---Emy’s POV---

“W-why?” my child asked me disbelievingly. I felt as though a million knives were cutting through my body as tears rolled down my cheeks.


Ever since he got hurt in that forest I must prepare. I heard from my husband that we would have to separate from the little one soon.


“He’s still a child!! He needs us!!” I screamed at him desperately.


“I know,” he whispered back softly, “I know but there’s nothing we can do. It is his fate. We have no power to interfere. All we can do is to train them the best we can and send them out of this place.” He hugged her tightly.

It was nighttime but the skies are still bright due to the snow reflection. We headed out of the village carrying the children. In Auo’s arms laid the small Naulo, sleeping so peacefully. However, I know that it won’t be very peaceful once he wakes up.


Naulo might seem like an angel but he is quite the troublemaker. A sad laughter escaped my lips as I thought of the bleak future.


We carried the 4 children towards a wagon we made a few months ago and placed them gently inside.


“Please safely transfer them, Lein.” Auo addressed the young man that was going to take the children towards the city. I don’t know which one and I am not sure if I’d be able to see them again.




An explosion rang out in the direction of the village as the ground trembled. They arrived too soon!


“We need to head back!” Cario yelled.


The enemy has arrived. Why didn’t we all fled if we knew, because that would bring danger upon the children as well. They would chase us down but they don’t know the existence of the children. I glanced at my husband feeling a regret welling up inside of me. If I weren’t here, perhaps he would live for a little while longer.


Our enemy the Ragohu.


---End POV---


The Ragohu troops were bombarding the Renaun village with the ancient weapons. Organized in groups with five men rolling a large cylinder-like object forward. In front stood a man dressed in black armor glaring sharply at the village barrier that was about to break.


“Load and FIRE!” he commanded the men as they stuffed a solid ball into the open end of the cylinder and lit the other side. As the wick disappeared a loud BANG sounded out as the ball headed directly towards the village hidden in the snow.


With the command, the troops slowly moved to surround the village and trapping them with the cliff.




The cannon ball destroyed what was left of the barrier and smashed towards the village and into the cliff-side. No scream rang out from the village as the Ragohu troops approached.


“It seems you’re no longer putting up resistance.” The commander said in a deep voice.


Slowly from inside the village people came out. They all showed looks of hatred and fear. The Elder came forward, “It is all in Fate’s hands.”


“Bullshit! Whether you die or not is all within MY, The Merciless Beming, hands.” The commander grinned showing off his yellow teeth.


Beming looked everything like how a bandit would except for the fact that he has good armor and weapons. He seems to have been a bandit before he swore to serve the Ragohu nation.


Beming glared at The Elder, “I’m here to pick up the little princess.” He smiled.


The villagers were confused, “We don’t have anyone you want here.”


Beming smile grew more wide as he shrugged, “doesn’t matter, I’ll just kill everyone here and get her myself.”


As soon as he said that the soldiers started attacking the villagers. They all fought back and a battle started. Even though the villagers were more powerful, the soldiers were too many and each one seems to not value their lives at all.


“STOP!” A clear voice rang out.


A figure rushed in between the heavily wounded villagers and the crazed soldiers. She looked delicate yet sturdy standing in front to protect the villagers.


“My, my Princess. You decide to show up now? The fun was about to begin.” Beming scoffed at Emy.


“Beming, you stop this now! I will go with you back.”


“Hahahahahaha,” Beming laughed crazily and glared at Emy, “What makes you think that you have any bargaining chip? You will come with me back whether you like to or not! His majesty is awaiting your return.” Beming looked lewdly at Emy as he licked his lips.


Even though Beming called Emy “Princess” there was no respect in the slightest compared to when he said “His Majesty”.


Emy bit her lips, she knew that it would be hard to deal with this brute Beming. Auo stepped forward and placed his hands on Emy’s shoulders, “Emy is a part of our village now! Even if we are going to die we will drag as many of you with us as possible!”


Beming glared at Auo’s determined eyes. Oh? Golden hair and blue eyes. He must be “that” person.


“Hahahahaha,” Beming laughed again, “You must be Auo. His majesty talked a lot about you.”


This time everyone showed a confused look, even Auo.


“I don’t know who ‘His Majesty’ you speak of is.” Auo said.


“Don’t ask me. I only heard of you from his a few times. However, that wouldn’t matter anyhow.”


With that somehow all the soldiers knew to attack with everything they got. The villagers didn’t realized and some were killed with the surprising attack.


“STOP!!” Emy cried. Nonetheless, this time the soldiers kept attacking waves after waves. Many more soldiers died compared to the villagers but no one seemed to care in the slightest for those soldiers.


“I can’t do anything here! There’s no strategy or anything. They are just all crazed and being suicide soldiers!” Lino yelled out frustrated.


Cario cut off another soldier’s head as ten more came and surround him. He’s getting tired from the endless enemies. No matter how powerful you still can’t beat an army with just the strength of one.


One by one the villagers fell and killed by the horde of enemy soldiers. Lino was stabbed from behind as Cario died from the multiple wounds and blood loss. As they died they hoped that the children were at least safe.


A while later Auo and The Elder were the only ones left. Emy was crying her heart out.

This was my fault, I should have left much sooner! She thought, but she just wanted to spend more time with her family. She couldn’t bear to leave them.


“Now now, Princess Emy. It wasn’t your fault. We would have crushed this entire tribe anyway whether you were here or not. Haha.” Beming said amusingly. He didn’t even care for the hundreds of soldiers that died there.


Beming strode towards the two men and pulled out a small weapon from his waist, “I wanted to try out this new weapon we got. Fufufu.”


He pointed the small weapon towards the forehead of The Elder as the Elder glared at him.


“Your kingdom will fall sooner or later!” The Elder spat out as Beming narrowed it eyes and pulled the trigger.




The loud noise echoed in the wind. The Elder fell down dead with a hole in his head. Beming smiled and then pointed his gun towards Auo’s head. Auo struggled but the soldiers held him in place. He was not as physically powerful as these soldiers.


“NO! DON’T!” Emy screamed.


“Princess, please. My ears are important for listening to His Majesties orders and stories.” Beming mused as he place the old styled gun on Auo’s head.


“Oh, yeah. Since you’re gonna die again I should tell you to visit His Majesty later.”


“I don’t know whom this ‘Majesty’ you are talking about!” Auo said with a pale face.


“Haha, you already forgot your old friend from childhood? I feel sorry for His Majesty.”


Auo eyes went wide open. Childhood friend?! T-that’s, “That’s not possible!!”


“Oh? But it is. And he looks forward to seeing you later.”




The gunshot rang out and Auo slumped to the ground with blood pooling out.


“NOOOOOOOOOO!!” Emy screamed but was held back by the soldiers. She continued to struggle and scream until she was knocked out by one of the soldiers.


“Hummph, carry her back. Let’s go. We are done here.” Beming ordered as he headed back on his mount and left the area with the soldiers.


In the desolate area after a certain amount of time, a figured stirred from the mountain of corpses. It climbed out gasping for breath. The once beautiful golden hair now dyed in a deep red along with everything else.


“Ha..Ha..Haa…Rufus..” A gleam shone across his eyes, “You were still alive,” with a hateful voice that seems to drag you to the pits of hell.


The hole on his head had disappeared as he grabbed a bag from within one of the houses and left the village following the footprints of the soldiers. Still drenched in blood Auo walked step-by-step emanating a deep and dark murderous aura.


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