Sooo...I've been getting a lot of questions about the gender-bending tag way more often than I had expected.

First of all, there were some hints and clues on gender-bending happening already, though since the setting is still in a small, I repeat, "small" village there is not a large effect.

Secondly, the gender-bending tag will definitely play a large role in storyline development.
(Or at least that is how I have planned it, since this story is still in the developing process ideas and events will change accordingly, sorry about that. I am trying my best to not have any or large plot-holes, which I'm sure will probably come up later. T.T)

Lastly, please have patience for me. I know that for now the story is a bit static and no events are happening but this is the base of the story. Every character, actions, personality, and events will play a larger role in the future development of the story.
(If not I shall make it so...<.< >.>.....since I only have the general outline of this story so the minute detailed are being created as I write and update this. Probably not a good idea but I'm to lazy to do so otherwise, besides finals are coming.)

Alright enough excuses from me. I hope this clears up any misunderstandings/expectations readers have.

I hope you enjoy this story, if not please tell me what you don't enjoy about it so I can learn from my mistakes.

Thank you for reading!

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