What is god to a non believer

What is god to a non believer

by saszeta

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Reincarnated as Godzilla. Cultivation world, monsters, angry GOD, god and many others. King of the Monsters vs all.

PS: Sorry for any mistakes I make. English is not my language. I am still learning.

I do not own any pictures I will post here


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Word Count (VIII)
Top List #2000
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
C1: SMS&food ago
C2: Hunting or fighting? ago
C3: Pirate Candy ago
C4: Shield&Pan ago
C5: SMS&Carrot ago
C6: Lolipop ago
C7: Shield&King ago
C8: Standard D.I.D. ago
C9: Warrior Princess ago
C10: Past&Future ago
Side story: Gift from the King ago
Side story: Gift from the King part 2 ago
Side story: Gift from the King part 3 ago
C11: First opponent ago
shedule&teaser ago
C:12 First win. ago
C13: Do you even lift ? ago
C14: Relax Time ago
C15: Is this love? ago
C16: SMS&Hissy fit ago
C17: Revenge time part 1 ago
C18: Revenge time part 2 ago
C19: Standard GGNGG ago
C20: Sightseeing&underworld ago
C21: Nightmere&city lord ago
C22: Who will eat who? ago
C23: Cliffhanger ago
Side story: Training in Hell ago
Side story: Training in Hell 2 ago
C24: Shit happens ago
C25: Fate&Enemy ago
C26: GOD&plans&sibling ago
C27: Evil plans ago
C28: High Ground ago
C29: This Isn't Even My Final Form! ago
C30: Her eyes ago
C31: Idle Talk ago
Side Story: Stairway To Heaven ago
Poll ago
Side Story: Highway To Hell ago
C32: Holiday ago
C33: Bath&Rise&Shine ago
C34: Morning Call ago
Teaser for C35 ago
C35: Happy family reunion ago
C36: Final War ago
C:37 Final War ago
C:38 Final War ago
C:39 Final War ago
C:40 What is a god to a non-beliver? ago
Epilogue ago
POLL ago

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A Perfectly Executed Terribad Fanfic

Reviewed at: POLL

The technical aspects of this story are atrocious. However, I don't give a duck! Know why? Because most of the Godzilla movies are trash too and they're still great. So, basically you just ignore the B-movie feel of the writing and enjoy watching Godzilla smash through a cultivation world.


it's a good storyline. jumps around alot alot and grammer can bee better but overall good novel. good jokes and nice to just jumble all those difrent things together. good job


Great Title, Terribly Written

Reviewed at: C8: Standard D.I.D.

I tried to keep on going, but the overall grammar is terrible. The author jumps from one idea to another without making any sense. 

It has hilarious parts though