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Chapter 3

Lemir is now 3 years old, the age where his grandfather said he would train him. But that would have to wait till tomorrow. Right now, it is his birthday party, on the 5th of June. His entire family and a few disciples from the dojo came to celebrate his birthday with him.

The disciples came because they noticed a kid watching them practise almost every day since 2 years ago. Of course, they spoke to him and knew that he was their master’s grandson. Knowing this, some of the disciples started talking with him when they finished sparring and had hit it off well.

His parents, Nikado Rolark, and Nikado Ayame were having fun by themselves while pink petals seemed to be appearing between them. This had become an everyday occurrence to Lemir, as his parents seemed to be as loving as 2 young lovers. They had also told him that they won’t send him to pre-school if he is training with Ryuugami. He turned to look at his sisters.

His older sisters were talking with some of the younger female disciples, some whom seemed to be as young as 15 years old. His sisters were aged 12, 9 and 6 respectfully. Had Rolark and Ayame said that they no longer have any plans to have a fifth child, Lemir would have thought he was gonna have another younger sibling this year.

The oldest sister, Nikado Akami, was the most active among his sisters. She trains in the dojo occasionally, when she wants to. In Lemir’s eyes, she was a very cheerful and cute girl. But thinking like that was wrong; she was both his sister and technically less than half his own age. Though he felt that she would have been a female swordsman had she been born in his old world. He moved on to look at his second sister.

The second sister, Nikado Aomi, was a quiet girl, though she still has some outbursts from time to time, especially if it involved Akami. She wears glasses, and is usually seen reading some books. She rarely goes to the dojo, and Lemir thought it was only natural. Lemir felt that if she was in his previous world, she would definitely have been a mage. And he finally took a look at the youngest sister.

The youngest sister, Nikado Kiiromi, a lazy girl who acted similarly to Acedia. But she would do what is asked of her. When Lemir asked why she didn’t want to do anything so much, she says it’s because she is bored. At that time, Lemir silently retorted, “If you are bored, do something! Think of some random story or something!” But she had a good head on her shoulders, with a wider range of random knowledge than her sisters.

Thinking about his sister’s names for a bit, they were all colours. Akami for red, Aomi for blue, Kiiromi for yellow. But his own name seemed to have messed it up. One reason was because he had decided his own name while reincarnating. Another reason was because his parents ran out of colours to use. “Midorimi” or “Murasakimi” didn’t sound nice at all, and Kuromi and Shiromi sounded more like names for girls. So they settled on what they assume was a random name, Lemir. He was sad that people kept thinking it was a random name, but put that thought away in his mind. He turned to look at his grandfather, who was drinking with some disciples.

The grandfather, Nikado Ryuugami, was a man of much skill. In terms of pure martial arts, he would thrash the old Lemir with only a few moves. He confirmed this when Ryuugami decided to show him his skills once by sparring with his best disciple. Lemir could tell in terms of pure martial arts, he would barely match this disciple. And thus he overlapped himself over the disciple. But the disciple got defeated in only 7 moves, and Ryuugami was going easy on him. Only if Lemir had access to mana would he be able to handle Ryuugami. Had Ryuugami been in his world, Ryuugami would probably become the strongest man ever.

As he thought of these random things, the party ended. Lemir went back to his room and started doing push-ups, which he learned were a form of exercise in this world. He decided to do less just in case the training Ryuugami give him was a bit difficult.

But at that time, he still did not know what kind of hell he will be thrust into…


The next day, Lemir woke up at 5am. His grandfather wanted him outside the dojo by 5.30am, so he got up early. He washed his face and changed into the dojo outfit, looking very similar to a judo training uniform. It was 5.15am when he was done. He got to the dojo by 5.20am, and his grandfather was already waiting for him there.

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “Good! You came early! That means you are eager and are serious about wanting to train. Now, wear these four rings on each of your limbs.”

Lemir reached for one of the rings, and when he tried lifting it up, he was shocked at how heavy it was. It seemed to be over half a kilogram. And he was going to put 4 of them on? For a 3 year old body, this would have been extremely difficult. But Lemir managed to do it as he had been doing some form of training since he was much younger.

Ryuugami was secretly thinking, “This brat! Does he think I didn’t notice he was doing some physical training in his room? I’ve naturally adjusted the training accordingly. And I made it slightly harsher but not enough to make him faint for today to teach him a lesson!”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Ji-san, how heavy are these rings? They seem a bit heavy for me, don’t you think?”

Lemir was trying to make the training a bit less harsh, but to no avail, as Ryuugami had already decided his training plan.

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “They weigh about 550g each. And they are just the right weight for you, so stop complaining. You were the one who wanted to do the training.”

Actually, they were about 650g each, but there was no need to tell Lemir that.

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “With that said, let’s start your training.”

And thus Lemir’s hell training began.


