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Chapter 13

Soon, a week goes by. For the past week, Lemir was unable to find an opportunity to speak with Malaixa. Once again, she was sitting in the front of the class, with her pitiful height of 1.4m. Despite giving a normal introduction this year, she hasn’t spoken much with the other classmates. Lemir was worried that Malaixa might end up becoming isolated in class as a result. But he just couldn’t find an opportunity.

Of course, this was due to Malaixa watching Lemir’s movements. Why had Lemir not even walked past her by coincidence even after all these years? It was because she had been watching his movements all the time, avoiding him even in the corridor and meeting him due to coincidence. But this time, Lemir intended to make friends with her, but Malaixa had no idea.

At the same time, Arata seemed to be fidgeting a lot. It started happening on the second day of school. Luke and Lemir kept asking him about why he was being like this, but he never answered. He always ran off before they could corner him. But today, Luke and Lemir had made a plan to stop him from leaving the classroom. Soon, class ended, and it was lunch break.

Luke [Japanese] : “Are you ready, Lemir?”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Yeah, I guess we don’t have a choice... Let’s do it.”

Arata [Japanese] : “R… ready for what…?”

Luke quickly locked Arata’s arms behind his back while Lemir took Arata’s bag “hostage”. They have been friends for so long, getting rough with each other was no problem to them.

Luke [Japanese] : “Now then, Arata. Tell us, why have you been acting strange ever since the second day of school? You won’t escape this time!”

Arata [Japanese] : “Wha… But-“

Lemir [Japanese] : “Yeah, you really won’t be able to get away at all, Arata. Just tell us. We are getting worried about your strange behaviour.”

Arata thought about his situation for a bit, before resigning himself to his fate.

Arata [Japanese] : “Fine. I’ll tell you guys. Don’t let anyone else hear this, okay?! Especially the girls!”

Arata spoke the second half really softly, as he didn’t want anyone else to know the story. Luke released Arata and the three of them sat down around Lemir’s table again.

Arata [Japanese] : “It all started on the first day of school, when I got home…”


Arata [Japanese] : “I’m back!”

Aragi [Japanese] : “So you’re home. Come to Araki-aniki’s room later. We have something we need to discuss with you.”

Arata [Japanese] : “Sure. Just give me a few minutes to change.”

Arata quickly changed his uniform into more comfortable clothes. He then made his way to the room of his oldest brother, Araki. Araki immediately spoke before Arata could greet them.

Araki [Japanese] : “So, you’re finally in middle school. That means you are also going to be 13 years old this year, right?”

Arata nodded, as it was an obvious thing. But he didn’t get why he was called here. If all Araki wanted to do was congratulate him on entering middle school, he could have just done so anywhere else. Why call him to his room? Aragi, who was also in the room, spoke as well.

Aragi [Japanese] : “Hey, Arata. You remember that box under aniki’s bed from years ago? We’re going to show you what was inside it, and its contents.”

Arata immediately recalled that box under Araki’s bed which had CDs with strange names on it. But he was still confused. It could have been shown to him in the living room, so he asked them this question.

Arata [Japanese] : “But why not show it to be in the living room? I remember there’s a CD player there, even though it is quite old.”

Araki [Japanese] : “NO! We definitely can’t show it in the living room!”

Aragi [Japanese] : “YEAH! We definitely cannot let mom or dad find out about its existence!”

Arata was surprised that his older brothers would suddenly shout, and it seems they were panicking a little as well.

Arata [Japanese] : “Okay… I understand… So what’s in the box?”

Araki calmed down a little, and took out his laptop that he used for his university studies. It came with a CD player as well. Aragi moved the box with the CDs out from under the bed. It seems to have gotten bigger. He then took out the first CD on the surface. It was the one with the title “Nyan Nyan Paradise”.

Aragi [Japanese] : “Now, we’ll show you what’s in this disc. Get ready, and don’t make a sound…”

Aragi put in the disc, and soon, the video player started playing the video…

Arata [Japanese] : “This… this is…!”


Arata [Japanese] : “So whenever I see the girls, I get reminded of those scenes and… I just can’t look at them normally anymore…”

Lemir was shocked. To think that in such a peaceful world with such advanced technology, the humans would have nothing better to do besides making films out of sexual intercourse, and even made them look like cats. Back in his old world, he never had any knowledge of such things until he was 20. Nobody taught him about such things.

But in this world, someone as young as Arata could come into contact with such things! Lemir truly felt amazed and jealous, but also a little disgusted at this. As a man, Lemir wanted to see those videos. But as someone with a mental age of over 40 years, he felt that he should not see them.

Luke, on the other hand, seemed unfazed. He had a facial expression that looked like it was saying, “What, that’s all?”

Luke [Japanese] : “What? That’s all? I’ve already seen such things a long time ago, when I was 11. I just didn’t say anything about it because it wasn’t a big deal.”

With Luke’s remark, Lemir was once again amazed. He had the feeling to shake his head, but decided not to. Arata as well, had an amazed look on his face.

Arata [Japanese] : “Hey Luke. How do you deal with all of it? I find it hard to look at girls normally now.”

Luke [Japanese] : “Well, at first it was a bit tough, but you’ll get used to it eventually.”

Arata [Japanese] : “That’s all the advice you have for me?!”

Luke [Japanese] : “Well, you’ll truly get used to it. But you’re not wrong about not wanting anyone to know about this. Even I wouldn’t recklessly tell people about such things.”

Arata lied down on the table, as if he was out of energy. Lemir could hear mutters of “How am I going to get a girlfriend now…” and “Ah, they won’t leave my head…” though Arata does indeed eventually get used to it, albeit several days in the future.

