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Chapter 9 - Healing

“Reinforce the sides! We would not want to be surrounded!” Cario yelled at the others.


“Cario, that one is the leader. See if we can reason with it before killing it.” Lino pointed out the 8 meter wolf that was at the back staring intently at the battle.


“Gotcha!” Cario yelled as he rushed into the fray quickly making his way towards the wolf leader.


‘Protect the leader!’ the wolves howled.


As Cario made his way through the skirmish wielding a large metallic sword with inscriptions, knocking a few wolves out of the way and stunning them, the back line of wolves attacked.


 However, surprisingly Cario’s strength far surpasses the wolves and he knocked 4 wolves with a large swing of his blunt blade. This caught the interest of the wolf leader, who values strength. Lino did not send Cario to battle the wolf leader for no reason. He knew that wolves in general value strength much more than magical ability.




Three figures moved through the forest at a fast pace. All three were silent as the person in front was concentrating on the trail left behind by the black wolf. They all stop as the scene of the wolf massacre appeared.


“What happened here?” Mila asked shocked at all the blood and dead wolves.


“Naulo.” Xaro whispered worryingly.




Everyone turn around at the sound of the small moan. Xaro quickly rushed forward towards the bush where the sound came from.




However, Mili quickly intercepted Xaro.

“Why are you blocking me?! Naulo’s there! He’s hurt!” Xaro screamed.

“Poisonous plant. Deadly poison. It’s difficult to find a cure.” Mili replied in a strict tone.

“So what?! Difficult doesn’t mean impossible. I’m fine with it. We need to get Naulo back to the village immediately.”


Mili was pushed aside as Xaro dived into the bush to pull Naulo out. The thorns pierced through Xaro’s armor and his skin. The area pierced quickly turned dark purple and it didn’t bleed. Surprisingly, aside from the bleeding wound from Naulo back, Naulo looked unaffected by the poisonous bush. Even thorn marks didn’t appear on Naulo’s smooth skin. However, Xaro and the others were too distracted by the bad maul wound to notice this. Quickly they ran back to the village with Naulo on Xaro’s back, Mili trying to stop Naulo’s bleeding after being told by Xaro, and Mila on guard for possible attacks.




As the battle continued onwards many wolves died but no one from the village died. All of them were experienced in battle with their lives on the line and they were not weak in terms of power.


As Cario reached the wolf leader the other wolves retreated. It seems as if the wolf leader determined that Cario was worth fighting with it.


Cario took a stance with caution. He realized that the wolf leader was very powerful and surpasses him in strength. It was rare to have such a powerful beast out in the outskirts of the forest. What happened to cause this beast to appear here?


The wolf leader just looks down on Cario from a distance; however, it too, was on guard.


“Haha, I wonder what your kind is doing out here?” Cario tried to strike up a conversation not really expecting a reply.


‘To kill that filthy wolf.’ the wolf leader replied telepathically.


“You mean the black wolf?” Cario questioned cautiously. He saw that the wolf leader seem to really hate that black wolf.


‘Actually, to call it a wolf is giving it too much face. I need you to get out of my way.’

“If all you wanted to do was to get the black wolf, why are you fighting us? You could have just gone around.”


The wolf leader looked offended, ‘Me? Go around? Me, the wolf leader of the great Frost Wolf pack go around some two legged animal like I am scared?! Don’t joke with me, bug!’


The wolf leader launched itself towards Cario at a frightening speed. Cario lifted his broadsword to block but the wolf swiftly changed it's direction and attacked the right side. Cario also swiftly shifted his center of balance and clashed with the wolf leader.


Lino watched over the entire battle.

Why chase it all the way out here? Somehow, I feel that the wolves aren’t the reason for the nature’s insecurity.




Naulo, you must survive!!


Xaro carried Naulo and rushed back towards the village at top speed. Naulo seemed to be getting worse as time continued.


Soon the three reached the village and Xaro brought Naulo to Emy’s house and pushed open the door.




Emy was in the living room and immediately saw the three and Naulo. She quickly picked Naulo up swiftly and lightly and went towards the bedroom. She then placed him face down on the bed. Emy had a pained expression on her face.


“Can you all please leave?” Emy stated softly.


“He needs Mili’s healing to heal! We just need to find someone to provide Mili with the mana to heal him!” Xaro stated with panic.


Emy’s face paled, “You used mana on him?” she asked Mili. Mili shuddered as she saw the dreadful look in Emy’s eyes on her. Slowly, she nodded. She didn’t understand what she did wrong.


“Please, leave. I shall heal Naulo.” Emy forcefully pushed the three of the children out of the house and locked the door.


Inside the quiet room Emy looked at Naulo as he slowly becomes paler. Emy quickly went towards one of the cupboard in her room and pulled out dried plants that looked like herbs. She placed some of the herbs onto Naulo’s maul wounds and then headed towards the kitchen and chopped up the remaining smaller herbs and threw them into a wooden cup with water.


However, Emy did not immediately bring the medicine to Naulo. She stared at the cup then quickly, faster than the eye can see; a thin cut was made on her left index finger. Emy lifted her finger above the medicine cup and a drop of her blood slowly condensed on her fingertip shining blood red and very quickly turning dark. One drop. The medicine drink originally a murky brown color turned clear as water. Emy then quickly grabbed the cup and brought it to Naulo.


“Naulo, you have to drink this.” Emy’s voice was shaking. She then slowly and carefully fed it to the unconscious Naulo drop by drop.

End Note:
Don't know when the next chapter will come out. Things will start moving in the next chapter.


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