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Side Chapter 2

Emily [OWL] : “No! Please stop! I’m begging you!”

Emily was begging evil looking creatures to stop killing her comrades, but it didn’t work. It never did.

Selk [OWL] : “Sorry… Emily…”

Emily [OWL] : “No… Selk… everyone…”

And thus everyone was slaughtered by evil looking creatures. Emily was the last one alive. She was still trying to heal Selk, who had already died in her arms.

Skeleton Mage [OWL] : “Oho? Looks like this one is a healer. I love healers. I just have to manipulate them into using their own magic on themselves to keep them alive.”

For the next 30 minutes, Emily’s limbs were continuously removed in different ways before growing them back using her own healing powers. Emily had always loved her healing powers, and she had never wanted her healing powers to go away so badly before. But her mind was broken by the 5th minute.

The skeleton did not seem to care that Emily’s mind was already broken. He just wanted to hear the screams that Emily was making despite losing her mind. But the memories were clear.

By the end of the 30th minute, the pain seemed to stop. It was because her dear lover had arrived, with a ghastly look on his face. She wanted to smile, but was not given the chance as she exploded due to the manipulation of mana in her own body.

It all went black from there. However, she could still hear a voice of a woman.

Female Voice [OWL] : “Hello th… Ah, looks like your mind and soul has been damaged really badly. What a shame, you had amassed quite a huge amount of merit from your past lives and your current. Let’s see here… You were a martyr, a saint, a bishop… Why does it all have to do with the clergy? How boring.”

Emily did not understand what she was saying and could not process it either. Nevertheless, it remained in her memory.

Female Voice [OWL] : “Really, what a shame. In all your previous lives, you’ve never chosen to spend your merit points. I’m sure if your mind and soul was not damaged, you would not spend any either… So I, Avaritia, the Goddess of Greed, shall spend them for you!”

Suddenly, a second voice came out of nowhere. It was a male voice this time.

Male Voice [OWL] : “Hey, Ava, you shouldn’t do that you know. If she isn’t in a state to discuss the spending of her merit points, you should just send her off into the cycle of reincarnation.”

Avaritia [OWL] : “Hmph! I’m not like Acedia, who just doesn’t want to do things properly. Besides, this is currently under my jurisdiction. You have no right to interfere, Ira.”

The male voice was identified by Avaritia as Ira. It seems they have a disagreement.

Ira [OWL] : “Fine, I’ll leave you alone then. But I have to report this to the higher ups.”

Avaritia [OWL] : “If you dare, I’ll expose your secrets, such as that time when you tried peeking on me and Luxuria at the hot springs…”

Ira [OWL] : “What?! You noticed?!”

Avaritia [OWL] : “Of course I did. Back then, you still couldn’t control your killing intent, God of Wrath and Destruction.”

Ira [OWL] : “… Fine. You win this time. I’ll keep quiet about this.”

Avaritia [OWL] : “That’s much better. Now shoo!”

Soon, Emily could no longer hear the male voice.

Avaritia [OWL] : “Now then, how shall I mess with you? I’m really interested to find out what would happen if I do this to you… A shame that you probably don’t want to keep all your memories. You’ll probably go mad, so I can’t get any surveys from you… Really, what a shame.”

Emily could hear the Avaritia letting out a sigh. But she had no response. All of it were just memories.

Avaritia [OWL] : “Ah, I know! I’ll slowly unlock your memories as you grow older! Then I’ll probably get an even more interesting survey from you when you are older! I really want to know what you will say or tell me…”

The memories stop at that point, and Emiri wakes up from her dream.


Emiri [Japanese] : “What a strange dream… At first it was a nightmare, but then it became weird… But I did not dislike it.”

Yesterday was Emiri’s 10th birthday, but it did not leave a big impact on her. The dream she had was much more impactful.

Emiri [Japanese] : “I think I had a similar dream 5 years ago… But it was just the first half, with the nightmare.”

