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Chapter 7

“How did I end up like this?”, Lemir thought as he shakes his head in his mind.

Lemir is currently being pinned down by a girl whose face looks very similar to Emily’s face, except the face had a look of anger. It was halfway through the lunch break, and he was in Kiiromi’s classroom. All the other fourth graders continued watching the scene in shock.

Lemir started to think about what led to this situation…


On that particular morning, Lemir had finished his training as usual and was currently eating breakfast with his family. It has been another 3 months since that night. Summer vacation had just ended a few days ago, and he spent most of it training even harder. Thanks to that, he believes he has a decent grasp on the Grappling Dragon, which was simple as compared to the Flowing Dragon.

Before they started breakfast, Ayame had something to say to the family, and so everyone except Ryuugami, who usually ate at the dojo, stay seated.

Ayame [Japanese] : “As I have said earlier, I have something to announce to everyone today. I… am pregnant again.”

Ayame said that while blushing and Rolark hugged her in happiness.

Rolark [Japanese] : “Oh, Aya-chan! Was it because of that night? Giving me another child, you make me so happy!”

Ayame [Japanese] : “Yes! It was because of that night… We shouldn’t do this in front of the children. See, they are all blushing!”

It was true, as all 3 of his sisters were blushing. Lemir wasn’t really blushing, but frowning. However, his parents already had a pink background appearing behind them so they didn’t really notice.

Akami [Japanese] : “I’m leaving first…”

Aomi [Japanese] : “Me too…”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Don’t leave me behind!”

Lemir as well, silently left the couple to themselves at the dining table.


As the high school and middle school Akami and Aomi went to was further away than the elementary school Kiiromi and Lemir went to, they left early. Kiiromi also left early, as she was on cleaning duties today. Lemir on the other hand, stayed home for a while longer, trying to get a hang on to Math. Ayame then came by afterwards.

Ayame [Japanese] : “Wah, Lemir-chan’s so hardworking! Let’s hope your younger sibling is as hardworking too!”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Yes, mom.”

Ayame [Japanese] : “Oh right, Kiiromi-chan seemed to have forgotten to bring her text book for afternoon class. She was reading it earlier, and left it there. Could you bring it to her later?”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Okay. I’ll bring it to Kiiromi-nee-chan.”

Lemir started getting ready for school as he packed Kiiromi’s text book into his bag as well.


Lemir [Japanese] : “I made it through another day of Math!”

Arata [Japanese] : “You are bad at Math as always, Lemir. You should get your sisters to coach you.”

Arata, who was sitting in front of him, turned around and spoke to him as the Math lesson ended. It was currently lunch break.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Yeah, maybe I should. But it would eat into the time for my training… Ah, forget it. I’ll sort things out as they come.”

Lemir wanted to just give up on learning Math. But he did not want to make a mistake he might regret later, so he held on. Then he suddenly remembered the task he had to do.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Oh right, I need to bring a text book to my older sister. Can you look after my lunch pack later?”

Arata [Japanese] : “Sure thing! I’ll take one of your fish balls as payment later!”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Alright, it’s a deal!”

Lemir did not mind having one fish ball less, and he brought the text book with him out the classroom.

He left the lower grades’ building and entered the upper grades’ building. He did not look out of place with his height, which can match a fifth grader. He soon found Kiiromi’s classroom.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Please excuse me… I’m looking for my sister, Nikaido Kiiromi.”

Fourth Grader [Japanese] : “Oh, she’s sitting over there. Oi! Kiiromi! Your brother is here to look for you!”

Kiiromi was chatting with Kagami, and another girl who seemed to be pouting. Kiiromi looked up and saw Lemir who was standing by the door. Lemir walked up to her as she signalled for him to come over.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Here’s your text book. Mom says you forgot to bring it to school.”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Oh thanks. I needed it. I thought of running home to grab it, but found it too troublesome to do so. I was just asking Kagami to share her text book with me during the next class.”

Kagami [Japanese] : “Hello Lemir-chan! I see you’re doing well!”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Yes. You seem to be doing well too.”

Pouting Girl [Japanese] : “Who’s this?”

Lemir’s attention was initially on Kiiromi and Kagami, and did not get a very good look at the third girl. Now that she spoke up, his attention naturally turned towards her, but it gave Lemir a shock.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Oh, this is my younger brother, Nikaido Lemir. Lemir, this girl here is Nabaki Emiri. She is my classmate… Lemir, are you alright?”

Lemir kept looking at Emiri, who was visibly getting annoyed. But Lemir didn’t notice. Emiri had looked very similar to Emily from his old world. Looking at her face filled him with nostalgic memories.

Lemir [Old World Language] : “Emily! It’s you right? Emily! Do you remember me?!”

