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Chapter 2

When Lemir tried to open his eyes, he realised he could not see very well. He was very unclear as to what happened to him. The last thing he remembered was entering the demon lord’s throne room.

“Did some demonic mage manage to cast blind on me before it died? What a mistake I’ve made!”, Lemir thought as he tried to move his limbs, but he could not move them very much either. Then he heard some voices, but he didn’t understand some languages.

Voice A [Japanese] : “Is he still alive? Is my baby still alive? Let me see my baby!”

Voice B [English] : “Calm down, Miss Nikado. Mr Nikado, please try to calm your wife down. I can’t speak Japanese very well.”

Voice C [Japanese] : “Aya-chan, please calm down! Ricky-san will check him now.”

Lemir understood the second voice, as it was the language in his world. But the first and last voice was foreign to him. Immediately, he recalled that he had died after killing the demon lord, and had been reincarnated by his own terms.

Lemir immediately started crying, to stop worrying his possible parents and the doctor.

Aya-chan(?) [Japanese] : “He’s alive! Please, let me see his face!”

“Ricky-san”, who was carrying him at that time, carefully passed Lemir to the woman “Aya-chan”.

Aya-chan(?) [Japanese] : “He looks so cute… He looks just like you, Laku-chan.”

Laku-chan(?) [Japanese] : “Really? I think he looks more like you. You are much more better looking than I am after all.”

Pink flowers seemed to appear between the two of them, whom Lemir assume to be his parents. He recognised the black-haired woman as his mother and the blonde-haired man as his father. The brown-haired man was the doctor.

As he had been crying the entire time, he started to get tired. “I’ve underestimated how weak a baby’s body is… Getting tired so quickly…”, he thought as he tried to fight against the sleepiness.

Laku-chan(?) [Japanese] : “We’ve been having trouble with his name for a long time, but I’ve just thought of a name for him… Let’s call him Nikado Lemir.”

Aya-chan(?) [Japanese] : “It sounds like you randomly thought of that name, but I like it too. Hello Nikado Lemir-chan!”

Ricky-san(?) [English] : “You two named him Nikado Lemir? It sounds like you pulled the name out of nowhere. I fear for this child’s future.”

Laku-chan(?) [English] : “Don’t make fun of his name! I thought long and hard about it, and it sounded good no matter what!”

Ricky-san(?) [English] : “Long as in 10 seconds, and hard as in…”

Lemir couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation as he drifted off to sleep, but he was sure the doctor was about to make a dirty joke, which briefly reminded him of Luke.


When Lemir woke up, he realised he was a bit hungry. He wanted to get up to hunt for a rabbit and roast it over the campfire, but couldn’t get up. He was surprised for a moment until he remembered he had reincarnated as a baby.

“This body really is troublesome. I wonder if there was an option to skip the baby phase…”, Lemir pondered while trying to speak, only to start crying loudly.

Due to his cries, a woman in an odd outfit came to him, and checked what appears to be a machine next to him.

Woman [Japanese] : “Hmm… looks like you are hungry! Wait for a bit, I’ll get you something to eat.”

The woman spoke as though a baby could understand her, which in this case Lemir could have if she spoke in the language that “Ricky-san” had spoken before.

The woman left and came back very quickly, and pushed a bottle with what appears to be milk in a bottle. Lemir recognised it as a milk bottle, and understood its function immediately. He did not understand how that worked, but started sucking anyway.

Woman [Japanese] : “Good baby! Drink up! You look so cute! I wonder who are your parents!”

The woman moved her sights above Lemir’s head, and Lemir tried following it as much as he currently could.

He saw characters on a blue background which he didn’t recognise and two words he did, which read “Nikado Lemir”. “I suppose that’s my name, I guess”, he thought.

Woman [Japanese] : “Er… Nikado… Lemir…? That sounds like a random name! But you have a cute face, so I must remember your name. I hope you will remember me!”

If Lemir had understood what she was saying, Lemir probably would have started crying again. After all, everyone’s thinking he had a random name.

Soon, Lemir finished the bottle. The woman pulled the empty milk bottle out of his mouth and patted his head before walking off. Feeling full now, Lemir started deciding what he would do in this life.

First off, Lemir feels that he should go back to his adventurer-days' personality. He has had his revenge against the demon lord, and he should lighten up a bit.

Secondly, don't make any more mistakes he would regret for the rest of this life, especially during the childhood. Back in his previous life, he made a girl cry as a child not because she was happy, but because he made her really sad.

Lastly, learn some martial arts. He only had his self-taught combat skills to rely on, but proper martial arts would help too.

Upon making such decisions, he drifted off to sleep.


This continued for about a week, before he saw his parents’ face again. He was finally leaving the room where he occasionally gets woken up by other crying babies. It was annoying to him, but they did not have their memories like he did.

However, he did notice one baby that never cried at all unless hunger was an issue. He tried looking at the name of the baby but did not understand the characters. It was however, on a pink background.

As he was leaving, he tried looking back at those characters but he could not move very well. Due to all this straining, he got tired and fell asleep again.


Again, Lemir woke up while the ground was moving. He thought he had been captured by the demon soldiers but immediately recalled that he had reincarnated.

“I should start getting used to this…”, he thought as he made a mental note.

Apparently, his parents just got out of a metal box with wheels and were carrying him into what appears to be a house, but it was huge.

An ordinary household in his old world was two stories high and he could walk around it in less than a minute. The house that he might be living in was four stories high and he probably would get lost if he tried to walk around it.

“This is “Decent Household”, Acedia? What kind of world is this, if this is just “decent”?”, he thought, while being amazed at the same time.