Indeed, Emiri had a dream where she was tortured repeatedly on her 5th birthday. She never had the nightmare again, but she could recall it clearly ever since. And last night, it seems she saw a continuation of that nightmare.

Emiri [Japanese] : “What could it mean…”

Emiri continued to ponder about the 2 strange dreams she had. But her thoughts were interrupted.

Emiri’s Mom [Japanese] : “Emiri! Come down for breakfast! You’ll be late at this rate!”

Emiri [Japanese] : “Geh, I haven’t finished changing. I better hurry up.”


Emiri [Japanese] : “Safe!”

Emiri had just managed to get into her classroom just seconds before the bell rang. She was immediately greeted by her two friends.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Hey, Emiri. You’re pretty “early” today.”

Kagami [Japanese] : “What happened, Emi-chan? You usually arrive much earlier than us. But today you nearly arrived late.”

Emiri [Japanese] : “Oh, it’s nothing. I just had a bit of trouble this morning.”

Emiri deeply treasured these two friends of hers. They were the only ones who were not afraid of her due to the rumours, which were usually fact.

It all started with a third grader trying to bully her when she was in first grade. She beat up the bully badly, who then called his brother in fifth grade over. That boy was beaten up too. Soon, it escalated to the point where she was beating up sixth graders as well. Soon, rumours of her started to spread and everyone stayed away from her, afraid of being beaten up for revenge. But Kiiromi and Kagami stayed.

Kiiromi had two older sisters. The oldest sister knew martial arts, and could beat adults easily. Thus nobody dared to bully her in case she called over her oldest sister.

Kagami, on the other hand, was friendly with everyone in school. She basically had no enemies, and nobody wanted to bully her either. Should she be bullied, she would probably be protected by the fifth and sixth graders from the bully and the bully would get beaten up instead.

Thus, only these two dared to be Emiri’s friends, or rather, they didn’t really care at all. The others were afraid of being bullied for revenge.

Soon, the homeroom teacher came in to take the attendance.


Kiiromi [Japanese] : “I made it through another day of boring lessons!“

Kagami [Japanese] : “You are good at studies as always, Mi-chan. I wonder how someone as lazy as you could be so smart.”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Stop calling me Mi-chan, Kagami. Anyway, it must be because I’m a genius.”

This conversation of Kiiromi and Kagami had already become an everyday thing for Emiri. Regarding her studies, she was pretty good too, especially at English. It was as if she was learning it all over again though.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Anyway, I heard another boy confessed to you, Kagami?”

Kagami [Japanese] : “Yeah… I’m getting tired of these boys. Why can’t they be as cute as Lemir-chan?”

Upon hearing the name Lemir, Emiri had, for some reason, a feeling she couldn’t describe.

Emiri [Japanese] : “Lemir? Who’s that?”

Kagami [Japanese] : “Oh, that’s Mi-chan’s younger brother. He really has a cute face. But he’s as tall as the fifth graders despite being in first grade.”

Emiri [Japanese] : “I see…”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Don’t let her fool you. Lemir isn’t as cute as she says he is. He sometimes makes this face that an old man would make.”

Kagami [Japanese] : “Oh my, how mature.”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “I can never understand your tastes.”

As Emiri continued to ponder about what they said, she naturally made a pouting face as she couldn’t understand the feeling she had when she heard the name “Lemir”. But suddenly, a classmate called out to their group.

Classmate [Japanese] : “Oi! Kiiromi! Your brother is here to look for you!”

As Emiri was still deep in thought, she did not hear this and Lemir soon walked up to them.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Here’s your text book. Mom says you forgot to bring it to school.”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Oh thanks. I needed it. I thought of running home to grab it, but found it too troublesome to do so. I was just asking Kagami to share her text book with me during the next class.”

Kagami [Japanese] : “Hello Lemir-chan! I see you’re doing well!”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Yes. You seem to be doing well too.”

