Forgotten Conqueror

Forgotten Conqueror

by Za1d3

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Powerless and filled with raging anger for half his life, an avenger grasps hold of what was to be his redemption only to find despair and darkness. His mind lost, his anger went on to bring about the path of carnage. He is, but an inextinguishable flame that threatens to consume everything; all in the name of retribution. Death was but a moments reprieve for his agony. His rage overflows even after the sweet release. Unable to be snuffed out by the laws of the world, he is granted life once more In a different era. All those whom his vengeance is focused on, vanished into obscurity with the passage of time. What does one who has all the power of the world at his finger-tips do, when all the reasons for that power have vanished?

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Table of Contents
120 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue + Chapter 1 ago
Chapter 2 - Once Again ago
Chapter 3 – Adalina ago
Chapter 4 - Flow of Mana ago
Chapter 5 - The Road ago
Chapter 6 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 7 - Ferrent ago
Chapter 8 - Decisions ago
Chapter 9 - Kaidus ago
Chapter 10 - Savior ago
Chapter 11 - Confrontation ago
Chapter 12 - New Road ago
Chapter 13 - Encounter ago
Chapter 14 - Dvitus ago
Interlude - thank you ago
Chapter 15 - Zorin Academy ago
Chapter 16 - Summoning ago
Chapter 17 - The Price of Conceit ago
Chapter 18 - Inherent Darkness ago
Chapter 19 - Family ago
Chapter 20 - Lord Varath ago
Chapter 21 - Revelations ago
Chapter 22 - New Classes ago
Chapter 23 - Council ago
The World ago
Chapter 24 - The Rjus ago
chapter 25 - In the Shadows ago
Chapter 26 - Monsters ago
Chapter 27 - Consequences ago
Chapter 28 - Celene ago
Chapter 29 - Miracles ago
Chapter 30 - Peaceful days ago
Chapter 31 - Return to Zorin ago
Chapter 32 - Tal'hrus ago
Chapter 33 - True Terror ago
Chapter 34 - Anise ago
Chapter 35 - Contact ago
Chapter 36 - Zavon ago
Chapter 37 - The Calm ago
Chapter 38 - Winds of Carnage ago
Chapter 39 - Storm of Blood ago
Chapter 40 - Forest Encounter ago
Chapter 41 - Happenings ago
Chapter 42 - Return ago
Chapter 43 - Innocent Ties ago
Chapter 44 - Pride & Joy ago
Chapter 45 - Hidden Gem ago
Chapter 46 - Sealed Book ago
Chapter 47 - Selfish Request ago
Chapter 48 - Year After ago
B2 Prologue + Chapter 1 ago
B2 Chapter 2 - Homecoming ago
B2 Chapter 3 - Annual Arms Competition II ago
B2 Chapter 4 - Awakening ago
B2 Chapter 5 - Courage ago
B2 Chapter 6 - The 13th Ward ago
B2 Chapter 7 - The Silent One ago
B2 Chapter 8 - Uninvited Guest ago
B2 Chapter 9 - Unspoken Words ago
B2 Chapter 10 - Foreign Land ago
B2 Chapter 11 - Hunters and Hunted ago
B2 Chapter 12 - Reconsideration ago
B2 Chapter 13 - Lifetime of Regret ago
B2 Chapter 14 - Nyzacus Mirror ago
B2 Chapter 15 - Farewells ago
B2 Chapter 16 - Secrets ago
B2 Chapter 17 - Echoing Rage ago
B2 Chapter 18 - The Unforgiving One ago
B2 Chapter 19 - Hunter ago
B2 Chapter 20 - The Tides of Change ago
B2 Chapter 21 - Guardian ago
B2 Chapter 22 - Hidden Daggers ago
B2 Chapter 23 - Aristolk ago
B2 Chapter 24 - Uneventful Voyage ago
B2 Chapter 25 - Malpaars ago
B2 Chapter 26 - A Corrupted Land ago
B2 Chapter 27 - Pestilence ago
B2 Chapter 28 - A Corrupted Land II ago
B2 Chapter 29 - Meeting of Five ago
B2 Chapter 30 - Brotherhood ago
B2 Chapter 31 - Esperen ago
B2 Chapter 32 – Weapon of Compassion ago
B2 Chapter 33 - Resolve ago
B2 Chapter 34 - Price of a Life ago
B2 Chapter 35 - Floating City Vilute ago
B2 Chapter 36 - A Godless World ago
B2 Chapter 37 - Despair ago
B2 Chapter 38 - The Hands of Fate ago
B2 Chapter 39 - Family Bonds ago
B2 Chapter 40 - He Who Binds ago
B2 Chapter 41 - Names ago
B2 Chapter 42 - Heroes ago
B2 Chapter 43 - Revenge ago
B2 Chapter 44 - Maverus ago
B2 Chapter 45 - Fool's Errand ago
B2 Chapter 46 - Frozen Cogs of Revolution ago
B2 Chapter 47 - Blind Rivalry ago
B2 Chapter 48 - Chains of Garnikul ago
Fork in the road + a late B2 Chapter 49 ago
B2 Chapter 50 - Advent of the Demon ago
B2 Chapter 51 - Detour ago
B2 Chapter 52 - Formless Azurite ago
B2 Chapter 53 - Reunion of Fates ago
B2 Chapter 54 - New Dawn ago
B2 Chapter 55 - New Dawn II ago
B2 Chapter 56 - Truth ago
B2 Chapter 57 – Truth II ago
B2 Chapter 58 – Threats ago
B2 Chapter 59 – A Persusasive Argument ago
B2 Chapter 60 – Home Again ago
B2 Chapter 61 – Fall of Ferrent ago
B2 Chapter 62 – Fall of Ferrent II ago
B2 Chapter 63 – The End of an Empire ago
B2 – Epilogue ago
B3 Prologue – Rhul ago
B3 Chapter 1 – Bladed One ago
B3 Chapter 2 - Reckoning ago
B3 Chapter 3 - Voices ago
Decision ago

