We were facing each other. Orga`s defense was almost legendary. He was able to withstand all-out barrage in the movie. I wonder how will it work now, but there is one difference. In the movie, Orga had the same size as Godzilla but I am almost 20 meters taller than him and almost 3 times as heavy. Let's see if he will be able to swallow me like he is planning. He shot energy blast from hump on his back. It blasted me away like I nothing. I stopped after flying 100 meters. And he has good firepower.

-Hahaha, you think that this will hurt me? You are pathetic. Eat this!- I went all-out and blasted him with my breath with full power. Radiation that I emitted would be able to kill all of living forms ins Tokyo, including cockroaches. Orga howled but withstood my breath. He was quite resistant. I rushed to him. He started moving too. We head-butted each other. That was very painful. I slapped him with the tail. It gave no effect. I tried to scratch him with claws but all I achieved were sparks. We took step back. I was looking into his eyes. Then I remembered something. His outer layer is almost indestructible, but his innard is a completely different story. When he was trying to swallow Godzilla he exploded. He could not stand the energy. I decided to do the same thing but without being swallowed. It is unpleasant and it would damage my pride and dignity as a King.

-You are not so strong king. Your title is empty, you are just a-Do not say these words, you will regret this.-stupid lizard.

I snapped, he will beg for mercy. My energy started to gather in my chest, or more exactly heart, then it was distributed at a faster speed to the everey cell in my body. Spiritual energy and radiation, the most explosive combination, I think. My usual yellow-green eyes started to glow in the blue light. I slowly changed into a red light. My body was so hot that it could melt steel. I rushed at him again. This time I launched a right hook, the moment that my punch connected I used a short nuclear pulse. I send him flying. I was angry, he dared to call me a lizard. This insult requires blood, and this will be blood from his heart. I smashed the ground with tail and dropkicked him. He was struggling but no one is able to shake off a person who is more than 5X your body weight. I started to stomp on him. The ground was shaking. I created a giant hole. Orga tried to say something but I caught his tongue and ripped it off. - You are not so sturdy from the inside right.- I released short nuclear pulse which transformed hole into a giant crater. Orga was struggling to shake me off. He shot with his energy blast. I send me flying to the sky. He stood up and tried to shot while I wasn't able to dodge or block. -You think that you can hit me because I in the air?

-You will die your majesty, and I will take your throne.

-You will die Orga, right here, right now.- He shot at me, and I shot my breath, WOOOOOOOOM, but I wasn't targeting him. I breathed to the side so I could dodge his blast. Our attacks collided and exploded creating a big mushroom. I started to fall again. Orga did not expect me to survive, not that explosion, but to his surprise, I landed on top of his head. He was buried, I stood up and grabbed his short tail. I made quick spin and he was sent flying - You have a date, with a wall!- His armor was cracked in some places but he was still alive. I charged my red breath. Before he could prepare, he was hit with my breath. His left arm was vaporized. Even rock behind him could not withstand and melted. I created a canyon with a big cliff. He started to climb. His big claws were perfect for this job. He was faster than I thought. He was standing on top of the cliff.

-I will be back your majesty. Then you will die.

-I am not so sure about this.- I charged up my breath and with its help, I started to fly. He was petrified when he saw this. I landed behind Orga.-I told you that you will die today. - I grabbed his wound. My claws cut deep into his body. Soon my arm was deep enough that only my elbow could be seen. He was screaming in pain.- Where is your confidence now? You are nothing more than a cockroach. Wait, if I call you a cockroach I will be rude to all cockroaches in the world. Now, do you understand the difference between us?

-Mercy, please forgive my King.

-Sorry, we are out of stock.- I grabbed his jaw and stretched it. I took a deep breath and finished him just like Muto.He started to burn, after a few second he started to melt. I ate his soul and crystal. I tasted like a mint candy, the closest thing would be Hals, but without this cold sensation. I dropped his body, it was worthless to me. I haveli stomped on the ground and roared in the moment of triumph. I forgot that I was standing at the edge of the cliff. It could not without my body weight and collapsed. I grabbed the edge and tried to pull myself up. I presume that if I someone was looking from the side he could see the biggest cliffhanger in the world.

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