Hello there! This is a side chapter! Side chapters will usually be shorter than the normal chapters but this one is a bit special! Side chapters will usually have little to no mention of the main character. After all, the main character already has the main story!

The side stories are meant to focus on the interaction between other characters. Do note that it would be best to read this side chapter after reading the fourth chapter first!

So let’s begin the first side chapter!

Side Chapter 1

“I’ve been slain, it seems.”, Malaix thought as he felt his soul being pulled into the cycle of reincarnation. But he knew this would not last for long, and he suddenly appeared in his throne room.

The throne room should have been greatly damaged by the fight between him and the nameless swordsman, but it was in perfect condition here.

Malaix : “How long has it been since I was last here… It should be about 300 years.”

Indeed, it has been about 300 years since Malaix had been reborn. The souls of demon lords never truly die, and it is unknown how those souls came about either. However, Malaix has never met the other demon lords, as there is never more than 1 demon lord alive at the same time.

While here, beings who call themselves God will speak to him and set how long it will take for them to make a grand revival in the mortal world. The last time he was here, he wanted to rest, and took a long vacation of 1000 years before being revived. After all, he was put down by several armies of elves who were long lived after all.

But this time, he had been killed by a mortal human who wasn’t even half a century old. He was deeply angered, but he could not immediately revive in that world. Even if he did, he could not have his revenge as he knew the mortal would not live for long either.

Thus he left a mark on that mortal’s soul which would tell him where the soul went for a few hours, before losing its power. He would then be able to track down how he was reborn and chase after that mortal. He does not intend to let him off easily. He went to sit on his throne while waiting for the God to appear.

Suddenly, Malaix felt the mortal’s soul leaving this world. He could tell it went into which world, but did not know what was in that world. Immediately, he felt a great power appearing in the throne room.

God : “I’ve kept you waiting for a long time, eh? Well don’t worry; we will have a long time for discussion…”

The God that appeared was a God he dealt with before, and it was a good chance for him.

Malaix : “So we meet again, Acedia. It is good that I happened to meet you.”

Acedia : “Happened to meet me, my ass! You and that stupid mortal just had to have a death match and die on the only day of the week that I work on! You know how hard it was to convince the other gods to let me work one day a week? I have to take on all their duties in dealing with you dead souls once a week! Usually I just have to sort souls but 2 freaking souls with lots of merit had to die! And…”

Acedia continued his rant, but Malaix stopped paying attention to him long ago. After he felt the rant was about the end, he started paying attention again.

Acedia : “… and you better not make crazy demands like “1000 years vacation” like last time! I already made a huge concession by not destroying your mark on him immediately!”

Malaix : “I want to follow that mortal into that world he entered, same place, same time. I also want to keep my memories.”

Acedia seemed to have cooled down after letting out his frustration, and started speaking rationally again.

Acedia : “Okay, you still have 400,284,432,239 merit points left. What else do you want?”

Malaix had gathered lots of merit points as a demon lord by killing humans and destroying kingdoms and empires. There was once where he had destroyed an entire continent with his army, turning it into a wasteland. But that was a long, long time ago.

Malaix : “The usual. “Unlimited talent as a mage”, “Unlimited understanding of technology”,  “Unlimited use of mana” and throw in “Complete comprehension of all languages” as well.”

Acedia : “Okay, you have 284,432,239 merit points left. Anything else?”

Malaix : “No, that will be all.”

Malaix believed that as long as he had his knowledge as a great arch mage, he would definitely be able to kill that mortal even as a human baby. But he had not realised the trap he had fallen into…

Acedia had a huge grin on his face. Malaix did not like that grin at all, but he could not take back his words. A door appeared in front of him and he walked through it, before everything turned black.


When Malaix opened his eyes again, he realised he was born as a human baby. It did not matter to him what species he was. All he needed was to control mana, and a human body was capable of that. He could tell that the nameless swordsman was born only hours ago, and was in the same place as him.

He tried to manipulate the mana into causing a huge explosion that will destroy this entire building, killing his body in the process, but he did not care. However, he could not feel any mana at all. All he was doing was waving around his tiny hands. He tried speaking the magic incantation to better control the mana but all he managed to do was cry loudly.

Voice A [Japanese] : “Ah, she’s alive! Let me see my child!”

Voice B [Japanese] : “Here you go, Kurokami-san. Have you thought of a name for her?”

“Her?” Malaix understood what they were saying due to “Complete comprehension of all languages”, and had a bad feeling, and confirmed his suspicions in a moment.

Voice A [Japanese] : “She… looks a lot like her father… Her name will be Kurokami Malaixa…”

Voice B [Japanese] : “Kurokami Malaixa, huh? It’s a good name.”

“That damnable lazy Acedia! He didn’t want to do anything else, so he just changed the name slightly!”, Malaix, or Malaixa, thought. She knew Acedia was a god of laziness, but did not expect him to not perform his duties perfectly.

Malaixa felt tired very quickly, as she was thinking too much, and fell asleep.


It has been a few days since Malaixa was born. She saw the nameless swordsman’s soul in a baby across from her cubicle. She immediately recognised the characters as “Nikado Lemir”, and had a sudden thought, “Nikado Lemir? What a random name. Well, he never had a name to begin with, I suppose.”