At this moment, Malaixa came back to the classroom, after using the toilet. “A human body truly is inconvenient”, she thought. As she made her way back to her seat, Arata looked up and coincidentally saw her face. He momentarily blanked out. Lemir shook him.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Hey Arata, what’s wrong? Why did you suddenly blank out?”

Luke was also interested to know, and started shaking Arata awake too. Arata then seemed to recover, but he just spoke dejectedly.

Arata [Japanese] : “Ah… I had to confess to my 2 best friends about watching those “things”, and then I get shocked when one of them tells me he has been watching them for 2 years, and then one of my classmates just so happened to resemble one of the girls from Nyan Nyan Paradise…”

Lemir suddenly froze at Arata’s last statement. If he heard correctly, it means that Malaixa happened to resemble one of the girls from Nyan Nyan Paradise… Does this mean that she was in it? Even though she was only 13 years old? “No, no! Arata’s oldest brother had it since 6 years ago, it was extremely unlikely!” , Lemir thought.

Luke [Japanese] : “Hoho? Maybe I should get the video from your older brothers. I am…”

Lemir hit Luke before he could continue. Lemir had always been the “voice of reason” in this group, just like he had usually been back in his previous life with his group of good friends.

Lemir [Japanese] : “She’s a classmate you know. Don’t do that.”

Luke [Japanese] : “Fine. I think I have a big enough collection anyway.”

Arata [Japanese] : “Ah… what do I do now…”

Luke [Japanese] : “Even so, Lemir! Your reaction to that was pretty big! You normally wouldn’t hit us even if it was something crazy! Is it because… you like that girl?”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Wha…”

Lemir was surprised that Luke would think Lemir was interested in Malaixa, although that was not too far away from the truth. Lemir did want to be friends with Malaixa, but he couldn’t say he liked her, not yet at least. Seeing this reaction from Lemir, Luke grinned, and continued.

Luke [Japanese] : “Ah, it was shameful of me to have designs on a girl you like! Don’t worry, I recognize that girl! It was Malaixa, right?! I’ll introduce the both of you!”

Luke had spoken loud enough for the whole class to hear. Of course, even Malaixa heard that. She wanted to escape, but she would not be back in time for the afternoon lessons. It was also too late, as Luke walked up to her, before pulling her over to Lemir and Arata who had remained seated.

Luke [Japanese] : “Now, let’s introduce ourselves in the Japanese way! I am Velmont Luke! This is Jasaki Arata! And he, the one who is interested in you, is called Nikado Lemir! It might be a strange name, but he’s a nice person! And guys, this is Kurokami Malaixa! A strange name too, maybe you two would make a great couple!”

Luke introduced everyone in one shot, and Lemir was shaking his head in his mind. Lemir felt that it was too hasty, and it might scare off Malaixa. After all, it was a group of three guys, and one of them was extremely tall. Arata still could not look at Malaixa directly, though he does eventually get used to it in the future.

Malaixa, on the other hand, was thinking about how she should go about doing this. She remained silent, and Lemir decided to speak first.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Erm, sorry my friend did this… You can go back first…”

Malaixa then thought of a great plan, and smiled. It was a smile that didn’t seem to belong to a 13 year old girl, but nobody noticed it.

Malaixa [Japanese] : “It’s okay. Nice to meet you, Lemir, Luke, Arata. I am Kurokami Malaixa, as Luke introduced earlier.”

This was the first time any of them heard her voice, outside of the yearly introductions. And hearing a positive response made Luke and Lemir smile. Arata was still looking away from her. However, in Malaixa’s mind, she was thinking that while becoming friends with them was not part of her plans, it can be used in the future.

Malaixa [Japanese] : “We can talk later, lessons will be starting soon. See ya.”

Malaixa walked back to her seat as though nothing happened, while Lemir was secretly happy that she didn’t seem to be afraid of them. Luke was also happy and was thinking, “My work here is done!” Arata was still in despair, wondering how he should face Malaixa in the future, as every single time he looked at Malaixa, it reminded him of the cute girl wearing black cat ears and tail.

Soon, the bell rang for the lesson to start and the teacher entered the classroom.


Zahhak [OWL] : “Wow, master. You must be really happy to finally become friends with Lemir and Luke! You finally got closer to the guy you like!”

Malaixa [OWL] : “That’s nonsense. It is just a part of my plans.”

Zahhak [OWL] : “Yes, yes. I know, master is what Japanese culture call a “tsundere”, right? I understand. I really do.”

Malaixa [OWL] : “Just shut up. Don’t make me delete you. In the first place, what’s a “tsundere”?”

Zahhak [OWL] : “Master has no need to know~ Ops, I’ll shut up now~”

Malaixa was now at home, in her room. When afternoon lessons ended, Malaixa was asked to stay for a bit, but she lied and said that she needed to be home early today. Thus she said her farewells to Lemir and his friends, and went home.

Zahhak had of course, seen the scene where Malaixa had become friends with Lemir and his friends in the classroom. It was feeling happy for its master, who had finally made some friends in middle school, and it was with two of the boys he was told to track.

Malaixa did not speak further and forgot about Zahhak’s comments. She started thinking about her plans for the future, and why she made contact with Lemir.

“Hehehe, there are so many things that can be done to torment Lemir. That Luke kid said he was interested in me, so maybe I can get him to fall in love with me, and then break his heart completely? Or I could cause their friendship to fall apart? So many different ways I can torment him”, Malaixa thought.

For the entire night until she decided to sleep, she thought of many different ways to torment Lemir, but decided not to use any of them. “I’ll decide in the future, as things develop”, she thought. Incidentally, she forgot to do her homework as a result, but she finishes them in class the next day in the short time the teacher entered and asked them to hand in their homework.

End Chapter 13

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