Make No Mistakes

Make No Mistakes

by WuLiaoDeShen

A nameless swordsman has slain the demon lord, but died seconds after doing so.

A lazy god, gives him a chance to choose his options in reincarnation.

A new world to be in, a new life to live, a new name to live by.

With old memories, with possibly old friends, and with old enemies.

Follow Lemir in a world unlike his own, where he keeps his memories of an old world.

Unrelated to FF description : Do note that some of the tags might not appear apparent until much, much later!

Update 27/6/15 : Series will be put on indefinite hiatus. Tags that do not seem relevant yet have been removed for now.
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Potential with interesting characters

The selling point of this series will be the characters. There is also a good amount of detail in describing the characters so far. Could use more content when describing the world.




As far as i have read there is no action or adventure this is only school life/slice of life comedy with romance... indeed the past may have some of it but the story is not the same anymore, reverting the "world" where they reincarnated was a good and new twist but for me who was attracted by the action adventure tag i kinda find it tricky still its a good read for those who are looking for a rom/com genre 


This fanfiction is very deserving of 5 stars overall, I honestly don't understand why someone would mark it down [3 stars] whilst the series is still in the early chapters.


I must say, I have enjoyed this Fanfic quite a bit, and I'm a bit surprised about that.I came to this with certain expectation considering this is a reincarnation story, but after I shed this preconceptions, I was able to see this a uniquely different story. It's more of a slice of life story right now, I have the impression that we are slowly being introduced to the characters and things will shift into a high gear later on (though I am satisfied with the way it is right now and don't particularly need it to get action packed)


I can actually see this as an anime.


I’m not gonna lie… it feels like one hell of a long prologue leading into their VRMMO days lol… its pretty good nonetheless! keep up the up the good work.


Enjoyable twist to the whole reincarnation.

A little bit of this and that of each genre, this perked my interest.
Though the progressive story telling is a bit slow due to a huge amount of characters needed to be fleshed out, I still enjoyed it. Guess we are nearing the VRMMO arc as it seems like all the supposedly main casts are already lined up. Looking foward to how Lemir(lol) try to re-awake the memories of his past allies. Really like the slice-of-life feel of the story and how it is light-hearted, keep up the good work.
Overall 4/5 


A delightful blend of several genres

Fantasy characters dropped into a modern Earth setting, reincarnation, and likely future VR developments all mash together to make a fun read.