Book II).

Reviewed at: Book II - End - Epilogue

Hoooooly crap you wouldn't believe how much of a masterpiece this entire thing is.

Book I starts off as your typical non-human system-based reincarnation would go, if with a bit of a twist. MC is introduced, a wackjob sort of guy that has planning issues, and strong gut feeling. Eventually he came to a series of bad events that drive him deeper down to rabbit hole of insanity.

Book II explores this further, with a whole new cast and setting. We are introduced into a more, unstable alliance type of adventurer party. It explores the true nature of the systems MC had to deal with, reality, pain, sorrow, and power. If Book I is a more lighthearted, comedy goldmine, then Book II is the deep dark abyss where the diamonds reside.

Author did a totally awesome job in weaving the story together. Do not listen to the reviews which says Book II is bad. No, its its bad. It has flaws which I will explore below, but its far from bad. If this is an anime, this is one of those episodes where the MC loses hard, and/but its in episode 10 from 13. Book I manages to capture the comedic upbringing of our protagonist, while still setting up dark sides to explore in the chapters ahead, while Book II near-perfectly sows those seeds of darkness down to its very roots and blend them as one in a very satisfying, albeit wrenching fashion.

MC himself was a really interesting character. One of those legs-above-table sort of guy, that quickly learns how this world he's in does not take pushovers lightly. As he wanders on, the looming, creeping dread slowly grips him in the embrace of despair and insanity. MC grow up and progresses as a character in a very very human-turned-monster sort of way, something none other webnovel has been able to replicate so far. The internal struggles, the insanity looming over, and the "which side should I be on" aspect all blended in nicely to create a most memorable MC. If you're looking for a victorious, emerging-from-down-under MC, though, this is not it. As of Book II, he lost the battle, in a way so great, it'll be your loss to not read the entire thing.

As any human-made creations, there are flaws. Albeit very vey forgiveable, especially seeing the content of the entire thing, it's still there.First of all, Book I escalates the serious aspects a bit too quickly, especially comparing to the happy-go-lucky-ish theme of the first 80 chapters. If will feel like a bottleneck, a chokepoint, because it is. A nearly lame excuse to throw the MC elsewhere, to establish Book II.

Secondly, for a bit I got confused on what Book II were trying to be, as it doesn't resemble, or link to Book I tightly. I managed to find it though, and it is that Book II is basically a different story altogether, which carries over from Book I. Instead of a continuation, it feels more like a sequel; a completely different story with the same MC. Don't read it relying on the MC, because if Book I introduces us to the MC, Book II is basically introducing the world, and weaving the story centered around what influences does the MC bring to the world around it (much like the novel/manga/anime Overlord). Its not an individual story anymore, but it still works so damn good that its a treasure on its own. Just don't start giving it bad rating because you don't know whag it was meant to be.

In short, this is a system reincarnation story like no other. The MC might be winning the battles, but as of Book II, he's losing the war. The journey is well-planned, well-told, and well-portrayed. Although pacing can be a bit rough on Book I, Book II improves so much on it. Book II is not a continuation of Book I, but a sequel. Book I strictly storytells the MC's progression on becoming strong, and Book II focuses more on the effects he has on the world around him, from the perspectives of the people around him, as he plunge deeper into insanity and sorrow.

And do not forget: ALL HAIL THE TINY SNAKE GOD!

  • Overall Score

Slithering right in to those Reviews!

Decent read if you're willing to give it a try! Some parts I can definitely see as being turnoffs for some people, but overall it had decent progression. Other than that all I can say is HAIL THE TINY SNAKE GOD!!!!

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All Hail the Tiny Snake God

This is an amazing story. While the concept isn't new, the author manages to write in such a way that it remains relevant and new to avid readers of the LitRPG genre. 

The characters are interesting, most of the time, and makes me interested in learning more about the individuals.

