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Chapter 18

In the past few days, after the Demon Lord of the Night, Nikado Lemir (1st Year), defeated the Golden Basilisk of Death Touch, Li Mi Er(2nd Year, Member of DC), things got chaotic as many problems arose. Out of all these problems, three of them really stood out from the others, though the last problem actually outshone even the first two.

Firstly, Li Mi Er has not turned up at school even once ever since that day. A quick check with Chigusa Chihiro(2nd Year, Vice-President of DC), who appears to be the closest to Mi Er, would cause Chigusa-san’s own face to turn into one of a really depressed person. When pressed for answers, Chigusa-san just took out her own phone and showed us a picture.

On the picture, it was a note with the following words…

“I’m going back to train in the mountains. Don’t follow me.” signed by Li Mi Er.

Upon seeing the note, we understood immediately why Chigusa-san looked so haggard. Anyone who sees this note would only get worried and not otherwise. Thus we decided to stop bothering her. This is only the first of the three huge problems.

Secondly, the regular members of the DC started to transfer out from this school one by one. The only ones remaining were the previously mentioned Chigusa Chihiro-san, the Vice President of the DC, and Yamazaki Yamagi-san, the President of the DC. Nobody dared to join the DC, as rumours say that it was their idea to make Li Mi Er and Nikado Lemir fight each other.

However, it seems that they are still managing to cope with the problems that are sent to the DC, though we are unable to interview them due to their busy schedule.

Lastly, the various delinquents that were kept in check due to Li Mi Er started showing up again, banding together under the name of the Demon Lord of the Night. At first, everyone thought that it’s the end for the students of this school, as many people prepared to transfer out. Of course, the administrative needed time to approve or disprove all of them, but something unexpected happened first.

On the second day after all the delinquents decided to recognise the Demon Lord of the Night as boss, they all seemed to quiet down. It was very weird. On the third day, mustering up his courage, one of our members approached one of those delinquents to find out what happened. We, who were at the back, did not expect the delinquent to answer. The first part of his answer was as follows…

Delinquent [Japanese] : “Ah… I wanted to tell someone everything anyway. Please write this down! The Demon Lord of the Night is far more terrifying than we thought!”

This terrified our members a lot, but with the spirit of a true reporter, they stood firm! That is why we were able to bring you this news! The second part of his answer was as follows…

Delinquent [Japanese] : “You see, two days ago, we thought it was time for us to get back into power, but we needed the Demon Lord of the Night as our boss. So about 30 of us went and find him. When we told him everything, he just frowned and nodded. He decided to give his first order.”

Our members listened carefully at this point, as this order was definitely what caused all the delinquents to quiet down.

Delinquent [Japanese] : “But who would ever have thought… that he would tell all of us to just behave properly like normal students! All of us didn’t like that, but didn’t dare to attack him, as we had seen the fight too. But this one idiot decided to attack him. Seeing as one person attacked, all of us attacked as well.”

Our members who were questioning him at that time gasped. According to what this delinquent said, there were 30 people against a single person. Even if we called him the Demon Lord of the Night, Nikado-kun is still a human. Of course, we all expected him to have been beaten up, but…

Delinquent [Japanese] : “But you wouldn’t believe what we saw and felt that day. Before we made it to him, an intense pressure suddenly appeared. It caused all of us to stop. There were some who just suddenly sat on the floor and started crying. Some even pissed their pants! You know, we were all real delinquents! To think one of us would start crying or piss in their pants! But the pressure was too strong. We couldn’t make a sound. Even these thoughts I’m telling you now, were formed only after he left! But before he left, he told us something. “Listen to my order. You already recognised me as boss, so you should listen to me.””

The delinquent left after leaving these answers. Our members stood rooted to their spot, only waking up when the school bell rang. It was a really terrifying story, so our members no longer dare to approach Nikado Lemir because of this. For the delinquent’s safety, his name will not be revealed.

News Headline of Shinkyoku Middle School, by the Newspaper Club


The time was now in the afternoon. Lemir was currently jogging home on his regular route.

Lemir was feeling really unhappy. He saw the newspaper of his school earlier today, and he felt that this particular delinquent really exaggerated things. While he did release some of his killing intent that was honed in his previous life, it did not cause any of the 30 delinquents that day to start crying or piss their pants, like the news said.

However, he understood that nobody will believe him, and everyone will avoid him at all cost. So he decided to bear with it. At first, he was also surprised that the killing intent he didn’t utilise for 13 years would suddenly appear. The reason for this was because seeing the delinquents bullying some of the other students reminded him of the unpleasant things the demons did to humans, and at that time, the 30 delinquents decided to attack him, so the killing intent appeared.

Even though they were delinquents who got in fights every day, this was still a relatively peaceful world. They had no experience regarding “Kill or Be Killed” situations, and naturally they had no resistance against the killing intent.

As for the other problem regarding Mi Er, he did not expect her to suddenly go to train in the mountains. Lemir wondered, “Is training in the mountains a good idea in this world too?” What Lemir didn’t know was that Mi Er was just influenced by manga and games, but she didn’t actually go directly to the mountains, and just went back to Hong Kong to train with her grandfather.