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Even though Re-incarnation concept is the same.. the way you developed the story till now is really unique.. MC is not  meek nor arrogant, whole being humble.  Even though MC is OP he doesn't show off, it's pace is also quite nice. and i am hoping you can release at lest a chapter daily (only hope though XD). and your story doesn't have grammatical mistakes and easily readable,and you wrote in a way that reader don't lose interest in the story so far. it's one of the best stories i have read.. Thanks for the story


The jewel of Royal Road Legends

EDIT: I think someday this Author will reemerge like the story's namesake, proving himself a Conqueror by achieving the best-rated #1 once again. For now he remains forgotten, but not forever. #WEREMEMBER

To me, this is the best story that this website have. And that is because it contains all of the regular clichês that you will normally see in this website's novels but delivers it in a refreshing and original form.

First of all, the main concept: reincarnation. I don't like this idea. I think it is silly and unnecessary in most of the novels. This is an exception. What normally happens that pisses me off is the fact that the MC reincarnates and thus is born with some sort of advantages over other peoples of this world but his past life don't really matter. The life the MC had, the people he met and the things he has done don't affect the story.

But here, in Forgotten Conqueror, the past life of the MC plays a major role not just in who he is but in the setting of the world and the plot (since it becomes the MC's goal to discover his origins and discover the status of his past-life enemies).

Usually, the author redirect's the reader's attention of the motive of the reincarnation (or give a half-assed excuses for it to have happened) and starts a new chain of events that the MC has to face.


Not here: the MC seeks only to live his life with his beloved family while researching the history of the world, looking for the motive of his reincarnation and to finish the things he couldn't in his past life (a.k.a. facing an antagonist that was not revealed, yet).  

Usually, the MC is overpowered but still manages to find struggles that require him to unleash some kind of hidden power and then finish off his enemies. Most times, the description of the MC's powers don't match his action when he is in danger, because although he is DESCRIBED AS OVERPOWER he really isn't. And that is fine with me. I like MC's that aren't overpower. What I don't like is this discrepancy in the description and plot, that is usually fixed by the author giving some kind of excuse for his enemy being an exception to the beforehand mentioned power-above-all of the MC.

But not here. Kaidus is described as a higher-being and act as such. He is strong, smart and is always ready to finish off his opponents with his full power. His life is never at stake. When he finds some kind of struggle is just to keep his identity a secret. And that is because he IS OVERPOWER not just DESCRIBED AS OVERPOWER and then faced with even more powerful enemies.

Those things together with gorgeous world building made by the author made me fall deeply in love with this novel. The only thing I could suggest is for the author to give a little more depth to the supporting characters (a.k.a. his family and friends).


