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Chapter 16

In the dojo, Lemir is currently sparring with an older woman. Her facial features were very similar to Lemir’s own facial features. She was Nikado Akami, Lemir’s oldest sister. She was still doing occasional training in the dojo, and spars with Lemir every now and then despite having a boyfriend. As it was not a serious spar, it ended soon afterwards. While drinking from his bottle, Akami spoke to him.

Akami [Japanese] : “What’s wrong? You don’t seem to be as energetic today. Did something happen in school?”

Lemir was surprised that she could tell that easily, but then decided not to think too much about it. He then told her the whole story about how he had a short fight in school, and how crazy rumours started to spread because of it. He also went on to talk about a possible “rematch” with Mi Er in school in 2 days, and what he has to do during that fight. Akami seemed a little shocked, as her mouth was agape.

Akami [Japanese] : “You mean… the teachers allowed this? That is really surprising to me.”

Lemir [Japanese] : “I know right? At first, I didn’t think much of it, but when I got home, the thought came to me.”

Akami [Japanese] : “I don’t think ji-chan will allow you to lose easily…”

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “Of course I won’t!”

With this familiar loud voice coming from behind them, both Lemir and Akami shook before turning around, and finding Ryuugami behind them. It seems that he had been eavesdropping on their conversation, and decided to intrude at this point.

Lemir & Akami [Japanese] : “Er… good afternoon, ji-chan.”

Ryuugami didn’t return their greetings and glared at Lemir.

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “Lemir, I will get a student to record down the fight, and if I see that you lost on purpose, you don’t have to come home anymore! As someone who has mastered Dragon God Style at the age of 11, you don’t lose on purpose!”

Like Ryuugami had said, Lemir had already mastered the Dragon God Style when he was 11 years old. By that time, Lemir had already realised that despite having such a grand name like “Dragon God Style”, it was extremely similar to his own self-taught martial arts from his previous life, and thus it was very easy for Lemir to master.

Each of the forms or moves was to deal with a specific situation, similar to how he chose to react appropriately in battle in the previous world. Except that the Dragon God Style was formed during a relatively peaceful era, while his own was forged in various life-and-death battles. Thus, to simulate the moves from the Dragon God Style was easy for him.

Even so, Ryuugami was still able to beat him in sparring matches without much effort. “Perhaps this is due to years of wisdom and experience”, Lemir had thought. After all, Ryuugami’s single lifetime worth of years was still more than Lemir’s two lifetime worth of years.

Also, when Ryuugami had said that he would get a student to record down the fight, he will do just that. As Lemir had supposedly already mastered the Dragon God Style, there was not much for him to do besides teaching the new disciples that his older disciples introduce. Thus, Ryuugami was an old man in his sixties with a lot of time.

Akami [Japanese] : “Come on, ji-chan! His situation in school is terrible, you know! Just cut him some slack!”

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “A man should be able to deal with it. If you don’t like it, then defeat me in a sparring match. Then, I’ll let Lemir lose on purpose in that match.”

With that line, Ryuugami managed to shut both of them up. It was a line Ryuugami had always said in the dojo. If someone doesn’t like his rules, then they should challenge him and beat him up. It was the immature part of Ryuugami. According to the “Nikado Legends”, nobody has ever defeated Ryuugami in such a challenge except Lemir’s late grandmother. But, that is a story for another time.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Alright, I got it. I’ll fight seriously. However, if I still lose, you should be able to accept it, right?”

Despite saying that he might lose, Lemir did not believe he would be able to lose without giving the opponent an advantage.

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “As long as you don’t lose on purpose, it should be fine. It would be fine to bring the winner to meet me too. Hehe, I’ll give the winner a good “treatment”…

Lemir decided to stop listening at that point, and left the dojo to head home and bath. Meanwhile, Malaixa had seen this entire situation unfold from the beginning. She was just smiling, and wondering how Lemir will handle such a situation. But her thoughts were interrupted by Zahhak.

Zahhak [OWL] : “Wow, master! You must really like that guy, huh. Although I’ve never spoken about this before, but you’re even peeking at him while he is bathing! And you’re even staring at “that” quite intently… It seems the size is pretty big for a 13 year old.”

Malaixa blushed, even though she did not plan to. The reason why she was staring at “it” was because she was thinking about how in all of her previous lives as a demon lord, she was a male, but now she was missing that particular organ specific to man. Of course, she didn’t realise she was blushing.

Malaixa [OWL] : “THAT’S NOT IT! I’m just…”

As Malaixa was about to explain about how she was a male demon lord in her previous life, she stopped. After all, she had never told anyone, even Zahhak, about her previous life. All she did was taught Zahhak the OWL. She also didn’t realise that her outburst was also unnatural and rare for a demon lord. Malaixa faked a cough, although she was still blushing, before continuing.

