For a while I have been stuck on this stor, not content with where and how it was going. I am doing a rewrite that is somewhat different, though the perspective, sight of the void, most of the prologue, use of mushrooms, and inhospitable nature of our protagonist's environment will remain. Firstly, I found that building a worse-as-it-goes-down cave dungeon from the bottom up required far more forthought then I am readily capable of. Secondly, many advanced species of fungus use symbiotic organisms such as algea found in lichen- this will allow me far more leway to get on with more interesting developments. A volcanic environment is nice, but I found I could not pin down anything I had planned that had anything to do with the magma sea in a more then tangential manner- therefore defeating it's purpose.

As such I will be re-writing the story, and the edited prologue and first chapter will be posted shortly.

I am also moving my rate of release up to once a month to make up for the issues.

-Your devoted entertainer, ShinyRock


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Bio: I am a very shiny rock, I write stories and have an irrational hatred of spiders, xianxia, heights, and greedy humans.

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Books83 @Books83 ago

Glad your not dropping it. I found it an interesting premise and looked foward to your chapters

Growl @Growl ago

This story seemed ok. At least for a standard dungeon story. And it's better to restart now than 40 chapters in of course.

However, once a month? At about 2000 words for your normal chapters that's quite slow. Retaining readers like that will be hard. Still, do whatever you feel is necessary.

Darklyte31 @Darklyte31 ago

Once a month would be hard to follow since there are other interesting stories on this site to read and those authors' do try to post at least once a week.  Still might be a good story though.