His parents realised he was awake a while ago, and seemed to be explaining what each part of the house was, but in the language he didn’t understand, so he didn’t pay attention. Eventually, they entered through a wall that slides to the side instead of a door. He naturally recognised this as a sliding door despite never seeing it before.

As they walked in, 3 young girls ran up to them.

Girls [Japanese] : “Welcome back mom and dad!”

Girl A [Japanese] : “Is that our little brother? Let me see him!”

Girl B [Japanese] : “Don’t disturb him! He must be tired from the journey.”

Girl C [Japanese] : “Yes! I am not the youngest anymore! I don’t have to do your chores anymore, nee-chan!”

Lemir immediately recognised the 3 girls as his older sisters, as they wouldn’t be running in the house if they were not. But suddenly he felt something wet on his butt. He had a sudden epiphany, “Did I just... shit my pants?”

Lemir, not counting his previous life, was 8 days old. This was a natural thing that had been happening while he was asleep. This was the first time it happened while he was awake. But Lemir had not realised this. Counting his previous life, he would be about 31 years old this year. And he dirtied his pants.

Thankfully, most babies in this world wore a diaper, something not seen in his previous world, but Lemir had fainted out of shock already, thinking he made his first mistake in barely a week.

Girl A [Japanese] : “Ah! He fell asleep!”

Girl B [Japanese] : “Stop being so loud! He’s gonna wake up like this!”

Girl C [Japanese] : “Time to run!”


Lemir’s leisurely lifestyle continued for about 9 months, and he found out about a couple of things.

First off, he was living in a country called Japan, and while he didn’t remember exactly where in Japan, he was still relieved when he realised it was indeed a relatively peaceful country like Acedia promised.

Secondly, the house he lived in was not as huge as it first seemed. It was next to what his parents called the “dojo” which was somewhat similar to schools which taught martial arts in his previous world. The dojo covered 3/4 of the area, with about 1/5 belonging to the house. The remaining area was a small shack and a yard.

Thirdly, and probably the most important point, there was no mana in this world. Or at least, humans in this world cannot feel or harness the power of mana. So even if he became as powerful physically as he was in the past, he can never be powerful enough to match it completely without mana in this world.

Fourthly, technology was indeed very advanced in this world. He had seen many machines which he could not recognise. Luckily, he had a helpful guide in the form of his 3 older sisters, especially the oldest one, who seemed to be accustomed to this sort of thing already, as she had 2 younger sisters.

Lastly, martial arts appeared to be not as important in this world as his previous world. He had just been to the dojo, after he learned how to walk in this body a month ago. His parents were very excited and carried a machine called “camera” which had very bright flashes each time they used it. It supposedly draws a picture of the scene the “lens” was pointing in at that moment in just a few seconds. They had taken it out when he spoke his first words too.

When he visited the dojo, he saw about 20 men and women who were sparring with each other. The martial schools back in his world normally had hundreds of people sparring with each other at once, but there were only 20 here.
He saw an old man standing in front of the sparring areas. The old man noticed him immediately and walked up to him. Lemir felt an enormous pressure coming from the old man and felt that even with his old body; he would find it very hard to deal with him. The old man then started speaking.

Old Man [Japanese] : “You must be my grandson. Hello there. I am your grandfather, Nikado Ryuugami. You can call me Ji-san.”

Lemir had learned a bit of Japanese after a while, and replied in Japanese as well.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Ji-san, what are they doing?”

Ryuugami had an amused expression, after seeing that his only grandson seemed to be interested in what he was teaching in his dojo.

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “They are sparring, and practicing the moves of the Dragon God Style (Ryu Jin no Yoshiki) that our ancestors came up with during the era of war and chaos. Each move was designed such that it mimics a dragon. I was also named after the martial art style.”

Lemir was secretly shocked. He knew what dragons were, and there were martial arts in his previous world that mimicked some animals, but none had mimicked dragons. Dragons were, after all, proud and aloof magical creatures that were at the same time among the most powerful.

One of the demon generals he fought and killed was a demonic dragon. He gave him the greatest trouble among the 6 demon generals. When he fought the demonic dragon, he felt that fighting the other 5 demon generals together would still be easier than that fight. The only fight that gave him more trouble was against the demon lord.

Lemir [Japanese] : “Do dragons exist in this world?”

Lemir was feeling secretly excited and scared at the same time. Fighting a dragon without mana would make for an interesting fight, as the fight with the demonic dragon was the closest he ever got to his old personality before reincarnating.

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “Hahaha! You want to fight a dragon? Unfortunately for you and me, they don’t exist in this world. Ah, how I wish I could fight a dragon to the death with the skills I learned.”

Lemir was slightly disappointed, and then he heard a voice calling for him, and realised it was his oldest sister, Nikado Akami.

Akami [Japanese] : “Hey! Don’t just run off to the dojo on your own! What if Ji-chan gets angry? Ah! Ji-chan!”

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “Haha, don’t worry, Aka-chan. I am not angry that Lemir-kun came here. In fact, I am pretty happy about it!”

Akami [Japanese] : “Is that so… Well anyway, mom was looking for you, Lemir. She wanted to take more pictures of you walking.”

Lemir [Japanese] : “Eh, more pictures? Fine… Ji-san, when I grow older, can I learn the Dragon God Style?”

Ryuugami suddenly seemed very happy. He could tell Lemir was very eager to learn martial arts, but he did not know why, and felt no need to know why.

Ryuugami [Japanese] : “Of course! But only when you reach 5 years old. When you become 3 years old, I’ll start training your body.”

With this promise, Lemir left the dojo area.

Of course, Lemir had not been completely slacking while growing up. Ever since he learned to walk, he started jogging about in his own room and only stopping when he was tired or heard footsteps, even if they were not heading for his room.

This life continued until he was 3 years old, where he would suddenly know what hell felt like…

End Chapter 2

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