Concerning Grammar, there are a few slip-ups of misspelled words, wrong punctuation, and syntax, but nothing that ruins the story

And the story is awesome


All Hail Tiny Snake God!

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The little snake which could

Great series which is always short but concise , with interesting out of the box methods with how the main character levels up as opposed to mindless grinding , with it most of the time being done in a comical panic nuking manner , and the comedy holds a life like quality to it instead of mechanically crafted and planned humour .

Even while maintaining a LitRPG like game world sense , it effectively isn't limited by this game like sense and can take action without being limited by gaming logic giving it alot more freedom in the ways it can defeat enemies rather than pure stats/skill comparison headlong smashing

From what i've seen it has some inspiration from mushoku tensei and kumo desu ga nani ka?and maybe a little from dark souls if i'm not hallucinating .

All in all a well done comedic and litrpg focus story

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Fun, quirky and fast-paced read

Reviewed as per Chapter 80 - read through them in a couple of hours - pretty damn captivating read. There are quite a few gems and chuckles hidden within this "What-the-hell-just-happened-to-me" Reborn LitRPG.

The MC isn't very fleshed out, but very relatable, and his stream-of-consciousness type of telling the story allows for a rolicking, good read.

So far it seems like the plot and development of the story work just fine. There are few grammatical errors and typos - I've noticed maybe 10 or so total.

The only thing that subtracts a bit from the reading experience from time to time is the writing style. The words can, from time to time, be so far spaced apart that you spend more time scrolling than reading.


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This is publishable, and I would buy a copy

This is a GOOD story - holds my interest, keeps action, dialogue, description working, as well as staying true to LitRPG standards (for what those are worth being very new, still). With a bit of revision, I think this could be not only self-publishable on Amazon, I think it could have a good shot with a traditional publisher. The protagonist is too generic as a human and needs more development, but Tiny Snake God and his prophets are a brilliant bit that works really well. Snake-version of the protagonist is more interesting, but still needs the earlier human development, which will probably cause some changes in snake-protagonist, too. I want to read where the story goes next - I've gotten through Chapter 64, which is everything posted so far. Very well done.

  • Overall Score

EDIT: I just read until early book 2, the story just seems to get worse somehow? Lowering the score to three stars.


Great stuff until chap 64, after that some things come up that bother me greatly.

  1. MC gets too reactive, things just seem to happen to him.
  2. Some attempts at world building feel like a dull waste of time (I don't care about some ancient immortal king or a random swordsman, the story isn't about them).
  3. RPG elements feel half assed. MC's status paints the picture of some ultra high level badass, but he can just use some basic magic really well, among other things.

Sometimes the story just seems to go where the author feels like writing, instead of where it would make sense.

Spoiler: Spoiler


I really liked the first 60 chapters or so, had some real 5 stars potential. That's why it annoys me to no end how some story beats feel so forced, might keep reading to see if the story rebounds at some point.

  • Overall Score

Simple style makes for an easy read. Overall solid story, character, grammar and style. Lacks some complexity, but is still well worth the time it takes to read. 

  • Overall Score

Tiny Snek God watch over your Little Snek

Update as of the completion of Book II. By the Tiny Snek God, things got dark. Really Dark. I pray for the Tiny Snek, all that he is, and those who follow, willing or not. Brave Little Snek, Tiny Snek God watches over you.

This got me laughing too hard to provide an unbiased review. To the Tiny Snake God, I give tribute in the form of 5-Stars!

Please. Please, please, please pleasepleaseplease! Continue with this story as soon as possible.

  • Overall Score

The world and the characters are interesting and the writing is IMO good. There are some small errors here and there, but that's to be expected.

It's a fun, not particularly serious adventure with a non-human MC.

I feel like the second book goes a little bit off the rails, but it seems like this might be to further the overarching world storyline and I think that's perfectly acceptable.

If you're looking for a fun light litRPG story with a non-human MC, I would definitely recommend this. I never once felt like stopping reading this story.