What is god to a non believer

by saszeta

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Horror Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Reincarnated as Godzilla. Cultivation world, monsters, angry GOD, god and many others. King of the Monsters vs all.

PS: Sorry for any mistakes I make. English is not my language. I am still learning.

I do not own any pictures I will post here


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
C1: SMS&food ago
C2: Hunting or fighting? ago
C3: Pirate Candy ago
C4: Shield&Pan ago
C5: SMS&Carrot ago
C6: Lolipop ago
C7: Shield&King ago
C8: Standard D.I.D. ago
C9: Warrior Princess ago
C10: Past&Future ago
Side story: Gift from the King ago
Side story: Gift from the King part 2 ago
Side story: Gift from the King part 3 ago
C11: First opponent ago
shedule&teaser ago
C:12 First win. ago
C13: Do you even lift ? ago
C14: Relax Time ago
C15: Is this love? ago
C16: SMS&Hissy fit ago
C17: Revenge time part 1 ago
C18: Revenge time part 2 ago
C19: Standard GGNGG ago
C20: Sightseeing&underworld ago
C21: Nightmere&city lord ago
C22: Who will eat who? ago
C23: Cliffhanger ago
Side story: Training in Hell ago
Side story: Training in Hell 2 ago
C24: Shit happens ago
C25: Fate&Enemy ago
C26: GOD&plans&sibling ago
C27: Evil plans ago
C28: High Ground ago
C29: This Isn't Even My Final Form! ago
C30: Her eyes ago
C31: Idle Talk ago
Side Story: Stairway To Heaven ago
Poll ago
Side Story: Highway To Hell ago
C32: Holiday ago
C33: Bath&Rise&Shine ago
C34: Morning Call ago
Teaser for C35 ago
C35: Happy family reunion ago
C36: Final War ago
C:37 Final War ago
C:38 Final War ago
C:39 Final War ago
C:40 What is a god to a non-beliver? ago
Epilogue ago
POLL ago

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things happen. Grammar is bad. Story jumps around like a bunny on crack. Character is dumb. I lost a few brain cells!