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Nelson… what a strange guy, Cris thought with a smile as he remembered. It wasn’t the first time swimmers said they didn’t have a problem with me, but he really seemed to mean it… More like he wanted anyone who’d help him…

Cris entered his room and took off his clothes. The moment he lied on his bed, his phone rang. With a heavy sigh, he got his phone.


“Hey, Cris,” said a familiar and sluggish voice.

“Francis… are you drunk?”

“Nah…” Francis hiccupped and then burped. “Just a little… But doesn’t matter. Can I come to your house now?”

Cris considered for a moment. He was tired, but maybe he wasn’t tired enough for a man. Then, out of nowhere, the picture of Nelson appeared in his head. “I’m not in the mood for a quickie right now.”

“You?” Francis sounded more surprised than Cris would have liked. “I’ve never seen you, Cris, the wild, refusing sex. I’m coming.”

“Don’t. I’m serious. I have work tomorrow morning. I’m once again manager.”

“Oh, come on, just skip it. I’ll bet it’s just another jerk who’s gonna hurt you. I’d never do that to you…”

“You mean again?” Cris sighed. “I’m going to sleep now. Goodbye.”

“So you’re really trading a night with me for work… Then I’ll wish good luck. That swimmer of yours must be special,” Francis said before hanging out.

Cris turned and stared at the ceiling. Even if he tried to ignore it, Francis words were stuck in his head. That swimmer must be special… That’s how it looks, huh? I find someone who seems like a good guy that I’d like to help and suddenly it's weird that I wanna work.

The phone rang again and brought Cris’ mind back to the bedroom. This time he checked who was calling before picking up.

“Hey, Mari,” he said before his cousin could say anything. “Do you have any idea what time it is?”

“Since you picked up, it’s not so late for we to have a little chat,” Mari answered, laughing. “But did you really think I could sleep without hearing everything first? Come on tell me. How is your new boy, I mean, swimmer?”

Cris decided it was best to ignore the jest. “Nelson is… he’s different than the others I’ve worked with.” It was the best way Cris could say. He put the phone on the speaker and buried his face in the pillow.

“Is that it? That’s all you’ve got to say after spending the whole night talking to him? That he’s different? Wow, that sounds so magical. Every girl dreams of having a different guy.”

Despite how tired he was, Cris chuckled. “You know what I mean. And how do you know I spent the night talking with him?”

“I got my ways.” Even without seeing, he could imagine his cousin smiling right now.

“Best if I don’t ask,” Cris muttered. “Nelson seems like a good guy, but beyond that, he’s very aware of the situation he’s in right now. But never crossed his head to give up.”

“For you to say that, he must’ve made an impression on you,” she said, and for some reason, Cris had the impression his cousin wasn’t smiling anymore. “Do you think he’s brave or just a moron who doesn’t know how to step back?”

“More like he’s ready to face the uncertain and hard path before him with his head held high.”

“Unlike you.”

“Shut up.” This time Cris couldn’t ignore the indirect.

Mari laughed. “Oh, come on. Don’t you have anything else to say about Nelson?”

“I’ll tell you this. At least he didn’t seem bothered when I told him I was gay.”

“A great improvement from the last swimmer. I still can’t look that girl in the eyes without remembering what she did to you.”

“Thanks.” Cris hesitated for a moment. “If I’m being honest, I don’t mind working with Nelson.”

“For you to say that… He must really be special.”

“Why does everyone keep saying that?”

“Who said that?”

“No one.”

“Who said that Nelson is special to you?”

Cris stayed in silence for a while. She’s gonna take it the wrong way, he knew. “Francis.”

“When did you talk to him?”

“Just a moment ago.”

“Wait! Did he call for a quickie and you turned him down because of Nelson?” Mari said, and couldn’t keep the enthusiasm from her voice.”


“Ha! I can’t believe my little cousin fell in love again.”

Cris let out a heavy sigh. I knew it. “Like I could fall that easily. I’m not like you.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” She laughed. “But I think you two are bound to hook up. From what I heard, his last two girlfriends were his managers. If the pattern follows…”

“I’d rather help in the pool, not on the bed.”

“Like you couldn’t do both again.”

“I have nothing to say.”

“Are you telling me you didn’t hit on him at all?”


“I knew it!”

“It’s not like that,” he tried adding quickly. “It wasn’t anything serious. It’s just how I am.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. But how do you think he’s gonna react when he sees you in that sexy swimsuit you bought?”

“Oh yeah… I’d forgotten about that,” Cris said, scratching his chin. “Speaking of it, I’d like to borrow one of your old ones.”

“Huh? Why? Did you already use the new one with him? Wow, that was fast. And you said you didn’t want to jump into a bed with him.”

“Just to inform you, I’m gonna ignore your ramble from now on, okay?” Cris waited until Mari was done laughing. “I don’t plan to use the new swimsuit. I… I bought that in case he was a jerk, but now I’d like to help him. That’s why I’d like you to give me one.”

“Why don’t you return the one you bought today?”


Mari laughed again. “You wanna use it with a certain swimmer, right?

Again, Cris stayed quiet.

“Can you give me one or not?” he asked after a while.

“For real?” Mari seemed serious for once. “You don’t plan to use the new with him?”

“I don’t plan to do anything like that.”

“So you really won’t use it?”

Taking a deep breath, Cris admitted. “I wanna give my all to help him achieve his goal.”

Mari stayed in silence for a while. Cris turned to the phone, waiting.

“Well, if my little cousin has finally found someone he wants to help, then I help you help him,” she said full of self-importance. “Come to my house after breakfast. I’ll give you one swimsuit. But I’ll tell you that, despite being a normal swimsuit, it’s pretty famous among a certain group.”

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dcs5782 @dcs5782 ago

Thanks for the chapter. it was good a bit short but good and i am waiting to see them get together.