Author's Note: I don't seem to want to work on life right now. Therefore, I thought I might be a little productive and get started on the rewrite. I believe the pace is a lot slower than before and includes a lot more details.

And yes this is a prologue and it is not necessary to read it, recommended though. *wink*

Okay, so I got to get back to reality now....*tears forming*




The sky was completely black from a barrage of arrows that descended upon the group of people on the ground. The area was filled with the agonized screams of death from the soldiers on the battlefield both old and young. The ground was blood red from soaking up the mass amount of blood from the many lives lost.


“Commander, we won’t be able to survive the advance from the enemies!!” A soldier wearing dented steel plate armor and holding a large round steel shield shouted to a man nearby.


The man nearby wore almost similar armor except it had a hint of golden aura surrounding it. He carried a long spear thrusting it to the enemy that appeared from the front of the soldier with the shield. This man looked to be in his late 30s and had a powerful looking face with sharp eyes. He knitted his brows and gritted his teeth so powerfully that a grinding sound could be heard nearby.


The old man knew if he falls here the kingdom he serve would have a high chance to be destroyed; therefore, failure was not an option. The sudden attack from the enemy kingdom provided the element of surprise. As his king was trying to gather and send the elite army to the borders to intercept the advance of the enemy his job was to hold back the advance as much as possible and he was able to succeed for 10 years. Until, the enemy brought out the ancient weapons.


After the rain of arrows came the rain of magic. Fireballs were falling down from the skies and as it hit the large fireball exploded causing everyone in the range of 100m to be killed or fatally injured.


What is this?

The commander thought as he saw the rain of fire.


Our enemy kingdom does not have this kind of magic! The ancient weapon they found must have caused this! Damn! I cannot fail here! These abominations should have been destroyed when we had the chance!


“REINFORCEMENTS!!” one of the soldiers from the back of the small army shouted. This brought a thread of hope in the soldiers still alive and motivation to push back the invading army.


Soon large balls of water with a diameter of 90cm (~3ft) appeared from behind and shot towards the large advancing armies. The sky started to become dark and lightning started to appear to strike at the enemy formation from the back. Now it was the enemy army’s turn to scream the screams of death.


From behind the small army, who step aside, appeared a small group of people of no more than 14. Despite the small size the small army numbering 400 knew the might of these 14 by witnessing it firsthand. The commander stepped up towards these people and said,


“Hello, we are glad to have you here to aid us.”


“No greetings are necessary, we came to fulfill our debt for the royal family of Elma. Nothing more, nothing less. No need for thanks either.” said a man with medium length magnolia colored hair coldly. He looked to be in his early 20s with a delicate build and was not wearing any armor just a plane gray colored robe similar to the rest of the people in the group.


“Lino, no need to be rude.” a slightly muscular man with bright red hair appeared. He had a messy appearance with his long red hair tied up and a short-sleeve robe showing off his slightly muscular arms, which exude a powerful aura from within. When one is looking one cannot tell how powerful he is. “Once this is over we can finally leave this place.”


“Now, now. Lino, Cario, and everyone, I’m sure we can find a better time and place for talks. However, last time I checked we are in the middle of a I suggest we start moving before we get crushed.” a man with bright golden colored hair said with a cheerful smile amongst the screams of war. His cheerful demeanor contrasted the scene before everyone’s eyes causing a moment of silence before another fireball appeared over the group’s head.


The bright man immediately raised his left hand and a blue light shot up and spread across the entire group that was around. The fireball smashed into the blue barrier and disappeared with everyone completely uninjured.


“Haaaa, Auo, seriously. We don’t know what to do with you…” Cario gave a long sigh but had a small smirk, “okay, let’s move!” All of the 14 people were completely calm during the display and started to move forwards towards the enemy.


The soldiers and the commander felt in their hearts that hope has returned to the battlefield and began to charge at the enemies with new vigor.




In a village a little ways away from the place of the battlefield sat a beautiful lady in the silent streets. Most of the people living in this small village had left and moved closer to the main city of the kingdom and the ones who were left were hiding within their homes with shut doors.


The beautiful lady had long glossy black hair reaching her lower back and porcelain white skin. Her eyes were large and black with long, thick eyelashes. Her face was small giving her an innocent aura. Her body was beautifully proportioned even with the small bulge showing in her abdominal area. She was wearing a dark blue colored dress and sitting silently in front of a bakery store waiting while caressing her stomach.


“Emy, you should go inside to rest. I’m sure Auo will return safe and sound.” a hoarse voice called from inside of the shop.