Malaixa [OWL] : “You should just obey my orders. Don’t question them.”

Zahhak [OWL] : “Yes, yes. Should I make the image clearer for you, master?”

Malaixa [OWL] : “There’s no need. Now, just stay silent.”

Malaixa continued watching Lemir go about doing his own activities in silence…


Yamagi [Japanese] : “As expected, your family did not agree, huh…”

It was the next day, and once again, Lemir was in the Disciplinary Committee (DC) room. Lessons were over, and Lemir visited them again. This time, everyone from the DC including Mi Er was present in the room. Lemir was secretly relieved, as he had previously thought that the other 2 seniors of his were afraid of him too. Mi Er then suddenly stood up and spoke.

Mi Er [Japanese] : “Doesn’t matter! The Golden Basilisk of Death Touch will always prevail! And thus the Demon Lord of the Night will fall! Fuhaha- Ouch!”

Before she finished her laugh, she was smacked on the head with a book. The culprit was Chihiro.

Chihiro [Japanese] : “Mi Er, we are having a serious chat here. Don’t suddenly speak and interrupt the discussion!”

Mi Er [Japanese] : “Yes…”

Mi Er was holding her head with a teary eye, but she kept quiet. Like several days ago, Chihiro seems to be the only one able to control Mi Er normally.

Yamagi [Japanese] : “Thanks, Chihiro. Anyway, if you can’t lose the fight on purpose, then Mi Er will just have to do her best, right?”

Lemir, Chihiro, Kimura & Fushimi [Japanese] : “Eh?”

Yamagi [Japanese] : “What’s wrong? Didn’t we already plan for this?”

Yamagi had spoken as though it was natural, but everyone except Mi Er was stupefied and were unable to speak. But soon, someone recovered. It was Lemir.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Hold on, wasn’t the plan for me to lose on purpose?”

Yamagi [Japanese] : “Yeah, so? You two are still going to fight, and Mi Er will win, right?”

It seems that Yamagi thinks that Mi Er will naturally defeat Lemir, even if he was fighting seriously. Lemir did not like that, but he kept quiet. Mi Er, on the other hand, spoke proudly.

Mi Er [Japanese] : “Of course I will win! The Golden Basilisk of Death Touch never loses!”

The other members besides Chihiro and Yamagi let out a sigh at this, and their faces seemed to go back to normal.

Kimura [Japanese] : “That’s right, isn’t it? Mi Er, who beat up all the delinquents in school won’t lose that easily, especially not to a freshman.”

Fushimi [Japanese] : “Yeah, I think we had thought too much about this. They just have to fight and Mi Er will beat up Lemir easily…”

Chihiro on the other hand, still looked a bit sullen. After all, she had witnessed the fight between Lemir and Mi Er that day, although she cut it short. She was not completely sure about Mi Er’s victory.

Having heard all of those words, Lemir felt annoyed on the inside. He did not think he would lose unless he lost on purpose to Mi Er. Slowly, a fire burned inside him, and he had decided, “Screw the rumours; I am going for the win! Sorry Mi Er, but I am sure you can put up with a few bruises with that body.”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Since you guys think that Mi Er will be able to defeat me even without me giving her an advantage, I won’t be going easy on her tomorrow. Good bye.”

Chihiro [Japanese] : “Wait, Nikado-kun!”

Chihiro called out to Lemir, but he had already left the room. Now, the only ones remaining are the people from the DC. Chihiro was now very worried. She had personally witnessed their fight that day, and Lemir had actually not fought back against Mi Er. And tomorrow, they were going to fight seriously. She then turned to face Kimura and Fushimi.

Chihiro [Japanese] : “The both of you should not have spoken those words. Now, Nikado-kun is going to fight seriously against Mi Er. What will you do if either of them gets hurt badly?”

Even though Chihiro seemed to be scolding the two of them, they did not seem repentant. Fushimi spoke first.

Fushimi [Japanese] : “It should be fine, right? After all, Mi Er can’t possibly lose to anyone.”

Kimura [Japanese] : “Yeah, don’t you remember how she beat up that high schooler who came to take revenge for one of the delinquents? She won’t have any problems with a freshman.”

What Kimura didn’t know was that Lemir had been sparring with people older than him since a much younger age. It was information they would never know unless Lemir spoke of it.

Hearing their words, a sigh escaped from Chihiro’s mouth. Yamagi then reassured her.

Yamagi [Japanese] : “Well, it should be fine. If the impossible happens, then we’ll try to recruit him into the DC. Or maybe send him to join the Student Council. Either them or us should be fine.”

Mi Er [Japanese] : “Don’t worry, the Golden Basilisk of Death Touch does not know defeat!”

Hearing such words, Chihiro just got even more worried about tomorrow’s fight…

End Chapter 16

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