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Apologies and the fate of the story


A note from Ayeba

Another 'not-story' entry, which intends to explain what is happening rather than let you all hang in the air.

TL;DR at the bottom, if you can't be bothered to read everything.

I appreciate all the people reading my story. I've enjoyed writing it, as well as getting feedback on it.

Unfortunately, at least if you enjoy the story, I intend to put down the virtual pen. While I started full of enthusiasm, I find it hard to motivate myself to continue the story.

The core of the problem is how I function: I tend to be completely over-the-top motivated for one project at a time. While I have a project in mind, I focus a lot of my attention on the subject; doodling during work hours, thinking about it while walking or doing chores, and obviously spend a lot of my spare time on it. A project can last from weeks up to years.

The nature of the projects wary, but more often than not it's a computer game, board game, roleplaying game or a story I'm writing. I've produced dozens of roleplaying characters I've never got the chance to play. I've got a decent amount of story ideas that never turned into anything substantial. My notebooks from my time at the university are filled with talent trees for World of Warcraft, trying to craft new and interesting combinations. I've analyzed every single character/race for board games such as Battlestar Galactica and Twilight Imperium.

Back to the original topic: This story has for the most part been an experiment, and I've learned from it. I don't intend to finish the story, in the sense that I'm never going to write the second arc that I've planned. I feel bad leaving it as it is now, though, so I will try to finish the first arc, in other words, the current one.

I have already made notes for a new story, which I may or may not actually publish here. It uses the same setting, but a new character, and is essentially more of 'how can I break/subvert as many tropes as possible'. It will not be a gender-bender story; it was fun to write, but I'd be bored essentially writing much of the same once again.

On a topic related to my new story idea: Have any of you ever read a story where the protagonist's story was told from the eyes of different side characters? That is, it was clear who the protagonist was, yet you never got to experience the story from his or her point of view? I'm not talking about just general 3rd person view here, more like what I've done with chapters set from other character's point of view.

I'm not sure it would make a good story, I just found the concept intriguing.

TL;DR: I will try to finish the current arc, and stop the story there.

A note from Ayeba

This 'not-a-chapter' has not been proofread. 

I'm audacious enough to give a recommendation even if this was not a real chapter. Imagine every single 80s action movie cliché turned up to seventeen, combined with a completely hilarious over-the-top plot and decent effects. You get all of that and then some in Kung Fury, a 30-minute long free 'movie' on Youtube.

The cast includes a kung fu cop, an arcade machine transformer, a random ninja, a triceratops cop, a super-hacker, two barbarian chicks riding dinosaurs and sporting firearms, Thor - the God of Thunder, and, of course, Hitler. Because why not. Definitely worth your time if you're even remotely interested in any of the previously mentioned subjects. 


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