It has been half a year since he began “Hell Training”, as he called it. After the first day of morning training ended, he ate breakfast and went back to sleep. After sleeping for an hour, he was woken up by Ryuugami, and continued training till lunch. Having another hour of rest, he went to sleep again, before being woken up by Ryuugami again. He trained till dinner, and finally Ryuugami ended the day of training.

Strangely, on the second day, the rings seemed lighter for him, but he just thought that the training showed very fast results. He obviously had not considered the fact that Ryuugami lightened the load.

Back in his old world when he was doing his own training, there was never a set of exercises he needed to do. He just did as much as he could and stopped only when he was really tired. But the training he was doing now seemed to be showing more immediate results and he was excited. Though he was really just being tricked by his grandfather. But he worked harder anyway, completely oblivious of the fact.

Once again, he was jogging in the morning along with some of the disciples who were wearing rings as well. They were heavier than his were, and they usually jogged at their own pace. Today, they decided to match Lemir’s pace, who in turn ran a bit faster than usual. One of them started speaking to Lemir.

Disciple A [Japanese] : “Hey Lemir, do you want to slow down a bit? You might not have enough energy for later.”

Disciple B [Japanese] : “You might think you need to be faster for us, but it is fine to go at a lower speed you know?”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Alright, but you guys don’t have to match my pace anymore. I’ll run at my usual pace then.”

With that said, the disciples who were originally jogging at his pace started to go faster. Soon, they left Lemir far behind.

Lemir lamented, “I know the difference in age would naturally cause a gap between our abilities, but this is still frustrating nonetheless.”

Lemir was usually the fastest back in his adventurer days, so he was unable to get to this feeling of seeing people’s back facing him, though it also reminded him of something unpleasant. It reminded him of his old dead friends. He slowly grinded into a halt.

Lemir [English] : “Tch! I didn’t want to remember those memories right now.”

Faces of his old friends and comrades pop up in his mind, especially Emily’s face. “Emily… you were a great girl…”, he reminisced about his lover, Emily.

Emily was introduced to him by Luke, who was a natural playboy. Luke introduced Emily to him because Luke was already hitting on her 3 other friends and Emily didn’t fall for his tricks. So he basically dumped Emily on him. They chatted for a bit and hit it off well, but at that time neither expected it to develop into a relationship. Speaking of which, Luke was successful with her 3 other friends and bedded them on the same night.

At this point, he stopped reminiscing as people were starting to walk on the streets, which would make him have to slow down to avoid people. But at this moment…

Familiar Voice [Japanese]: “I’m going off to school! Bye mom! Bye dad!”

When Lemir turned to look at the direction of the voice, he saw a girl, but the girl’s back was already facing him. He couldn’t see the face, but the hair colour was the same brownish colour that Emily had. The voice, as well, sounded a lot like hers, but much more childish.

Lemir couldn’t call out. Could the gods have decided to play a trick on him? Or had he truly met the reincarnation of Emily’s soul? He was afraid it was the former, but he was much more afraid it was the latter too. After all, regular reincarnation wipes the memories of the previous life time. What if she didn’t recognise him? He was afraid of this. Much too afraid.

He slowly jogged back home with the matter still on his mind and barely made it in time for the next set of training. Had he been late, the training would be harsher, but would probably have taken his mind off it.


A few days later, he still had not recovered from the shock. He stopped for a few minutes near that house every day and but still did not meet her again. Thus his third sister asked him a question while he was taking a rest after lunch.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “What’s wrong? Did you saw a girl you like while jogging?”

Unexpectedly, Kiiromi was actually very close to the mark. He felt no need to hide things from a 7 year old, and said yeah. It was a mistake he would never realise he made until much, much later. Kiiromi had a weird smile, like she found a new toy.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Oh? Who is it? Or rather, did you even see her face?”

Lemir [Japanese] : “No… But I heard her voice…”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Wah, you have a face of an old man… You are going to become an old man very quickly. In that case, what uniform was she wearing?”

Lemir [Japanese] : “She wasn’t wearing a uniform… But I had a feeling I know her.”

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “So you like older girls in elementary school... Okay, leave it to your onee-chan! I will find her for you!”

Lemir didn’t hear the first part clearly, but he clearly heard the second.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Ah, there’s no need, Kiiromi-nee-chan. If we are not meant to meet again, then let it be so.”

Telling someone his problems had made him feel less burdened. He decided to return to focusing on his training.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Ah, there’s that old man face again! Sometimes, when you show that face, I wonder if you are really 3 and a half year old.”

Kiiromi seems to be surprisingly sharp in those areas, but Lemir just decided to ignore her in case his responses give her some sort of random idea again, but it didn’t work very well as she was still staring at him.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Alright, back to training. Jii-san would scold me if I rest for too long.”

Lemir tried to avoid the issue by leaving her alone instead, and left early for his training.

Kiiromi [Japanese] : “Suspicious…”

End Chapter 3

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