It was not told to the newspaper club, but Chihiro actually knows about this. She also knows that Mi Er had transferred out of this school as well, but whether to a school in Hong Kong or not, she didn’t know. Mi Er just left the note to imitate those main characters from manga and games who are training.

As for the members of the DC transferring to another school, he did not care too much about it. After all, he felt that it was unrelated to his problems, even if he was the cause of it.

Lemir sighed, and decided not to think too much about this anymore. Although it would be extremely difficult to find new friends now, he didn’t care much either. He felt that all he needed was the friends that were already by his side. But then when he thought about it, everything happened because Luke was being extremely loud when making friends with Malaixa. He was not sure if Malaixa minded this, even though she said she didn’t, as people would avoid her too.

Lemir sighed again. He felt that he has been sighing very often ever since coming to this world and meeting people who could possibly be his old friends.

Unknown to him, Malaixa was actually secretly happy about the developments. People won’t approach her to disturb her, because she was “Lemir’s girl”, and people won’t make friends with Lemir anymore. To her, this was what the mortals of this world call “killing two birds with one stone”.

Soon, he arrived home and he started getting ready for the sparring matches.


One year go by in a flash. Lemir has once again grown taller; he is now 1.9m tall. It was really tall for a Japanese person, but this was how tall Lemir used to be in his previous life. He also looks more like a teenager now, being 14 years old and all.

Arata and Luke grew at a normal pace, having reached 1.6m and 1.65m respectively. Malaixa, on the other hand, had not grown at all, and stayed at 1.4m. Unexpectedly, Malaixa was actually feeling frustrated about her own height. Malaixa had not noticed this either, and she was also starting to show more actions befitting a young girl. Blushing more often, raising her voice more often, and getting flustered more often.

Regarding Mi Er, everyone found out from Chihiro after she released the news a few months after she left. She also became the new president of the DC after the previous president graduated. All of the remaining DC members had long transferred out of this school last year, as they were afraid of Lemir. As a last ditch effort, she asked Lemir and his friends to join the DC.

Seeing as he was the cause of most things that happened to the DC, he decided to help. Luke of course, decided to help his female senior. Arata also hopped on board for fun, and Malaixa decided to join just to spend more time with Lemir, to watch him.

As a result, this helped soften Lemir’s reputation. Although he had kept the delinquents in check just like Mi Er, it felt like Lemir was much more effective, and thus students were still afraid to approach him. But when Lemir joined the DC and started helping out like a normal student, it helped soften his image considerably, and his classmates started interacting with him again. Lemir was, of course, very happy about this too.

On the other hand, Malaixa was unhappy about this, as people would not be as afraid to approach them anymore. Even though she would never admit it, she did personally enjoy some of the times within Lemir’s small group of friends. She had never felt this before in her demon lord’s lives, and it was something new to her.


Very quickly, the 5th of June for this year arrived. It was both Lemir’s and Malaixa’s birthday. Luke had once commented when everyone found out about their birthdays, “You two are fated to be together, having so many things in common… I, Luke Velmont, have done a great thing by bringing you two together in this life.”

Incidentally, Luke was born on 4th of May, and Arata was born on 27th of May. Unexpectedly, Lemir and Malaixa were actually the youngest in their group. A further investigation into the time would make Malaixa younger than Lemir by a few hours.

Thus, they decided to have a party after school. Lemir agreed, as it was his birthday, and decided not to do any training today and just let loose. Of course, Malaixa followed them as well. They had a small party at a karaoke lounge, and spent some time in there singing.

They also found out a couple of unexpected but interesting things as well, such as Lemir being completely tone-deaf, Arata being able to sing at relatively high notes and Luke being absurdly bad at English songs despite being born in America. The most unexpected thing was that Malaixa actually sang really well for someone who was usually quiet. The three of them kept praising her singing, to the point that Malaixa actually smiled. Everyone would feel happy about being praised after all.

Soon, it was time for them to go home. The four of them separated at a junction, as they all actually lived in separate directions. When Lemir got home, he was introduced to another party by his family. Even though it was actually just an excuse for them to drink alcohol like crazy, Lemir was still happy about it.

Similarly to Lemir, Malaixa was also surprised with a birthday party by her parents and the maids serving her. Malaixa just froze, as she didn’t know how to react. Although she was able to pretend to be happy during her previous birthdays, something was different this year. Her parents seemed confused as Malaixa had not reacted yet, but Malaixa recovered when her parents looked confused. She decided to investigate later instead.

After their parties ended, they both prepared to go to sleep. They knew that it was time to meet Acedia again. As they both got into their own beds to sleep, they quickly drifted off to sleep…


As Lemir opened his eyes, he found himself in the living room of the Nikado household. It was no longer the tavern from his time as an adventurer.

Lemir [Japanese] : “It seems that this house is now much more dear to me than the tavern from my previous life…”

After speaking, Lemir was surprised that he was speaking Japanese instead. The previous two times he was here, he spoke in the OWL. Before he could think about it, a white door of light appeared. Lemir thought that Acedia is coming.

However, the one who walked out from the door was someone unfamiliar to Lemir. It was a man, and for some reason gave off an oppressive feeling unlike Acedia. “It should be another God, but…”, Lemir thought.

Something tells him that the person standing in front of him was not a God. But he couldn’t tell what that something is. Thus, he decided to ask the all-important question.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Who are you?”

End Chapter 18

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