Regarding other reviews:

@Sylth: You've made a serious mistake regarding the plot of this series. Kaidus haven't lived 20 lives. What happened is that he was born 20 times and killed at his birth, exactly for the motive of him not being able to control his mana at birth and thus having white hair. That is why, when he finally gets to live, such a long time has already passed. Also, you say that he shouldn't obey other people because he is utterly powerful. That is simply not how things work in life. If you think life that you really should try to change that mindset, because if you get some kind of power in your life people will not like you. He has power but he doesn't have to show off this fact. Actually, as long that it doesn't hurt his family or friends, Kaidus tries to live a normal life, seeking only knowledge. If he started to act in his everyday like the higher-being that he is, he would not be able to live the ordinary and quiet life with his family (one that he likes). By acting normal in his college he gets to continue to live a normal life with his family AND is able to research for his past. He doesn't do things just because he is told to, he does them because they are good for him. And regarding his father, Troyle, the injury he suffered doesn't make him useless. I don't know if you have ever had an injury, but the fact is that when you do, in most of the cases it doesn't make you like a disabled person. It just makes you worse than you were. The fact that Troyle was a top-tier mercenary enabled him to have some degree of skill even with an injured shoulder. I think that is all.


@boridu: Well... everyone has their tastes. But I don't think even if you don't like the novel you should say those things, because they simply are not true. If you really believe them you should read again and work hard you your interpretation skills.


1st book is good, 2nd not so much

Reviewed at: Decision

The first book is basically a collection of short stories about how awesome the MC is, but is pretty fun, hence a relatively high score even if I ended up dropping this. The 2nd book, though, is extremely filler-ish, and takes everything that wasn't good in the first, like the side characters, over descriptions, and plot points that lead nowhere, and makes it worse; it's not pretty fun.


I finaly registered on royal road, after blazing trough your ff in about 5 hours (from 1 am to 6 am in the morning) to thank you properly for the story and the wonderful time I had reading it.

As many have mentioned the world is very unique and hard to grasp at first, the story starts dark with many dead people, but so did humanity troughout it's early history! I like the  mature writing style,and the very human side of the charakters, with all their fear, jealousy, anxiety and anger.

Some have pointed out, that the reincarnation genre is already often used and nothing new, but so was the idea of a young gifted boy with magical abilitys attending school and many of us still liked Harry Potter! So it's not always about original ideas, but what you do with them and how you can captivate your readers in sharing the feelings of the characters, which in my humble opinion the author did very well.

Please keep up the good work and I hope you like the token of appreciation i left you via the new option !

(and please excuse my grammatical errors if I made any, for english is not my native tongue and I am writing this from my smartphone ^^)


One of the best stories i've read

I'm really enjoying reading this. The combination of your style and grammar make it easy and fun to read. The story is interesting, it's not going to fast or slow, just the right thing. Im hoping to see you uploading this story for a long time


Held back by every Cliche


Forgotten conqueror is a well written story with decent and engaging characters in a moderately engaging world.  It contains a good mix of action , drama and character development.  The character development suffers though because every character is either perfect moral superman or a mustache twirling villain begging to be killed.  Both the main character and the reader will  near instantly recognize them as they are introduced, making character development unnecessary. 

The author does a decent job of world building. He succeeds in making  a large and living world but fails somewhat in making it interesting. We never really want to learn more about the world as the only interesting or important character is the main one. A consequence of how overpowered he is. 



Too cliche and basic power fantasy driven. We are told that the church had his previous twenty reincarnations murdered but never see any  remnant of this church or how they knew to do so.  It seems to exist as as part the main characters "tragic backstory"  only to make it clear how ridiculously much hes suffered before the story even begins and so totally deserves to fly around the world like a bored godchild and killing all the cliche villains he can find on an epic quest to murder an entire global spanning organization because they annoyed him one time.  Or maybe it's because he personally dislikes their philosophy  of mages being in charge?   Strange , considering he kills and tortures anyone who gets in his way with magic and goes out of his way to point out how powerful he is and how that means no one can tell him what to do. 


its weird your ff not in best rated. Well your story is interesting one and the MC clearly has unique character. I hope you continue your story more!


Mindless fun but not especially good

Reviewed at: Decision

This was a fun serial just in terms of pure op character.  Magic system wasn't especially well put together but it didn't feel necessary to flesh it all out for a while.  The writing always felt pretty weak to me but it was a fun read.  Once he leaves the starting city though it becomes boring as well with a much weaker supporting cast and I'm dropping it


Has it's good points, but can be a chore to read

Skip the prologue, it's mostly just talking about how badass the MC is.

Pros: likeable characters, OP toddler situations, that kind of thing.
Cons: the entirety of the prologue, some pretentious/edgy dialogue and descriptions, gives plenty of attention to irrelevant things, lots of boring action, every villain is the same "do you know who i am?!" kinda guy.