It belonged to the shop owner where Emy worked at and lived with. The bakery store belonged to an old man around the age of 80, he was now running the shop that was started by his late wife who passed away. He cares for Emy as if she was his child because his wife died during childbirth along with his child.


“Yes, father. I just wanted to get some fresh air.” Emy said with a small smile. She was beautiful, like a high-class doll, when she was just sitting there but when she smile it was heavenly. Both males and females would be petrified in place to see her smile. Surprisingly, no problems ever came because her beauty was so high that males don’t dare come closer.


She treated the old man as her father because she had never had one before and was alone just like him. She stood up slowly from her seat and walked inside but stopped at the entrance to take one more look towards the dense clouds in the distance.




Days passed by and soon months passed. The battle still raged on but both sides were not able to advance much. The stalling process was successful with the addition of the 14 people reinforcement. However, as the battle rages onwards the enemy side starts to gain a little advantage due to their higher numbers.


“Those damnable Ragohu’s. They shouldn’t even exist! I don’t understand why we did not crush them before but sign a peace treaty with them! We protected them and what did we get in return?!! A DAMN BETRAYAL!!” the commander yelled out during the night. The small army had to split their forces and give time for the soldiers to rest while the other half stay vigilant during the night. Soldiers who were resting nearby agreed wholeheartedly with the commander.


The Elma soldiers were extremely exhausted. Even though rest and magic helped their body return to peak conditions they are still mentally tired due to the continuous battles everyday. The Ragohu troops contain up to 100x the number of troops causing morale to drop slowly with each passing day.


“Don’t worry guys! I’m sure the elite forces will arrive soon enough!” the cheerful voice appeared from behind the small group that was resting around a fire.


“Ah, Auo.” the soldiers and the commander smiled. Auo’s cheerful persona brought about change in the atmosphere. Due to his outgoing personality he was able to befriend all of the Elma soldiers. The soldiers and the commander liked Auo because he listens to their ramblings and helps them relieve their stress.


“Commander, how are you feeling? Is the wound on your back healed?”


“Haha. Of course it has! Your people’s magic is first class after all!” the commander stood up and turn around to show he was perfectly healthy now.


“No no, our healing magic isn’t all that great. It’s definitely due to your high endurance and internal mana.” Auo said with a bright smile showing that he meant every word he said. Even his flattery was from the bottom of his heart so therefore who could actually hate him?


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard in the distance between the two opposing armies. Auo immediately left and headed towards the sound.


When he arrived he saw a group of people dead on the ground with large and small holes in their bodies. He also saw some number of people from his group struggling to keep the clear barrier up.


“What happened here?!” Auo went forwards and asked the people from his group.


“Ancient weapon!” A young lady yelled back.


“Auo, we need your barrier!” Lino said as he approached the three with Cario right behind him. The white barrier set up by the two before contained small holes that was slowly closing.


Auo immediately set up his blue barrier before another explosion was heard in the distance. A few moments later, round black balls was seen travelling through the air at a high speed and hit the ground causing a large amount of dirt to shoot towards the barrier and clashing loudly, but the barrier held. 


Auo’s eyebrows narrowed, “The force of the dirt propelled by that black ball is a lot higher than the fireball before. This is getting dangerous.”


The battle during this night was brutal. Auo was unable to maintain the barrier over a large distance due to the high penetrating force of the new ancient weapon that appeared. Many soldiers of Elma died causing the low number of 400 to dwindle to only 250. Even some people from the small group was caught in the explosions and died on impact with the black balls, which some of them exploded into pieces on contact.


The battle during the night continued until the sunrise and the explosions stopped abruptly. There was an eerie silence that morning. Out of the 400 Elma soldiers 250 of them died due to the explosions and 6 of the 14 people died trying to save the soldiers and blocking the attacks. It was a night of hell.


“They are planning something.” Lino said. He was no longer clean as there were small cuts on his body and blood on his grey robe. Everyone was in a sorry state with some people missing an arm or leg or even both.


A loud horn was heard in the distance before the Ragohu army of 40,000 came charging and this small group of exhausted people.


Even exhausted and knowing that they will not be able to survive this enemy advance no one abandoned their station. Each one of them had eyes fill with determination to bring down as many enemies as possible. They all knew that even if they had fled they would still be killed once the Ragohu invaded. It was drilled into them that the Ragohu were evil that will kill everyone when they invade. They will spare no lives.


The dust flew in the distance as the large force advanced through the uneven red battlefield filled with dead bodies picked by vultures. The small group of mages gathered their mana and prepared for combat as the soldiers raised their weapons. No words were needed to see the determination in everyone’s eyes. They would fulfill their duty or they would die trying.


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