Malaixa immediately recovered from that state, and tried to fight against it. “No! I am being influenced by this mortal body! I need my revenge in the future, even without magic!”, thought Malaixa, despite wasting huge amounts of merit points on “Unlimited talent as a mage” and “Unlimited use of mana”. Not even Lemir could afford it.

She had left behind enough merit points to be revived in a few hundred years but her plans had been ruined by the absence of mana in this world. She did not expect that the mortal would have chosen to be born in a world without mana.

Suddenly, Lemir started crying. Soon, a human who calls herself a “nurse” came in with a milk bottle and fed him.

Nurse [Japanese] : “Aww, you’re so cute when you are drinking! Maybe I should have a child soon too.”

Malaixa felt a bit disgusted at Lemir, as she thinks that he chose to have a cute or handsome face. “Typical mortals.”, she thought, not knowing that Acedia was just lazy with him as well. Incidentally, Acedia had set Malaixa’s looks to be beautiful, as most female demon lords chose such things.

Malaixa was also hungry, so she started crying as well. Another nurse came in with a milk bottle and fed her. Once she was full, she drifted off to sleep, not wanting to waste too much energy.


Another few days later, it was time for her to leave the hospital. Malaixa had noticed Lemir leaving yesterday, and she remembered the faces of his parents, so she can find him easily in the future.

Leaving the hospital, she realised that she was being carried by her mother into a black, elongated metal box, which she recognised as a “limousine” , a form of transportation called a car. She immediately understood how it worked, and if she had the parts, she could now easily construct a car for herself.

In the vehicle, she saw the car passing through a huge gate, and they were still driving. “It seems I was born into an extremely wealthy family. This is a good chance.”, Malaixa thought, and she was right.

She belonged to a family who controlled the electronics market in this world, and technology was improving every single day in this world. This gave her a huge advantage with her ability of “Unlimited understanding of technology".


Years go by, and Malaixa had been secretly making machine drones to spy on Lemir as she could not leave the house easily. She did not make any weapons, as she did not want Lemir to die so easily. After all, if he dies, his memories will definitely be wiped this time and she will not have a satisfying time killing him. Killing his next reincarnation is stupid, as it would be killing a different person.

He was training his body, but Malaixa did not see any point in that. She continued improving her knowledge of machinery in this world and came across the term virtual reality. She wanted to know about it, but her mother did not allow her to do so. Her father, a bit more doting on her, as he was too busy when she was born, wanted to buy it for her.

Money was not an issue for this family after all. Her mother eventually made a concession to get one only when she finishes elementary school, which is about 7 years from now. All she had to do was complete elementary school at least. Malaixa had no objections, and she was already doing very well with the private tutor in her mortal studies.

Eventually, the day came where she would enter elementary school. Her mother wanted to enrol her into a private school, but she wanted to go to the same school Lemir did. Her father, thinking that she would need friends after all, decided to let her go there. Her mother eventually relented, and she was enrolled into Lemir’s school.


Today was the day Malaixa enters elementary school. As it was very far away from the house, her family decided to buy a house for her to live in temporary with 4 maids serving her. Her father wanted to live in the house too, but he was denied permission by the mother, as both of them had a lot of work to do. Instead, they would try to visit twice a week.

Malaixa had already reached the school, and was currently keeping to herself in the classroom. She was at a shorter height for 7 year olds, and she picked a random seat nearest to the left side. Soon, a tall person she recognised as Lemir entered the room with an adult. Lemir quickly found a seat and sat down but whispers had already started.

Malaixa didn’t pay attention to those whispers, and the adult, whom she knew was a teacher, yelled to get everyone to quiet down and start moving. Throughout the whole 5 minutes they were moving, Malaixa didn’t move but she didn’t need to, she was shorter than everyone else.

Eventually, introductions were started and she did not pay attention either. Only when it was her turn did she say something.

Malaixa [Japanese] : “My name is Kurokami Malaixa! That is all you need to know.”

She did not like giving her name to others, as it made her feel as though she was on their level. She was, after all, a demon lord in her past life despite being human now. But she immediately realised her mistake. “I shouldn’t have said my name! What if he realises it’s me?”, she thought. But Lemir did not show any signs of caring.

Eventually, when it reached Lemir’s turn, she listened carefully.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Hello, everyone. My name is Nikado Lemir. I am going to be a first grader this year. I am not some scary monster who will eat you. I want to make friends with everyone, but everyone is afraid of me…”

Lemir had spoken while tears threatened to flow from his eyes. This coupled with his cute looks, put the entire class in an uproar.

Classmate A [Japanese] : “Don’t worry, Lemir-chan! I’ll be your friend!”

Classmate B [Japanese] : “We’ll all be your friends, right everyone?”

Classmates [Japanese] : “Yeah! Yeah!”

Malaixa had not even begun to feel disgusted when the teacher suddenly went to hug Lemir.

Teacher [Japanese] : “Aw, you’re so cute! Don’t worry; I’ll be your friend too!”

“Ergh! Typical mortals!”, Malaixa thought in disgust.

And thus Malaixa’s first day of homeroom ended.

End Side Chapter 1

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