Emiri soon noticed Lemir, who was an unfamiliar face to her. Naturally, she asked the first question that came to mind.

Emiri [Japanese] : “Who’s this?”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Oh, this is my younger brother, Nikaido Lemir. Lemir, this girl here is Nabaki Emiri. She is my classmate… Lemir, are you alright?”

Lemir seemed to not have heard Kiiromi, and continued staring at Emiri, as if he was extremely shocked. Emiri did not like the look on his face, and got annoyed. She wanted to punch his face now, but held back because he was Kiiromi’s brother. But she was unable to predict what would happen next.

Lemir [OWL] : “Emily! It’s you right? Emily! Do you remember me?!”

Emiri recognised the language as the language the people in her dreams were speaking, but she was too distracted by another matter to notice. Lemir had held Emiri’s hand in his own. Emiri immediately felt extremely embarrassed, as outside of beating up guys with her fists, she had never touched a guy before. But soon, her anger took over.

Emiri [Japanese] : “What are you talking about? Stop speaking in English! And don’t touch me!”

Emiri threw Lemir on the ground and held his left arm behind his back. This caused the air in his lungs to be forced out, and Lemir coughed a few times. But this brought Lemir back to his senses.

Lemir seemed to ponder about something for a moment, before looking towards his older sister for help. But she did not.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Oho? Don’t tell me… Emiri is the girl you fell in love with while jogging?”

Emiri, being focused on keeping Lemir down, did not hear this. Had she heard it, she probably would have been unable to process it regardless. Lemir then turned his eyes towards Kagami.

Kagami [Japanese] : “Ah, Emiri, I think you can let go of him. He is just a first grader after all. Don’t be too mad at him.”

Emiri had not wanted to beat Lemir up in the first place, and so let him go. Lemir immediately got up and apologised.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Sorry! You looked like someone from my dreams, so… In any case, I’m very sorry!”

Emiri [Japanese] : “Dreams…? I mean, hrmph! As long as you understand. But anyhow don’t touch me or annoy me again!”

Hearing the word “dreams”, Emiri was shocked for a moment, but quickly collected herself. But she did not realise her face was still red.

Kiiromi found this extremely amusing, and picked up the text book Lemir brought to her.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Lemir, you can head back to your classroom now, you know? You might not finish your lunch if you wait any longer.”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Ah, yes. Please excuse me.”

Lemir quickly raised his head and left the classroom. Strangely, nobody asked about his real reasons for doing what he did, and the classroom quickly went back to normal except Kagami and Kiiromi who started questioning Emiri.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “So, what do you think of my brother? If you like him, I can match the two of you up, you know?”

Kagami [Japanese] : “Hey, Mi-chan! Lemir-chan’s mine! I’m sure he will grow up to be a handsome boy! But are you really interested in him, Emi-chan?”

Emiri [Japanese] : “Sh, shut up! Don’t bother me! I’m going to study!”

Both Kiiromi and Kagami knew this was Emiri’s way of shutting them out, and there was no way for them to break through it, so they stopped questioning her. Soon, the bell for the next lesson rang.


Emiri [Japanese] : “I think I got away.”

As soon as the lesson ended, Emiri dashed out of the classroom with her belongings. She was sure Kagami and Kiiromi would start questioning her again, so she left immediately.

As soon as she got home, she greeted her mother who was doing house chores and went to her room. In there, she started thinking about the events today.

Emiri [Japanese] : “I’m sure that guy was speaking in the language I heard in my dreams… And he said he thought he saw me in his dreams as well… Maybe there’s a connection? But what sort of connection?”

Unfortunately for Emiri, she had too little information at the moment. She was unable to tell what sort of connection Lemir had to her dreams.

Emiri [Japanese] : “Eh, whatever. It’s not like I’ll ever see those dreams again. I should finish today’s homework first.”

Emiri decided to put it in the back of her mind, and started working on her homework.

End Side Chapter 2

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