Lemir, in his shock, started speaking in the previous world’s language. He also reached out to hold Emiri’s hand, which shocked and annoyed her greatly. She immediately retaliated.

Emiri [Japanese] : “What are you talking about? Stop speaking in English! And don’t touch me!”

Emiri threw Lemir on the ground and held his left arm behind his back. This caused the air in his lungs to be forced out, and Lemir coughed a few times. But this brought Lemir back to his senses.


And now we come to the present. Lemir, having regained his senses, started thinking of a way to get out of this mess while lamenting about the fact that he made his first mistake.

He recalled that normal souls which go through the cycle of reincarnation don’t have a choice as to where they go. They also lose all memories of their previous life, regardless of whether they were a human, animal or magical beast. It naturally applies for his old friends who died long ago. But somewhere in his mind, he still believes that this “Emiri” is the same soul as the Emily he knew.

“But that will be for another time.”, Lemir thought, as he had to get out of this mess first. He could easily break out of this submission move but he felt that it would not be a good idea. He looked towards Kiiromi, who seemed to be very amused at this situation.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Oho? Don’t tell me… Emiri is the girl you fell in love with while jogging?”

Kiiromi was, as usual, extremely sharp when it came to these sort of matters. But she still did not help him. Emiri did not seem to have heard her either. He turned his eyes towards Kagami.

Kagami [Japanese] : “Ah, Emiri, I think you can let go of him. He is just a first grader after all. Don’t be too mad at him.”

Emiri, seemingly convinced by Kagami, decided to soften her hold and let Lemir go. Lemir immediately stood up and apologized while bowing his head.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Sorry! You looked like someone from my dreams, so… In any case, I’m very sorry!”

Emiri [Japanese] : “Dreams…? I mean, hrmph! As long as you understand. But anyhow don’t touch me or annoy me again!”

Emiri seemed to have let Lemir off easily, but her face was as red as a tomato as well. But Lemir did not notice this as he was bowing his head.

Kiiromi found this extremely amusing, and picked up the text book Lemir brought to her.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Lemir, you can head back to your classroom now, you know? You might not finish your lunch if you wait any longer.”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Ah, yes. Please excuse me.”

Lemir quickly raised his head and left the classroom. Strangely, nobody asked about his real reasons for doing what he did, and the classroom quickly went back to normal except Kagami and Kiiromi who started questioning Emiri.


“I’ve messed up big time…”, Lemir thought. As far as he knows, this was his first real mistake since coming to this world. He regret recklessly making contact with the girl known as Emiri.

Lemir [Old World Language] : “But she really looked similar to Emily… Maybe it’s the same person with different memories?”

Unknowingly, Lemir started speaking in the language of his previous world. But it sounded extremely similar to English, so everyone he passed by didn’t pay attention to it.

Shaking his head, he decided not to think about it and head back to his classroom for lunch.


When he got home, he immediately started his training again. But midway, Kiiromi started questioning him as soon as she got home.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “So, you like a violent girl like Emiri? She’s not called “The Great Tigress” for no reason, you know? But your onee-chan here will help support your relationship!”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Ah, no need! It was all a misunderstanding! I thought she was someone I knew.”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Someone you knew? That’s very strange. I remember you were always focused on training which oji-chan gave you. You never had time to make friends before going to school, right?”

“That was a bad choice of words there.”, Lemir thought, as he tried to think of a way to avoid Kiiromi’s questioning.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Ah, I think it’s time to increase my training. I should go for a jog again. Bye, Kiiromi-nee-chan!”

Lemir tried to escape like this, and left Kiiromi behind.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “What an “old man’s way” of escaping, Lemir. Fine, I’ll let you off this time. It’s too troublesome to run after you…”

Kiiromi decided to let the matter rest as she couldn’t be bothered anymore.


The next few days, rumours were spreading about the encounter between him and Emiri.

Random Student A [Japanese] : “Hey, did you hear? The Great Tigress beat up another guy!”

Random Student B [Japanese] : “What? Every guy should know by now to avoid her!”

Random Student C [Japanese] : “I heard it was a first grader whom she beat up!”

Random Student B [Japanese] : “Ah, that makes sense.”

Random Student A [Japanese] : “But I heard it was a fifth grader, he was too tall for a first grader.”

Random Student C [Japanese] : “You idiots! Don’t you remember that rumour about a super tall first grader? It might be him.”

Random Student B [Japanese] : “Oh, I remember that too. Maybe he wanted a fight but got thrashed by the Great Tigress?”

Random Student C [Japanese] : “Maybe. But they fought during lunch break. Wouldn’t you normally fight after school, outside school?”

Random Student A [Japanese] : “Even though he got thrashed, it seems he is very daring too.”

The rumours continued to spiral out of control, but this did not catch Lemir’s attention, as he was occupied by the terror known to him as “Math”.

End Chapter 7

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