Chapter 1 - Birth

In the small village near the silent battlefield gathered a small number of people from the village in front of the bakery store. One person with golden bright hair was pacing around nervously in front of the door.


“Calm down, Auo. She will be fine!” one of the village women said softly to the man.


“R-really? It has been a while!! Is she going to be okay?” Auo said worriedly.


“Don’t act like you have never seen any childbirths process before. You know how long this can take.” a man with bright red hair said to Auo patting him on the shoulder to stop him from moving. Auo let out a slightly relieved sigh and said, “Thanks, Cario.”


He had witness many births before from the people in his tribe and none of them were in danger of losing their lives. However, he heard that there were still fatality rates.


“It is different for everyone. All we can do is hope and wait. The midwife will do her best.” the old man who owns the bakery store said. Out of all the people gathered he is the most worried. He had lost his wife and child during this process once before and wished to the gods to not have it happen again.


Time passed slowly and soon 5 hours have gone by. The sun was high up in the center of the sky and the temperature was burning hot. Many people that were there returned to their homes to eat and rest leaving only Auo and the old man. Due to the low technology and resources in the village childbirth was a dangerous process that took a lot of effort. The villagers who stayed behind were almost all old people who did not want to abandon the only place they ever called home.


“WAAAAAH WAAAAH!!!” suddenly cries were heard from inside.




“Alright, doesn’t seem to have any apparent defects. Seems healthy. A bit on the small side but it doesn’t seem to be much of a problem.” inspected the midwife. Contrary to belief this midwife did not seem very old. She seems to be in her mid 30s at the most. After separating the crying child from the mother she wrapped the child in a soft white blanket.


“You may go and call in the family members.” the midwife instructed a younger girl around the age of 14. The young girl nodded and left the room.


“It is a beautiful boy, madame.” the midwife said to the disheveled women laying on the bed. Despite the messy appearance the lady was still beautiful in a natural way. The baby was given to Emy who looked at her child lovingly.


“What a beautiful child. He is like an angel.”


The baby was smaller than normal but it did not seem out of place. His skin was white and smooth just like his mothers and he had black hair. His eyes were still closed and he seems to be sleeping now in the warmth of his mother’s hold.


The door opened and in came two people. Auo went directly towards Emy and his child to confirm that they are both safe. Emy showed the sleeping child to Auo and tears started to form in his sky-blue eyes.


“Whahaha...she’s so beautiful! Just like her mother!” he cried with a whisper.


Emy eyes narrowed and she corrected Auo, “This child is male.”






3 months has passed and everything seems to have settled down. The war in the battlefield nearby halted with the appearance of the elite troops the Kingdom of Elma sent. Auo and his tribe members along with a small group of soldiers almost lost their lives in stopping the advance of the Ragohu enemy advance.


Despite the advantage of the ancient weapons the Ragohu Kingdom was able to acquire, the elite troops was able to keep them at bay with higher numbers of magicians and stronger warriors. The war was at a standstill. This long battle over near the borders between these two kingdoms of Elma and Ragohu was going to be known as The Battle of Ev. This battle was the start of the largest scale war ever known and the deepest darkest secrets not known to exist appear.


And in the midst of this chaos a child was born. This child destined to be intertwined into the conflict. What shall happen to the world afterwards? No one knows.




The capital city in the west of the continent was enormous covering an area of about 1,000 square kilometers and a population of around 250,000 and increasing. The palace located in the center of the city was enormous and caught the eyes of any visitor immediately. The castle was inaccessible except through the 2 bridge gates located at the front and back, since a stream of water surrounded it. The water was a calm blue but could quickly be infused with mana to turn into acid, which dissolves everything except for the area it was specially contained in. This was special water that was obtained millions of years in the past.


Inside the main hall there was a gathering of officials and the king was sitting on his throne. The king looked to be around 30 years old with a well-trimmed dark golden mustache and same colored well-groomed hair. His trusted official and advisor were by his side. His advisor was around the same age with light brown hair color.


“Your majesty, the Renaun tribe leaders have arrived.” The advisor said.


“Let them in.” The king said to the servant nearby who shouted out the order.


Soon the massive door embedded with gold and gems opened and in came a group of 4. The person at the front was an old man at the age of 550 but looking only to be around 50 years of age for a human. He carried himself similarly to a king and had his own imposing aura. He, however, wore nothing extravagant only a clean grey robe that covered his body. The three behind him also wore the same thing and they each gave a different aura that seemed to be clashing yet also blending to each other.


From the left was a man with an average build that was 193cm tall (~6’3’’) with bright golden medium length hair, almost reaching his shoulders, and a cheerful smile on his face. He gave the impression of an easy to get along with man and probably a bit mischievous as well.


In the center behind the old man was a man with a slightly muscular build and long tied up maple red hair. He was the tallest out of the 4 reaching 215cm (~7’). He had a messy appearance with a short sleeve robe showing off his lean but muscular arms giving off a powerful aura.


The person on the right was of slender build with an average height of 176cm (~5’7’’) and magnolia colored short length hair. He had a slender face one might mistaken for a beauty except for his extremely sharp eyes, which seems to see into one's soul. He gave off an icy cold aura one might freeze from being near him.


“Good afternoon, Your Majesty.” The old man stepped forward and gave a slight bow. The three men behind him also gave a slight bow following the old man.


“Elder, there is no need to bow before me. If it wasn’t for the fact that your tribe aid us we would have lost much ground and many people.” the king said with a smile.


“It was but our duty to repay the favor your kingdom provided us 500 years ago.” The elder said.


“I understand that our contract is over now. However, a new problem have arisen.” the king said solemnly. The king looked over the four people before him before he continued; “An important person involved in the advancement of technology in our kingdom has gone missing a few weeks ago. We predict that she was taken by the Ragohu.”


The elder gave a slight smile and said, “I understand the importance, but you should know that we have no lingering feelings for this land. We have no sense of belonging here. We have returned what we owed to this kingdom for the past 500 years.”


“How dare you people! Our kingdom provided shelter and protection for your kind!” one of the officials shouted out.


“SILENCE.” the king immediately reprimanded the official. The king also did not have any feelings of connection for this Renaun tribe but knew that his ancestors had helped the tribe somehow causing the tribe to become the guardians of the Kingdom of Elma for 500 years. However, he understood the power of the people of the Renaun tribe from the large role they played in the war. He cannot offend such people.


“I understand, Elder. As of today the Renaun tribe has fulfilled their duty and shall retire from all combat and military service. They are free from the Kingdom of Elma and are allowed to travel anywhere they please on Elma grounds.” the king announced aloud. Scribbling could be heard immediately after from the scribes to write out and record the notice.


“May I ask where are your tribe heading to?” the king asked. 


“Wherever the winds take us.” the elder said with a smile and gave a bow and said, “Well then, excuse us, Your Majesty.” He then turned around and left with the other three following behind.


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