I've read until b2c54 and i think i'm going to drop this, the fun parts of the story is when the MC is a child and his interactions with his family, the MC's travels and stuff like that. But the author tries to give the story some tension and action with some villains and stuff and fails so hard it's somewhat impressive, the story boils down to loops of "Will the MC arrive in time" and the worst part is how boring the action is, not only does the author give plenty of attention to irrelevant characters that are going to be killed off, when the MC is going to kill a villain he doesn't just kill them, no, he has to have a elaborate fight and show the enemy who's boss and lots of times there is absolutely no reason to do that. The MC never shows much semblance of planning or intelligence and neither do the villains.

And don't even get me started on the "woe is me" and "i have darkness inside me" stuff. The tragic backstory serves well to kickstart the story, but that's it. Whenever it comes back it only drags the story down and the MC is none the better for it, he still only throws his overwhelming power around and he doesn't even do THAT well.


Immersive storytelling!

I came to this site looking specifically for Original English Light Novels, but then I came to this fantasy masterpiece.

By now, I personally differentiate "light novel" and "YA novel" in the terms of their commercial-quality. A lot of light novels begin as web novels, and thus, allow for more exploration of the world, the mechanics of the magic system, and the characters without being limited by the need to make it presentable. Pardon me for mentioning this here, as I am still looking for light novel shape in the middle of the market today. Perhaps it's still not the right direction, and I'm looking forward to be corrected. :D 

Anyway, this is precisely what this story develops. More exploration, more details without worrying of getting cut since "it's not necessary to the main plot or character development". And I love this story for that. It's those fantasy stories that I grow up in and come to love, but with so much more freedom for the author that a lot of YA novel authors (I think) don't allow themselves to have.

I'm always an emotional reader, and thus Overall score is how I generally feel about a story. And thus I gave it 5 stars. 

But then here comes the nitpicky parts.



This is probably what I love the most. So far, the handful count of stories I read here usually come off as "fanfictions". The titles I love beside this one is following either Moonlight Sculptor, or Mushoku Tensei. But this story is so comfortable in its clothes. Not particularly bowing to a light novel I have in mind, this is more like a nod YA Fantasy novel with so much liberty of exploration. Love it. 

The storytelling is also immersive. Not only it has an established, complicated, and rich premise, it also delivers the premise with mastery. Several tidbits of the past come naturally, and not only through the main character, but also from other characters. 

It might be contrary to what I mentioned above, but I just want to say that it also doesn't promise too much. They usually come as prophecies to be fulfilled, quests, or the cryptic message about "if the right people know, they will be rewarded accordingly". It just focuses on Kaidus' agenda, and his determination to protect his current life.

But I also love the Headmaster who tries to throw Kaidus off the balance a little, making him responsible for the other students, expanding his "current life" more than just his family. Making him live properly, I should say. So, nice subplot. 



There still leaves so much for the story to tell. I assume this part focuses on the Plot rather than the style, so I have nothing much to say. The plot is threaded carefully and with no rush. 



I'm not an English native speaker, so I don't really notice grammar mistakes inside the story. It's good enough to make the reader drown in the story itself, it's good enough for me. 



Now how should I go with this? 

Since the beginning, Kaidus already has an established character. This is not a coming-of-age story. But, he also has his own demons, and the inner struggle is real. I love it.

Not only him, even his parents have the little character growth. I also love the take on Prim. I'd love to see more rivalry, but Kaidus is already too OP. It won't be fair to the people around him. But if he can't have rivalry about magic, there are still other ways to have rivalry about; his research, for example. A young character knowledgeable and also in the pursuit of knowledge just as passionate as he is would provide a good balance.

^ But I'm just thinking about it on a whim]

Anyway, everyone is well developed, but I'd also love to see more outside factors that will tip him off of balance besides polite, love for family, hatred for injustice, or pissed off by the headmaster. (LOL)



It's probably a 3.5 stars. 

There is a lack of in-reference to our world as to how your time terms might mean, or what significance it has in that world to be different. (Like, lunar calendar for farming, tree-months for hunter-gatherer culture, etc.) 

I love the magical system and the ranks, it is well explained and give adequate general idea. I haven't checked the glossary yet, but it's probably described even further there. 

The lack is actually for so wide a world that not even reborn 27 times will make Kaidus know everything, he still hasn't explored it other than reading the books. 


It still has rooms for growth, but I came here to enjoy the ride.

Thank you for writing this masterpiece. :D I'll definitely follow through until the end~